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  • SmiteThyFace


    #30727486 - 9 years ago

    So i bought Half life 2 collectors from a friend, and he said he deleted it from steam. now the collectors addition come with half life 1 source and counter strike source. so what i'm asking is does he have to delete counterstrike source and half life source or what?

  • Karithina


    #30727487 - 9 years ago

    It's not entirely clear what you mean...

    Mainly I'm not sure if you mean uninstall or if you actually mean delete. If you actually mean delete, I'll point out that it shouldn't matter if you have multiple copies of a game.
    Secondly, do you mean he wants to know if he has to uninstall Counterstrike Source and Half-Life 1 source before installing Half-Life 2 Collectors? It should be fine to just install it, it won't delete his saves or install anything twice if he already has it.

    I'm probably way off-track here =\

  • SmiteThyFace


    #30727488 - 9 years ago

    the game i bought from him had multiple games on it, half life 2. half life 1 source and counter strike source, the all use the same key code, we knew about the duplicate key code thing, so he deleted half life 2 and half life 1, he didn't delete counter strike source because he still plays that, so what i'm asking is will he have to delete CS.S so that all of the games are deleted from his steam account or am i unable to load it because once you activate a game on steam, it can't be activated anywhere else but that computer?

  • KoJo2389


    #30727489 - 9 years ago

    Late I'm aware - but I figured I'd answer?

    It activated under his STEAM account. This means, he can come to your house, log-in under his name, and install the games to your computer, but you have to be logged in UNDER his account to play. That also means he can't use the account when you are and vice versa.

    If it was Pre-steam (which I don't think is possible for this collection?) -- it shouldn't be an issue I don't think.