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  • drunkyhippo


    #13450628 - 9 years ago

    Three things

    1. Hopefully there's not a similar topic, if so feel free to lock or destroy this thread. I just thought that since you (a sponsor) paid to be a closer part of the Rooster Teeth Community.

    2. Basically just explain your first encounter with Rooster Teeth. I say Rooster Teeth because you might have found out this website/company from 1-800 magic, or an advertise they made, or t-shirt, etc. (be as specific as possible). Additionally, if you want, feel free to explain why you are a sponsor. was it additional features given, you have a chance to be an FU, etc.

    3. Please no Neg mods, this is not an opinionated forum its a observational forum.... Okay that makes no sense. Basically if someone gives a legit reason, you can comment, but don't neg mod anybody, that's just rude. Also, an illegitimate reason would be---> i was about to have intimate intercourse with this girl, until i saw a roosterteeth tattoo next to her vagina, and she said i had to be a sponsor to fuck her.......<---------- you see its vulgar, a lie, and unnecessary.

    any ways i should start this thread so....

    i was about to have intimate intercourse with this girl, until i saw a roosterteeth tattoo next to her vagina, and she said i had to be a sponsor to fuck her

  • uhhguy


    #13450795 - 9 years ago

    To begin with, I started 5/29/07 quite a time ago for a young teenager. I started in a sad time for me, I was getting slowly better from a kidney operation and my friend turned me on to Red vs Blue episodes 1-5

    "By god this is stupendous!" I exclaimed! I went to the site thinking that there were maybe 3 or four more episodes. 84 episodes actually.

    So, to the forums!

    I started out where we all were once. The Blue Team thread. I made absolutely no friends in 3 months. But I posted normally and became friends with Win32Hatred. He was a marvelous guy. Always funny, always witty. Taking in over 20 days of use over the summer, I was hooked on RT. But the year went on, not so much going on with the season 5 hiatus.

    And then things turned down hill.

    RT (I can't find that damn news post) poked fun at RT users. Just a simple joke right?

    WRONG, at least to everyone else. I thought It was fucking HILARIOUS.

    Win became enraged and spammed threads to let off steam. He was banned for it.
    Thus begins my 2 month digression from RT.
    I came back only for the recent Halo map pack machinimas they made.
    I moved to California in that time, away from this nonsensical site for one more month.
    After I moved again I was alienated from friends, so I found some on here.
    I came back to find a new found spirit in RT. A new series, new layout, and new features.

    Ive been casually getting more into it over the months after that.

    I <3 RT

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  • drunkyhippo


    #13450952 - 9 years ago

    wow....that ...whoa.... that was cool and insightful

    1st...hopefully you got healthier from that operation

    2nd... i just found out that there's another thread that contains 'why and when did you join' but this and that is totally different. ill go into specifics if someone requests it

    3rd.... dude... i can't believe that i missed that news post if someone can get the link that'd be much appreciated


    The truth about my crossing with RT was when my friends were playing this game during recess.

    they separated into two teams Red and Blue and gave themselves names. the ones who were rookies had heavy weapons but were hated by the higher ranks. and the higher ranks were basically lazy until there flag was stolen. of course this was when we were like 10 so our weapons and ranks were imaginary and our flags were water bottles.

    anywho at one point i asked them if this was a legit game, but then they were like "we're not playing a game, we're reenacting the time caboose gave donut the flag, and church and tucker fight grif and simmons." i was all like WAT THE FUCK, but then i saw the show which was up to like 12 episodes and watch it religuosly ever since.

    i became a member in '06 only to deactivate my account because i am an idiot...My friend and i registered again but as sponsors so we can get every thing that RT has to offer.... thanx you guys keep 'em coming

  • LilJonBig


    #13452648 - 9 years ago

    well, I used to be a noob and now I'm not, pretty interesting huh?

    LOL, I first found RvB on Youtube and watched all 100 episodes. I got bored one day and google Red Vs blue and found out that Roosterteeth was a website and quickly made an account. There were more things to this site than I imagined, like a forum. I managed to find my way to the Random Questions Thread and now I'm pretty much friends with everyone on there. Eventually got a sponsorship and thats how I ended up here. (not really I just watch the new threads pop up in the forum =P)

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  • Shulker

    Shulker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #13453401 - 9 years ago

    I saw the video Real Life vs Internet, found some more videos and got hooked. I originally only sponsored to see all the episodes.

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  • The_hispanic


    #13453949 - 9 years ago

    Okay well I think I first saw red vs blue because of a friend who showed it to me on my birthday. And for awhile I completly forgot about it and just moved on until I saw it in YT as one of the videos being watched and I remembered it and found it really funny so I watched all of it. I think i watched all of reconstruction when it was on YT and i was trying to find it again recently but couldnt find it on YT since the RT guys seem really good about making sure you just can't watch all their stuff for free. Anyways like a few weeks ago I became a sponser and just watched all the RvB stuff all over again. And thats the wonderful and exilerating story of my relation ship with RvB and everything RT.

    On a side note (that i hope no one will get pissed at me for) where exactly is all the activity in this forum located? because either im totally oblivious to it infront of me but I seriously can find few topics that seem really active.

  • Nathan

    Nathan The Dark

    #13454015 - 9 years ago

    I have to say, I hope this thread grows.

    I started my Rooster Teeth life when I was in..I believe 7th or 8th grade. My friend Jerry was watching episodes 50-60 and the one that stood out for me was Ep. 59 Hunting Time. So a month, maybe three weeks, went by before I actually registered with my fledgling email account and became a member. Of course, back in '04 I didn't know much about Rooster Teeth or any of its features and was a total newbie. I finished out that year (it was 7th grade now that I remember) and didn't log back into RT until the following year because I had zero internet access, or if I did I didn't know how to use it. At one point while I attended Highland Tech, I went to a site called and thought it was a porn site because of the woman and their bras, etc. During my 8th grade year I became completely engrossed with RT and posted more pictures, journals, made friends (not ones I usually commented on), enlisted in CAP288's Clone Army. (When did that shit start anyway?)

    Freshman year was a little of a let down because the situation was the same with no internet and I had moved back down to Southeast Alaska where I grew up. More months of absence ensued and then picked up when I discovered Myspace (I know) and Gaia again. Around this time..I believe '06 I was having girl issues (mostly crushes, you know, freshman bullshit) and disappeared again. In '07 I picked back up for the new episodes I missed, the comics, everything. Made actual friends and posted in threads, made a few mistake forum threads as well. Also this year I disappeared for a basketball trip to Hoonah and had zero internet access so I missed a lot of updates they did, episodes, everything. 2008 was a rough spot for me in some places, I had a car accident with a mild concussion, and two more concussions following the car accident, and more absences.

    And now at the end of 2009, in the beginning of my fourth year at Rooster Teeth, I am proud to be a member of this society and everything that has come to pass, and more that has yet to come.

    (As a side note, I regret choosing the name cloud91.)

  • James

    James Volume III

    #13456346 - 9 years ago

    My first experience with Rooster Teeth dates back to having the first episode of Red vs Blue recommended for me on YouTube. I only got around to signing up on the website around 2+ years ago, but I watched the videos on and off since the beginning. I drifted back to Rooster Teeth near the end of the fourth season, and picked up where I had left off.

    Not as detailed as some of these others, but I'm not very eventful. Been here since.

  • Grattak


    #13464804 - 9 years ago

    My friend lent me a copy of season two RvB . And I loved it smiley12.gif . Come to think of it I still have that disk smiley7.gif .

  • umeanirul7


    #13469056 - 9 years ago

    I was introduced to RT while I was watching Machinima videos on Youtube a while back. I found a random PSA and couldn't stop watching it. I watched it over and over and over. So I searched for Red vs Blue on Youtube and found Season 5. I watched all of Season 5 and then realized that there were 4 Seasons before it, so I watched them too. Then I came here and signed up. I explored for a little and found the site somewhat interesting. I came back the next day and figured out what the Karma system was. So I decided to post in the forums and I became addicted. And now almost 2 years later here I am.

    By the way I also hate my username.

  • Eltnam


    #13472725 - 9 years ago

    I remember watching a documentary about Machinima, and they talked about Red vs Blue, but i didn't really paid special attention until a friend sent me this amazing comic strip about 300 dinning in hell.

    Since then i been following both the RvB series, comic strips, drunk tank, achievement hunter too smiley8.gif

    RT is truly amazing.

  • drunkyhippo


    #13473261 - 9 years ago

    wow that's a first In reply to Eltnam, #11:

    it's nice to see someone who joine RT for something other than the rvb vids (don't get me wrong i hail the vids, but it's a predictable beginning of an everlasting friendship) but i wonder if someone joined seeing their PANICS, or found their PODCAST on itunes or even found ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER through another community site recommending sites that show you achievements. just a thought.....but n e ways keep em coming.

    also since we are in the sponsor forum it'd be nice to know why you became a sponsor more descriptively.....if you can

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  • Razalorg


    #13480347 - 9 years ago

    I had a friend over at the time and he wanted to show me this video he found on Youtube way back in '06 or '07 not really sure... it was sometime in 8th grade. Episode 78 You Can't Park Here is what hooked me, my friend didn't really know it was a series but I continued searching Youtube and eventually came upon where they had all the episodes. I watched them all and then discovered where I lingered up until a few weeks ago where I finally decided I would make an account and try out that community I've heard so much about. Got hooked on the comics and then the podcasts a few months after they started them. Still didn't get into the community that much, though I'm trying. I bought my sponsorship a few weeks ago because I finally have a job and decided that the material I was watching and reading was well worth paying what was it... 20 dollars every 6 months I think? Now I just need to buy the DVD's and such.

    Good job Rooster Teeth, keep it up.

  • zerodiablos


    #13481094 - 9 years ago

    I saw a clip on the late great Tech TV. I then went to the website and was hooked ever since. I generally only sponsor during the season, but I own all the RvB DVDs and some clothes. I sponsor for the HQ versions and for getting the videos early to turn around and rub it in my non-sponsoring friends' faces.

  • acidineyes


    #13481330 - 9 years ago

    I found it when a magazine called pc powerplay made an article saying the funny machinima show red vs blue is ending soon with the making of its 100th episode

    and etc...

    so then i searched it and feel in love :D

  • drunkyhippo


    #13482444 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Razalorg, #13:

    firstly, Corrections: 20 dollars per year, 10 dollars for 6 months
    congrats on the job....and also you (and i) made a terrible mistake. we got sponsored towards the end off the main plot so therefore we might miss AN opportunity next year... 2ndly hmm we mite be the same age....but w/e i tooo want to get the DVD's but got no job hey if you live in scaboro, toronto hook me up bro :D

    In reply to zerodiablos, #14:

    sweet this is a first...i do miss tech tv, i thought it became G4... also that's a dedicated member who bought all the dvds and many shirts, now all you got to do is see them in public, and we sponsors are allowed to be cocky, so suck it non-sponsors

    In reply to acidineyes, #15:

    yay another one... but that's a very intriguing thing... i don't think i was ever into something because a magazine blogged it ..? any ways awesome... although unless you are a halo fan, not only will the name (red vs blue) sound appealing but the fact that it's based on halo gameplay, and is very popular to survive 100 episodes and be in a magazine....maybe then u'd be like RED VS BLUE, HALO GAMEPLAY, 100 EPISODES, BURNIE BURNS.... HOLY SHIT......or maybe that's just me... anyways keep em coming

  • Razalorg


    #13484078 - 9 years ago

    In reply to drunkyhippo, #16:

    No, I live in Eveleth, MN. I am also 16 and what opportunity would we miss next year?

  • drunkyhippo


    #13484914 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Razalorg, #17:

    just if we miss an episode.... its not a big thing just an observational statement

  • bryn_albani

    bryn_albani FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #13506834 - 9 years ago

    I started watching Rooster Teeth way back in September 2004 when a buddy of mine came back from a military exercise and brought with him both Season one and two of Red VS Blue. We watched both one after another, severely drunk and/or stoned and I found them to be comedic gold. Since then I have been hooked, it is a great series and I am really glad to see that this stuff has worked out for the crew. Later

  • CrazyTrain99


    #13512036 - 9 years ago

    I first encountered Rooster Teeth when a friend of mine started making jokes that he kept referencing to Red vs Blue. At first I didn't think anything of it because I was a noob who had never even played halo before. About a year later, after finishing up with Halo on Easy (yeah) smiley6.gif I randomly remembered about Red vs Blue and decided to give it a look. 3 episodes later (on youtube of course) I was laughing so hard that my dad came into the room and told me to shut up. After several hours, i had finished all 100 episodes and was frantically searching for all the different endings.

    I finally found the site, chuckling at the title and found what I was looking for. I immediately joined as a regular member and have been hooked since. It took me about a year to decide to support the fantastic folks at roosterteeth by becoming a sponsor and I have loved every single second of every new movie they've come out with since.

  • cab0oserocks


    #13512431 - 9 years ago

    I first found Roosterteeth while sitting at home from school with the Flu. That was halfway through season 5, so I spent a day watching all the episodes on Youtube to get caught up. I remember staying up to 3, muffling my coughing, to finish. Not until the March before Reconstruction did I actually get an account. Unfortunately, I got bored one day after a bad day at school, and neg modded a page on an RvB thread. Got myself banned from the RvB forum for that. smiley4.gif However, I learned quick, layed low for a while, and became a contributing member of the community. I sponsored, and became a Film Making and Machinima forum (semi) regular. Now I check my homepage every day, read the blog, news, and comics, and absolutely love it. Can't wait for the new miniseries. Unfortunately, I still can't get into the RvB forums anymore, but I understand that. I still consider it my home on the internet.

  • FloodKicker


    #13521416 - 9 years ago

    I was on /b/ before I joined up on the rooster teeth forums. However, I have been watching RvB since the second or third season. When I joined up and became a sponsor, I started watching from Ep.1
    &#9650; &#9650;
    That was back in 07
    I fell into a few crowds immediately and I kind of never really went though the n00b stage.

  • Sigge1981


    #13522367 - 9 years ago

    Used to hang out at a Jagged Alliance 2 forum, waaaaay back when. It was called Bloodcat Arena. Good days, that. We pretty much talked about all kinds of shit, and really much about Jagged Alliance 2. There were some of that too, but not as much as one might think.
    One day, this guy... can't remember who, made a post about this thing called Red vs Blue. He pretty much wrote the whole spoken script of the second episode. Both the dialogue between Sarge, Simmons and Grif and between Church and Tucker.
    I read it and found it hillarious so ofcourse i had to check it out.
    A total of four (yes, 4) episodes had been released then, and i watched them, and i've been hooked ever since.

    Never bothered to actually register until just over a year ago, though, so i'm still a noob on the forums. smiley1.gif

  • grovnar


    #13731571 - 9 years ago

    I saw my first rvb clip on G4 when they were doing a special on halo 3, so i checked out the site and fell in love with everything on it

  • Salvanous


    #13732557 - 9 years ago

    Well for me I started watching about episode 3 when my brother who was big into Halo at the time found it and showed it to me. I didn't go to the site though until about 3 months ago and I hate that I didn't join earlier and I don't know if I regret waiting to join this more or waiting to join xbox live 3 years into having an Xbox 360. I became a sponsor just yesterday because 1.) It was RT's anniversary and couldn't think of a better time to do it 2.) I wanted to see all 4 (3.5) episodes of the new season and finally because I love to try to contribute to Rooster Teeth anyway I can, be it buying their dvd's, finding errors on the site or just sending the staff a message of praise and thanks.