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  • minature


    #14316848 - 8 years ago

    Dear Roosterteeth,
    I thought that on most forums, paying for the advanced features usually removes ads also. So why then do I as a sponsor, have ads? If I were a free member, then sure, fair enough, even I'd be telling myself to shut up. But since I am a sponsor and I do pay for the extra forum privileges, I would expect that having ad free forums would be one of those privileges. Could someone explain why we have ads now?

  • Mike

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    #14316853 - 8 years ago

    In reply to minature, #1:

    Sponsors only see internal and paid advertisements. If it really bothers you, you could always install Adblock.

  • johnmchall


    #14316857 - 8 years ago

    In reply to Mike, #2:

    and adblock plus, pop-up adblock (not associated with adblock or adblock plus) and element hiding helper too. helps me out a TON.

  • KWierso


    #14317098 - 8 years ago


  • rekon59


    #14317183 - 8 years ago

    Two banners bother you that much? You need a hobby.

  • minature


    #14317478 - 8 years ago

    I'm just saying

  • antisparkle


    #14318172 - 8 years ago

    Having no ads on videos and the extra content there isn't enough for you? They're just images and free browser addons get rid of those for you, as others have said. What's next? Gonna go to your local newspaper and complain they put ads in there even though you paid for it?