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Pitcher killed in Plane Crash

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  • NW_GLS


    #5635203 - 12 years ago

    NEW YORK -- Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan on Wednesday, according to published reports.

    Lidle, 34, was killed in the crash, the reports said.

    Four deaths were confirmed by the city medical examiner's office, CNN reported.

    Yankees manager Joe Torre told CNN that the plane that was a Cirrus SR-20 registered to Lidle.

    A New York City Fire Department spokeswoman, Emily Rahimi, told The Associated Press that the aircraft struck the 20th floor of the 50-story building, at 524 E. 72nd St., on the east side of Manhattan.

    Lidle, whose team was eliminated Saturday in the Division Series by the Detroit Tigers, had told reporters he planned to fly home today.

    Federal Aviation Administration records showed the single-engine plane was registered to Lidle, and FBI reports show that Lidle's passport was found at the scene, according to a report on

    Lidle's agent, Jordan Feagan, told Newsday he was told by the Yankees that Lidle was among the fatalities of the 2:30 p.m. crash.

    "He wasn't just my client. He was probably my closest friend," Feagan said.

  • pablo_77


    #5635734 - 12 years ago

    Yeah, i heard about that. At first i was shocked a plane kit another building in NYC. Something was definitely wrong if they were flying that low in the city.