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Steam the Destroyer of computers?

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  • evaporated


    #30930511 - 9 years ago

    I have a computer that has had some problems which are Crashing and freezing. The original cause of this was from a bad download for GMOD9.(I think) Then I got Windows 7 for it and the complete new memory fixed this. Until the computer couldn't power on. (We have Best Buy warranty on it.) So we brought it in. This first trip was one of 6 spanning from January to Present. After we got it back for the first time the freezing and crashing started and never ended after several things were replaced via Best Buy. Since the 4th trip some smartass at Geek Squad said it was Steam and had noted to keep the firewall off/update. This was a crock and after 2 weeks the problems started again. Motherboard, Drives, Reinstall of Windows 7(2). Power system, and fans have been replaced.

    Also, the diagnostics the support runs showed no hardware problems, so nothing could be done. Since computer warranty only covers hardware problems they can't do shit, literally, they thought updating the graphic drivers would do something. I'm beginning to think Steam may or may be the problem. Any thoughts or suggestions can help.
    If you think you can help I can go get th model of the computer.

  • KoJo2389


    #30930512 - 9 years ago

    Get the model. I'm running Vista, but I'd like to try to help.

    My friend just (by just, I mean in recent months) bought a top-of-the-line Gateway at Best Buy. Within a few weeks the PC started shutting off randomly. Safe mode, reboots, scans --- nothing was wrong. They brought it in, Geek Squad turned it around and the problem resurfaced AGAIN. Similar to your issue, they brought it back...again....and again....and again (meanwhile, Geek Squad would take it in, and wait maybe two weeks before looking at it, and take more than several phone calls -- some very vulgar and hateful -- before actually fixing anything).

    Sorry to say, but I feel like Geek Squad and Best Buy are nothing short of complete failures in the repair business. I don't know what to say about this. I thought for sure my friend's issue was electrical. (He has a lamp that flickers a lot because of the wiring inside, and being plugged into the same surge protector - a very old one at that - I thought he might be damaging the mother board or something with the electricity. I wasn't sure if the damaged lamp could shock the surge protector and in turn the PC somehow too.)

    It seems, however, that this problem stems from either the computer, model, OS or Best Buy products in general at this point... Jeez. smiley2.gif

    And just to be clear - he did have a top-of-the-line PC. But he was NOT a gamer. Therefore, he was not running, nor did he ever install, Steam. Also, he had like a 1 TB hard drive, like 3 GB's or more of RAM, nice video card. Basically this thing could have run FallOut 3, MW 2, WoW, and the entire Half-Life series all at once without locking up*. That's how bad ass this thing.... WAS.

    [*] - Accuracy of statement not proven nor guaranteed for future endeavors.

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  • evaporated


    #30930513 - 9 years ago

    In reply to KoJo2389, #2:

    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6700 2.66GHz
    4 GB of RAM
    64-bit OS Windows 7

  • nathanroe72

    nathanroe72 Professional Bogan

    #30930514 - 9 years ago

    I am assuming that you have all the latest drivers (especially the chipset driver). Make sure you have all the latest updates (recommended and optional) as there has been some stability updates released for Windows 7. Creative Labs Software (for audio) has been known to make steam lock up. Some people claim that disabling bass boost fixes it and others claim that remove the software fixes it. One more thing you can try (that I can think of) is enabling/disabling the DirectWrite Option in steam.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • evaporated


    #30930515 - 9 years ago

    In reply to natetheskate, #4:

    Well the updates(28 of them) might have helped because its not screwing up anymore. I'm not sure I want to update the drives yet because last time when Geek Squad did so it froze immediately before any updates could be downloaded. Too I set for the monitor and computer to never go to sleep, due to when every time i left the computer the monitor was off and frozen.