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  • GB330033

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    #31224227 - 8 years ago

    What went wrong at SideQuest 2011? How can we do better next year? Are there things that you want to see change? How about things that you didn't get to see that you want to in the future?

    Please be honest with us (You won't hurt our feelings!) and post even if someone has already said what you wanted to say. If a bunch of people say the same thing, then we know it is something we REALLY need to change.

  • DoubleBookz


    #31224228 - 8 years ago

    My only objection to Side quest was lack of transportation..... I enjoyed going out at night but hated paying for a cab downtown and back to the hotel..... so maybe next year buses? Just a idea :)

    Also Grady... get a PROPER time on the bats ;) I know they were late but come on, High Ball was calling my name and I just had to go :)

  • noaccounting


    #31224229 - 8 years ago

    Timing. The only issues were timing. People were waiting around a lot as everyone gathered for each... event?... yeah I'll call 'em events... anyway it seemed as though the meet up times were the times when everyone was supposed to start getting there but everyone was already there by that time and ready to go. Duh end.

  • Marduk

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    #31224230 - 8 years ago

    Breakfast needed to be moved up a bit, and maybe some more definite meet up times in the lobby (I may have misremembered the schedule, but there seemed to be a little confusion about that).

    In reply to DoubleBookz, #2:

    Agreed. Maybe we could cut a deal with that cab service we used so we just need to pay one rate.

  • xboxchamp360


    #31224231 - 8 years ago

    I think that more events that people under 21 can go to are needed. (I'm gonna be 21 for next year so it doesn't matter to me anymore, but still).

  • Leaf


    #31224232 - 8 years ago

    Our group left the bar crawl because it felt very rushed and we weren't enjoying ourselves. We felt people were more concerned with getting the list done, they didn't want to stop and enjoy the places we were at.

  • SailorTweek

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    #31224233 - 8 years ago

    Leaf hit the nail on the head with the Bar Crawl. If I had known it was going to be a rush job, I wouldn't have ordered a drink. It would have been nice to know in advance what the bars were going to be and the contest objectives looked like. That and 6th street on a saturday night during Memorial Day Weekend was SCARY. I've been to heavy metal concerts that felt more secure.

    Although it is not Sidequests responsibility to get everyone where they need to go, perhaps a transportation network should be developed for next year. Whether it be the $5-a-person shuttle service or a car pool list.

    Remind everyone to carry cash. It makes large transactions at eateries so much easier smiley8.gif

    Honestly...this year was great! Most impressive for Sidequest's first year! smiley12.gif

  • BlackPenguin

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    #31224234 - 8 years ago

    I only had time to go to one Sidequest event--the bar crawl. I think it would have been better to have that Saturday night be in one place. There's enough stuff in Buffalo Billiards that we could have still had the teams compete. Buffalo Billiards had pool, shuffleboard, air hockey, darts, foosball, skeeball, and other stuff. Instead of a multiple bar bar-crawl--which involves money, transportation, time, and sore legs--maybe we could just have something like Bar Games? 3 teams, multiple events, one location. It could be like the olympics, but with alcohol, bar-fare, and the need to only set up one tab. Buffalo Billiards would have been perfect for that. It's also large enough to accomodate everyone, or was at least the largest bar that night.

    I think that idea would be epic. That way, RT themselves could also show up and hang out with everyone. I remember going from bar to bar knowing that some of RT was at Buffalo Billiards, thinking "Why don't we just go there and hang out?".

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  • Abstruse


    #31224235 - 8 years ago

    Transportation was a big problem, even moreso for those of us who weren't at the hotel. It may be better next year depending on where the hotel(s) are, but that was my issue all weekend both RTX and SideQuest since I live in town and the events were nowhere near the hotel. I'm pretty good at managing the bus routes, but I felt I missed out on a lot because I couldn't just hop on a shuttle back to the hotel to hang out with everyone.

    The only other issue I had was the lack of firm plans on Saturday. The afternoon was pretty exhausting and the last thing I felt like doing was bounce from bar to bar. Thankfully, Jack tweeted that they were hanging out at Buffalo Billiards so I was able to set up camp there. Also, Logans was NOT a good choice for final bar of the night. Odds are it was the same problem I had - The place would've been fine last time I poked my head in there several years ago, but now it's just another crappy "club" trying to attract drunken college kids.

    I think next year, we need to have a month-long planning meeting. We locals need to make a long list of potential bars, then actually go to each of them and evaluate them based upon what purpose they'd serve (chill places to hang out vs. places to party and have fun). I know it'll be tough, but I believe that we Austinites will be able to suck it up and go drinking every weekend until we've tested out every cool place in the city just for you.

  • iamjohngalt

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    #31224236 - 8 years ago

    Timing was certainly a big issue. I hate to say it was a negative but with all of the other RTX stuff going on it certainly made it hard for everybody to find a chance to rest.

    Money. Of course we all have to spend it to have fun but it seemed like EVERYTHING was a little on the costly side. I don't know maybe my experience was different from you guys. Highball (I believe it was called) was such an amazing experience though so it was more worth the cash that everybody spent to meet up there.

    Lack of transportation. #1 problem IMO. I would look at this first. I'm sure there are no easy solutions but this was a hassle.

  • Abstruse


    #31224237 - 8 years ago

    In reply to iamjohngalt, #10:

    If the speculation is true and we're moving to the convention center next year, it'll be a LOT easier since everyone will be at a downtown hotel. Just stumble back to your room without waiting on cab/bus/shuttle. I'd also be more likely to get a room if it were downtown instead of screwing with going to/from my apartment. Much easier to have a base-camp to drop off stuff, shower, etc. that's closer to the action.

  • GB330033

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    #31224238 - 8 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Honestly, these are almost all things that we have talked about as far as next year goes.

    Regarding transportation:

    We're going to look into solutions for that, including perhaps chartering a bus like the ones RT used for the hotels. It'll be limited and will cost a fee, but it'll be better than nothing. In addition, I'm going to get as much contact information for other small shuttles/taxis/etc so that people have options available. And hopefully people made friends this year so that next year they can easily find rides and such!

    Regarding under 21 events:

    Absolutely going to happen! I'm going to work really hard to book locations that are all ages so we can all party together. In particular, Buffalo Billiards will be revisited, perhaps in the form of a private party... smiley8.gif More on that later.

    Regarding schedules and timing:

    We're really at the mercy of the RTX schedule and the times that locations close. However, we'll work closely with RT to try and have things more organized and less hectic! But honestly, SideQuest isn't for the faint of heart. If you're tired/worn out and want to sleep, no one is going to make you come out with us.

    Regarding the bar crawl:

    There will absolutely be another one next year! I'm going to expand the list a LOT (I actually cut quite a few things at the last minute because I thought it was too long) so that it actually IS impossible to complete. Also, since SideQuest will likely be MUCH larger, teams will probably be split into smaller squads. This should help with the hectic running around and such, since people who want to sit longer at certain bars can group up together. I REALLY want to refine this event and get it right, because this is what everyone really talked about.

    Regarding cost:

    Again, SideQuest is not for the faint of heart (or wallet). As much as we would love for everyone to be able to come out and have fun at no cost, we can't exactly pay all of this out of pocket. We did a LOT from our own pockets this year (Signs, stickers, karaoke at The Highball, etc) and we're going to try and NOT do that next year. If down the line we get too big and have to start renting out entire locations, there will be more costs associated with that too. We'll just cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we are reading this and working on solutions! Keep the feedback coming!

  • Abstruse


    #31224239 - 8 years ago

    Downtown Austin is not cheap. Some places are good value for the high cost (Highball, for example, makes amazing food and their "well" drinks would be mid-shelf at any other bar) and some are just expensive (a lot of the bars on 6th street underpour drinks with the crappiest of crappy wells "on special" for $3).

    I also think it'd be cool to do different "high class" and "dive bar" tracks for lack of a better term. You have money to blow? Dinner at Parkside and drinks at some bar in the Warehouse district. Bought too much merch? Burger at Casino el Camino or hotdogs from street vendors and drinks at Mugshots. Thursday ended up working out that way naturally between the lower price of the food trailers and the expensive Highball food along with Highball's drink specials that night. It'd be nice to be able to split things up that way every night and you can pick and choose depending on your budget for that night (and keep the locations close to each other so people can bounce from one to the other). Add a third track for the under-21 crowd and that should cover everyone.

  • HurriHam


    #31224240 - 8 years ago

    Can we have this event in a cooler month?

  • Milky1985


    #31224241 - 8 years ago

    It might sound a bit odd saying this but LESS events after offical RT events, or if there are events maybe keep them as close to the main hotel as possible. Everyone was getting nakkered and so the breakfast events were probably getting less people than they could of! Other than that it was abo0ut right i think.

  • Boomer

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    #31224242 - 8 years ago

    the bar crawl involving teams was a bit difficult.

    people signed up online, being put into groups with people they dont know (which is inevitable), but after we got to RTx we all bonded and formed groups of our own, meaning when it came to splitting up people didnt necessarily want to do that.

    for example, jared was freelancer, my american wives and their husbands were red and i was blue team, but there was no way we were going to break up.

    i think it would be better to have sign-up occur AT the event , say in the morning (perhaps a form at the hotel desk), for the bar crawl to then take place at night
    it means we get to form our cliques and sign up with them

  • Abstruse


    #31224243 - 8 years ago

    For the record, next year's event will probably be downtown or downtownish instead of the hotel being north-central while all the events taking place south as hell. So the transportation times and cab rides will most likely be gone next year.

  • iamjohngalt

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    #31224244 - 8 years ago

    More of a goodbad thing than just a bad thing. Make more SIDEQUEST stickers for next year and make them BIGGER! I want to place those things everywhere on my bags.

  • Tuuli


    #31224245 - 8 years ago

    Biggest thing was Transportation. I was very fortunate enough to find very kind people to give me a ride all weekend. But Most of us are over 21, but I'm under 25, making it hard and expensive to get a rental. So it really wasnt even an option for me.

    I know something groups do in my town, is ask local dealerships to donate vans or give you are discount on renting them. One local one usually donates them for the weekend and uses it as a tax break. Worth looking into.

    As for the bar crawl, our group, Freelancers, ended up smaller than Blue and Red, there did seem like there was a lot to do. But downtown was pretty crowded too. It was a blast no complaints really accept drinks are cheaper where I'm from.

  • Flashburn900


    #31224246 - 8 years ago

    Everything was great, maybe just a couple suggestions:

    Sidequesting food is great, but I would like to see a more formal schedule of sites around Austin that have been mentioned in the podcast.

    Pub crawls are awesome, but really work better with multiple smaller groups, maybe 5 members max. You only want as many people on a team as you can keep track of effectively, otherwise the team sort of dissolves and the chore of trying to round them up to move to the next bar becomes crippling.

    Other than that, you guys did a great job. Thanks so much for everything.

  • Abstruse


    #31224247 - 8 years ago

    In reply to Flashburn900, #20:

    Austin's not quite as good as towns like New Orleans when it comes to barhopping anyway. You can't legally take drinks outside the bar, which means if you get a fast drinker paired with a slow drinker, you've got to make the slow drinker chug their drink to move on or the fast drinkers have to get a second round which takes up more time. Also, it's best done on a Wednesday or Thursday because the bars aren't as jam packed, especially on 6th.

  • pyrotiger05


    #31224248 - 8 years ago

    The pdf file Grady made was super helpful, but it didn't have addresses >.>

    I wish there was a list of drivers/phone numbers on the pdf for people like me who needed to hitch a ride.

    TNT was really expensive for the last day - it was the most expensive meal of the whole trip >.>

    Super awesome success guys! smiley13.gif

    Also, Blue sucks