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  • JJ

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    #17187913 - 4 years ago

    M O V I E S

    CHAT: Interstellar having reported projection problems, what are some bad movie experiences you've had.

    Jared Leto might be Joker AND Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (DISCUSS)

    DAVID O. RUSSEL (American Hustle) once abandoned movie "Nailed" might get a release (But he wasn't involved with editing it)

    WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL trailer (What is your fav movie about making a movie?)

    IS THIS REALLY the TAKEN 3 SYNOPSIS? ALSO Liam Neeson's movie kill map!


    T E L E V I S I O N

    STARZ doing "EVIL DEAD" TV series


    TOO MANY COOKS burns up the internet (this video is like 11 min long....but apparently its funny)


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  • CJHensley21

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    #17188132 - 4 years ago

    I'm seriously disappointed that there's been no mention of NBC's The Black List on Screenplay. Its one of the best shows ever.

  • SickSlickMan

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    #17188205 - 4 years ago

    Bad movie experience? Oh I've got a fun one.

    So I went to go see Avatar in 3-D back when it premiered. And the theater I went to had a bit of a mix-up in that...they showed us the whole massive battle at the end first. Showed us every character death. Every explosion. Even showed up to the birds and animals all rallying to attack. And right then is when they finally realized their mistake, stopped the film, and put it back to the beginning and got us back on track.

    The funniest part for me is that it was so jarring a switch that for most of the movie I thought the story was being told in flashback.

    Other than that, the time the fire alarm rang halfway through Harriet the Spy was a pretty crappy one.

  • Chaddius

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    #17189067 - 4 years ago

    Oh, Bad Movie experiences you ask? Let's go!


    1. We use to have three movie theaters where I live, two Regals and a Carmike. The Carmike was the worst (stale popcorn, non-stadium seating, rickety seats that felt like wooden death traps). However, the new movies would be split sometimes, so I was forced to go there for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Basically, the projector screwed up for the first 4 minutes, which is a pretty important part of that film. They just let it run despite the audience booing for a good 2-3 minutes after (remember this was a midnight showing so no one else was there and no one would come after).

    2. I was at home for Christmas last year and my family decided to see two movies, Saving Mr. Banks and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. In SMB, a man coughed next to my father for about 70% of the movie. Normally a somewhat hot tempered man, he showed great restraint... until we went to The Hobbit. There, a teenager behind him coughed for about 50% of the movie. I was on the opposite end of the row but I believe there was a discussion between my dad and the other guys dad about how you should keep your kids at home when they're sick instead of infecting the rest of the theater. Thoughts on coughing people at the movies? I say stay home people... the film will be around when you get better.

    3. Two of the Three aforementioned theaters in my town close: The Carmike, may it burn in theater hell, and one of the Regals (when new one was built across the street with an IMAX screen). I got see Star Trek: Into Darkness the weekend it opens. It's a packed house save for the two seats between me and another couple. We get through the previews and no one has claimed the seats, SWEET. Movie starts, dude and his girl walk in and lock on to the two seats next to me. They rustle around getting settled, and then the guy proceeds to explain the plot of the first one (Star Trek '09) to the girl for a good 5 mins or so, at a pretty normal voice... come on man.

    4. Last Night at Interstellar when there was loud scene, the woman in front of me let out a blood curdling scream and jumped back so much that it pushed the seatback right into my knee. Mind you, these aren't the reclining seats but rather the ones that just kinda tilt back to keep you relaxed. She used more force than I think she's exerted in the last 10 years on that one.

    5. Ok, one highlight through my romp of moaning. Went to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D the LAST day it was showing in the theater (this was the Regal that got torn down). I even take off work early to catch it (I like Transformers and was feeling nostalgic about the theater closing, shut up). I'm the ONLY one in the theater, awesome smiley1.gif . Previews run... blank screen for 5 minutes... I got out and say something. Lights come up for a few minutes, go down, green screen for five minutes. Lights go up for a bit longer, come down, black screen, audio only, then silence, and lights come up. Guy comes down "Ummm I got no idea what's going on, is there anything else you wanna watch?" I said no not really cuz I think I'd seen everything else that I wanted that month. He says "Well, I got some time, so if you wanna stick around I'll play with it some more... " He gives me two free 3D return passes for my trouble, goes back to the booth for about 15 minutes, movie starts up, he peek out and looks at me, and I give him the thumbs up and enjoy my film. Good Guy smiley1.gif


    TL;DR:: Shitty theater ruined first 5 minutes of Goblet of Fire. Sick people at the movies are the worst. Don't bring a date to the movies, show up late, then talk for the first 10 minutes you're there. If someone seems like a jumper, change seats. There are some good people out there who do their jobs well.

  • MrWartburg

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    #17189330 - 4 years ago

    Worst movie experience? Either a) being dumb enough to go watch Norbit or b) watching Superman Returns when the projector broke and they couldn't fix it.

  • beautifulmidnight

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    #17200619 - 4 years ago

    Oh, I've got some bad movie experiences. More with people than anything else.

    My brother said he's never seen a grown man look like he was about to wet himself after I finished yelling at him. Guy was jiggling his foot against my chair for about fifteen minutes. I asked him to stop and he just snorted and kept doing it. I got up, turned around and looked him in the eye. "You keep doing that, I'm going to tear your leg off and jiggle it against your head until you black out." I had no more problems with him after that.

    (Upon thinking these over, I realized I should stop going to movies with my brother) We went and saw Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day, and the woman two seats down from me was talking loudly on her cell phone in Tagalog. Like.. louder than normal conversation volume. I asked her to kindly shut up. She ignored me. I asked her again a few minutes later, her boyfriend apologized and got her to stop. About ten minutes later, I guess she had another call because she was merrily on her phone again. In perfect unison, my brother and I turned to her and yelled "Shut the hell up!". We received applause. It was glorious.

    Movie-related bad stories? The theatre played the trailer for Reign of Fire five times in a row. It got so bad that the people in the theatre were reciting lines from the trailer by the fourth or fifth time. I've still not seen the movie years later. I figure I've seen everything I needed to.

  • nelly01


    #33235833 - 3 years ago

    I'm genuinely frustrated that there's been no notice of NBC's The Black List on Screenplay. Its one of the best shows ever.

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