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What is in a good page?

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  • DrunkenToast

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    #11699088 - 10 years ago

    smiley9.gif What makes a good page? Is it hundreds of pics of women, cars, cartoons, or the dreaded self portrait? Is it having lots of new journals? Frankly, I rarely read journals. Why do so many people start a page and fill it with non-sequitor pictures and drab about their day in the journal? Does anyone care about someone else's dog/cat? Many users will sign up, poke around for a few days, then never return, leaving several other users with unanswered FR's.
    smiley9.gif I feel the answer is simple, show people who you are by posting pics of things you like, be they funny, sick, or border-line pornographic. Don't show people who you literally are by posting 3 pages of pics of yourself like CuteyKitty. Doing that will ensure nobody wants to be your friend, that's also why I stopped watching Kat. I enjoy humor and so my site is full of pics that made me laugh or reminded me of myself/friends/family. You will not find any pics of me, and you won't catch me blogging (or jogging smiley1.gif ).
    smiley9.gif What do you think?

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  • netsurfer_x1


    #11699102 - 10 years ago

    In reply to DrunkenToast, #1:

    Well, for the most part a agree with your second bullet point, except I'm more the blogger & do watch our beloved Tex. But I agree without reservation that you should be yourself.

    However, this is not MySpace. My advice is simple: Don't treat it as such!