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Where is Arc familly from ?

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  • Wits

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    #33760863 - 3 weeks ago

    That’s a post I wanted to create for months (since season 6 episode 7 in fact).

    Jaune is knowned for having a large familly (and having ancestors who fought in the Great War). But where are they from ? For long I thought they were from Vale like most of the students at Beacon Academy (and even if it became more of an exception for the two main quartets members, Blake, Weiss, Pyrrha, Ren and Nora being not natives). But in the episode where his sister is introduced, Saphron answered Blake if she was the only Arc living here : « Yes, moved the second I could. Jaune and I are the only two living away from home. » 

    And so ?

    First and certain deduction that could be made is they’re not from places Jaune and Saphron lived (Vale and Argus). Arc’s familly being humans they’re also not from Menagerie.

    What place are still possible ? :

    - Atlas / Mantle

    - Vacuo

    - Mistral

    - Somewhere else we still don’t know

    Well cause of certain minor details I’ve gathered, my guess goes to Atlas / Mantle. If anyone has other elements that accord, or not, with this hypothesis, feel free to explain. ;)

    - First Jaune knows Weiss as a talented singer (season 2 chapter 6 around 4:40 Jaune speaks to Ren about Weiss : " She's cold, but... she's also incredible. She's smart and gracefull and talented, I mean, have you heard her sing ? ") , but in the show she is not showed being singing at all. She should have done so offsreen of course and this is far from being an irrefutable argument. But Jaune could have witness one (or more) of her performance cause he came from the same place (he also didn’t attempted a combat school where Weiss could recognize him from).

    - Also, Jaune seems proficient in the history of Agus development (which occured with the help of Mantle) and in my own sense it’s seems he show some pride telling this story (it happens in the tramway ep 7 season 6). It’s a weak argument (he could have learn from Saphron) and I wouldn’t have considered it without other clues.

    - Finally, Jaune has a name coming from french langage and no one else. We know two other characters with such a trait : Ciel Soleil and Jacques Gelé (not Jack, Jacob or anything : Jacques as in Jacques Chirac -french president from 1995 to 2007- and a previous name also coming from french, accent included). I’m quite sure no other character has such a caracteristic, being french myself it’s something I would have spotted. But I can’t be adamant on this, please correct if I’m wrong. Ciel and Jacques come from Atlas. Even Arc could be from french (arc meaning bow… like the two he ‘s got as symbol). One counter argument is Saphron, if she would have a french origine name she would called herself Safran.

    It’s also possible Arc Familly is from Vacuo. I  haven't read much from After the Fall, but in my own sense, Jaune doesn’t seems to feet with the region especially in his begining. There maybe elements from the book I don’t know. If you have please develop. But it’s possible we will have further elements that go in this way.

    It’s unlikely Arc familly is from Mistral., because it’s unlikely the group would go back there. And for me Jaune’s other six sisters are obvious Tchekov gunswomen. And if Jaune is from Mistral I think he would have known Pyrrha better than a cereal mascot (she’s pretty famous there, certainly not as much as in Argus, but still).

    Let see your aguments and guesses and we would see the possible implication latter ;).

  • Wits

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    #33760944 - 3 weeks ago

    Well, it seems the question of Arc familly origines don’t unleash passions. Then, maybe try to examine what story is told us in the different cases, or which set up it could consist in  :

    First, if Arc familly is living in Mistral, it doesn’t tell any story, really. As I said, it’s very unlikely the focus come back here (and so totaly pointless to set up character we’ll never see if they’re from here), there is no more relic in Haven Academy and Salem has no interrest to come back. Even Raven seems to have left the region (she came to Patch island and needs a connection with someone else to use her portal. And except for Vernal she wasn’t shown having any meaningfull connection with any of her tribesmen.).

    Second come Vaccuo and it could be material for futur development (in season 10 maybe or in the CFVY novels ??) For the moment the only implication of Arc familly origines in Vaccuo could be about the war, two ancestors fought here in the king of Vale alliance. As many I suspect Ozpin having one of his incarnation as King of Vale. So, there are chances Oz met Jaune great-great-grandfather and shared something with him, something that explain why Oz accepted Jaune in Beacon. I firmly belive Oz knew about Jaune’s fake transcript and decided to integrate Jaune for some purpose (a vow made to his ancestor, or his semblance which could be hereditary, or both?)…

    Finaly, the hypothesis I prefer : Arc familly belongs to Atlas / Mantle . In this case there could also be a relation between Oz and the Arc ancestor but of a different nature : Atlas was against King of Vale’s alliance and if Jaune’s ancestor died it could from the hand of king of Vale / Oz and I find this very interesting Oz could have integrated Jaune for his own redemption, (or he had spotted something : semblance, recognizing him as a direct descendant of Salem and himself etc.). Concerning Jaune it could have dire repercussions : he already have a grudge against Oz (I remember the musical emphasis during episode 8 of the last season when Jaune asks if Ozpin is really the good side), the revelation of such a story could constitute the breaking point that could make him split from Oz group.

    Also Jaune’s familly is huge and that could lead to a stark contrast between the Arcs and the Schnees (who will obviously be among the focus points of the next seasons) : crowded environment versus direly cold mansion ; low expectation (to the point of despondency) versus high pressure toward their kids (Jaune and Weiss in this case), hospitality versus snoberry and so on.

    Finally the Arc familly don’t seem to be poor, (after all they descent from renowned fighters), not ludicrously rich like the Schnee but anyway kind of wealthy (enought wealthy to go regulary to camping trips with 8 children in Mistral) and they could have a meaningfull position in Atlas politic, and provide a different point of view of the situation. More so, as an ancient familly (Atlas didn’t exist during the war and was built aftermath) they could still live in Mantle, the bottom part of the town.

    So what do you thing about his ?

  • revanninja

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    #33760946 - 3 weeks ago

    I think you are partially right.

    I think ozpin was the king of Vale and I think he either used his magic or a relic to end the war.

    They mention in the wor that there was strange things dismissed as overactive imagination which I think in reality was magic.

    I think oz knew the great war was pushed by Salem and him outing himself was a danger so he stepped down to avoid her counter.

    But I think jaune great grandfather and king of Vale was in fact one and the same. Jaune is the only one with a deep connection to the war and his sword is Julius ceasers sword if I recall right.

    So I think ozpin revived in his own bloodline during the king of vale and then as ozpin when he saw jaune he let him in knowing some of the issue as I imagine oz does try to keep track of his families.

    I think him being from Atlas is very possible.

    The other idea is jaune is from the former emperor's bloodline. They don't say what happened to the rulers after the war but Atlas is clearly running things meaning the emperor was outed which also might explain his dream of being a huntsmen yet not getting any training bad blood between Atlas and the royal family of mantle.

    From my phone

  • BakedBrain

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    #33760954 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to Wits

    Very interesting speculation.

    First there is a question of scale. Not living in their hometown would explicitly exclude Argus and Vale (city), but not necessarily Mistral or Vale(kingdom).

    If the family is from Atlas and his ancestor fought in the Great War with a prominent role with the King of Vale (presumably OzXXX) his family could be branded as traitors in Atlas. His grandfather may have even spared OzXXX a respawn run at a very inconvenient time. This would explain difficulties in joining a pre-academy combat school, moving to Beacon, being accepted by Ozpin and his sister being eager to leavie Atlas (prioritizing peaceful live over family pride).

    Sporting his family crest prominently on his shield would then provoke negative reactions. If this is not the case, then at least one assumption of (from Atlas, grandfather sided with Ozpin in Great War, prominently) is false.

    This would also allow for a more credible scenario in Tyrian seeing something in Jaune. Just three generations (grandfather to grandchild), which allows for credible passing of looks, and you could assume that records about climactic events of the Great War exist. I stay with mocking but bleed off considerable percentage points to this scenario.

    Mistral and Vale would be quite lame because they were already visited and in consequence there is no opportunity to weave Jaune's ancestry into the story in the near future.

    If it was Vacuo, any revelations would be about two volumes away and there would be no known reason for his sister to be eager to leave or for him not to have visited a pre-academy institution (Vacuo was allied with Vale as far as I know).