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  • trissy4


    #30251810 - 10 years ago

    These are the Awards and Decorations of Spetsnaz with a description of each of them. These awards are meant to reward those members how have dedicated them selves to the improvement of this fine group in either peacetime or war. Recommendations for the awarding of these awards are the job of the moderators with final desicion and implementation resting on my shoulders. At the request of the awardee, i can make for him a ribbonbar that contains his awards. As the group expands, ill be adding to the award list. Awards that have multiple classes can be awarded multiple times. HOWEVER, the number of higher classes cannot exceed the maximum number of lower classes of said award (e.g. two 2nd classes and one 3rd class cannont happen).

    Hero of the Soviet Union
    Awarded for contribution to the group that goes above and beyond the call of duty during wartime or where Hero of Socialist Labour is not enough. Recipients also recieve the Order of Lenin.

    Hero of Socialist Labour
    Awarded for contribution to the group that goes above and beyond the call of duty during peacetime.

    Order of Victory
    Awarded to the leader of spetsnaz (and allied groups) for succesful campaigions that has brought glory to Spetsnaz.

    Order of Lenin
    Award for Outstanding Service to the group for strengthening peace of strengthening labour.

    Order of the Red Banner
    Awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.

    Order of the Red Star
    Awarded for exceptional service to the group in war or peace.

    Order of the October Revolution
    Awarded for exceptional service in the security of the group or the gathering of information.

    Order of the Patriotic War (1st and 2nd class)
    Awarded for outstanding deeds in war. 1st class granted for addtional deeds in war. Addition awards are granted for participation in additional wars.

    Order of Alexander Nevesky
    Awarded to moderators for outstanding leadership in war.

    Order of Glory (1st, 2nd and 3rd class)
    Awarded to ordinary members of the group for outstanding contribution to the group. Additional awards are granted, higher classes are permitted depending on the scale of the contribution.

    Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces (1st, 2nd and 3rd Class)
    Awarded for the strengthening of the group through recruitment and service to the defence of the group.

    Order of Friendship of the People
    Awarded for accomplishments in strengthening of inter-group friendship and cooperation for political, military and cultural development of the Spetsnaz. This can be awarded to other groups as a sign of friendship.

    Campaign Medals
    Recognition of the wars fought in the honour of Spetsnaz.

    This thread was made for easy access to all the awards and decorations Instead of trawling through the news archive.

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  • natdogg1


    #30251811 - 10 years ago