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Play Baseball?

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  • DarkChupa


    #4540888 - 13 years ago

    Hey just list so

  • Nitron_F117


    #4541898 - 13 years ago

    In reply to DarkChupa, #1:

    So you just want us to list whether or not we play baseball?

    That is the lamest idea for a thread ever. There is no topic of discussion, no question, just a list...


    I play Baseball

    Me too

    I don't

    You dont because you suck.

    Your mom sucks.

    I play baseball.

    Don't fucking talk about my mom, you cockbite.

    I play basketball.

    Does stickball count?

    Yeah, how about kickball.

    I'll say whatever about your mom that I want.

    I like Pie!