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RT SideQuest for Extra Life 2014

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  • GB330033

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    #32642669 - 4 years ago

    Coming to the party in Austin? Joining us online? Let us know how you plan to celebrate Extra Life this year!

  • Robear512


    #32642670 - 4 years ago

    Finally able to start getting some plans together, hate getting sidetracked.

    If anyone going to GamerzGalaxy is interested in trying to partner up on some local multiplayer, let me know. I have a few games in mind, but would be open to whatever people might want to play - Nintendo games are always pretty good for couch co-op, and a few fighting games might be interesting as well. Seems to me that if we're already together, multiplayer might be a reliably entertaining stream for those of us without any specific games or challenges in mind on our own. Here's a list of a few I had in mind:

    - Mario Kart 8
    - Hyrule Warriors
    - Super Mario 3D World
    - Soul Calibur IV
    - Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
    - BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

    I own all of these, and have no problem bringing my consoles with me if needed. Any other recommendations, feel free to list 'em. If anyone's interested in teaming up, let me know here and we can make a short list to try and work out for the stream.