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Is The Force Unleashed canon?

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  • hey36


    #10713864 - 11 years ago

    Is Star Wars:The Force Unleashed canon or is it just another Star Wars game?



    #10722360 - 11 years ago

    In reply to hey36, #1:

    From everything I've heard this Star Wars game IS going to be canon. I read this in the newest issue of Game Informer where they did a full preview of the game. From all of the trailers I've seen and all of the previews, this is definitely NOT going to be just another Star Wars Game. Whether it lives up to KOTOR or not remains to be seen.

  • hey36


    #10723070 - 11 years ago

    Yeah, the first KOTOR was the best Star Wars game. I hope this one lives up to the hype.

  • recoverytwo


    #10777608 - 11 years ago


  • grif_fiend


    #10815979 - 10 years ago

    God I hope this is KOTOR standard , if not I'm going to have to take a long flight to Marin County and bash someone over the head with my copy of it whilst stabbing a picture of Jar Jar with a pitchfork. And while I'm in the US I'll take a trip to Edmonton and kick Dr Myzuka in the ass for making KOTOR 3 and god damned MMO . Either way , someone is gonna have "been Sarged"

  • grif_fiend


    #10815995 - 10 years ago

    slight modification to my last post , I will have to leave the US to go Canada to kick Dr Myzuka in the ass . My geography knowledge declines when I have been without good steady sleep and I'm in that situation right now. Haha

  • SpartanO15


    #11044234 - 10 years ago

    definitally beats kotor and the storyline so far seems good which is more than i can say for somethings starwars cannon or not

  • Remotes


    #11045592 - 10 years ago

    Just beat the game. It is in my opinion epic. Now I need the sith ending.

  • BlackBankai


    #11047168 - 10 years ago

    The sith ending isn't anything like you'd expect it to be. I won't spoil it though.

  • caleb

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    #11047500 - 10 years ago

    did both endings, light side is better

  • serenity_blu


    #11049307 - 10 years ago

    Watched Jack's videos he posted...

    You play as Vader?! What the fuck. Vader is ugly as shit, why would I want to play as him. Just gimme the Apprentice the whole time.

  • infernochill


    #11061682 - 10 years ago

    In reply to SpartanO15, #8:

    as much as i love TFU, nothing will ever beat kotor. last month i went back and beat them both again, and they're still just as good, even though they're like 6 years old.
    regardless of what games come out, i still find kotor to be the classic star wars game.

    I smiley12.gif KOTOR.

    lmao smiley4.gif

  • nsando


    #11075391 - 10 years ago

    Sith ending sucks, make sure you finish the light side first. I think it lived up to the hype pretty well, even though you can rush through most of the levels.

  • grif_fiend


    #11078256 - 10 years ago

    *hugs my copy of KOTOR*

  • Jambo51


    #11090733 - 10 years ago

    In reply to grif_fiend, #15:

    *Hugs both my copies of KotOR*

  • infernochill


    #11096055 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Jambo51, #16:

    *hugs both copies of KotoR, then gets a gun and goes to the nearest video game store and demands KotoR3*

    god i can't wait for it, when i learned about a third kotor i practically had a heart attack and an orgasm at the same time. rofl smiley4.gif

  • CyanLink


    #11100820 - 10 years ago

    It is definitely cannon, I saw a special episode of X-play that focused on The Force Unleashed. It said that George Lucas oversaw the project personally, and that it is cannon.

  • bob0


    #11126783 - 10 years ago

    If anyone has not played The Force Unleashed yet needs too. It is an extremely wicked game.

  • solobp


    #11130938 - 10 years ago

    Nothing will beat Tie Fighter as far as Star Wars games go, but this wa the best star wars game since the two KOTOR games.

  • Remotes


    #11132726 - 10 years ago

    I know KOTOR was an epic game but I wasn't all for the gameplay, though I loved the story.

  • Shatterpoint


    #11348877 - 10 years ago

    It's canon so long as you go with the light side ending. If you do the dark side ending it is not canon.

  • LuxVertas


    #11483345 - 10 years ago

    Well at the end you've got 2 choices:

    Still Fight Vader (A zombie like Vader!)

    Or go and Smack Palpatine around

    If you go with Palpy, it's cannon

    (It's like this in like... 87% of Star Wars Games!)

  • washington93


    #11593568 - 10 years ago

    yeah its canon, but its hard to tell that Leia never mentioned about Starkiller to Obi Wahn or Luke

  • ledhead


    #11725048 - 10 years ago

    Why does everyone need to be mentioned all the time? A lot of people complained that Anakin never mentions Asokah since she was in Clone Wars, so why should Leia have to mention Starkiller to make this game's story cannon?

  • Vanguard1


    #11733275 - 10 years ago

    Yes, TFU is a canon game. It explains at the end that the Marek Family Crest later becomes the Alliance Starbird, the symbol of the Rebel Alliance (Ep. IV-VI).