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Installing a new HDD

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  • pilotelite


    #1126630 - 14 years ago

    So I just got a 160gb Maxtor 7200 ATA ultra/133 Hard drive.

    And my current one is 80GB. I want to make my new one the master, and possibly use my old one as a slave, or just obsolete.
    I have lots of iTunes music, I was wondering do I treat the songs as files, or use iTunes to make a whole bunch of music CDs?

    And any other tips on backing up different types of files. The things I'm backing up is pictures, music, other types of files.
    And I've got some folders with over a gig of stuff in them. But i have no DVD burner. (puts on need to get list).
    So any tips on transferring or anything on getting stuff from my old Master HDD, to my new Master HDD is appreciated.

  • Taketoshi


    #1126673 - 14 years ago

    just use three SCSI HOs running on your disc at the same time. If you get good ones they can suck your info off in five minutes flat.

  • pilotelite


    #1126707 - 14 years ago

    In reply to brokenbread, #2:
    Because I want to get rid of the old one basically. And because the new one is better.

    In reply to Taketoshi, #3:
    English please?

  • jollyrogers1


    #1126728 - 14 years ago

    In reply to pilotelite, #4:

    He said if you get some good bitches, they'll suck you off in five miinutes.

  • jollyrogers1


    #1126740 - 14 years ago

    I would just make the new one master and the old one slave and then transfer the files from one Hdd to the other.

  • Kaiavatar


    #1126754 - 14 years ago

    just do it
    like everything else in windows you will simply drag and drop the files and then bam right in the middle of transferring windows will crap out and crash and all data will be corrupted and you will have to reformat right from the fdisk and begin again.


  • pilotelite


    #1126764 - 14 years ago

    In reply to jollyrogers1, #6:

    So....install windows, get everything settled, then drag and drop? Or do I need a program or something?

    But wouldn't the two OS's conflict with each other?

  • jollyrogers1


    #1126822 - 14 years ago

    In reply to pilotelite, #8:

    You're right, I didn't think about that. That can't be done. Two things that I can think of would be either to back up all of your things onto cd's, which would not be a very good idea for a person like you. Or you could put your old HDD in another computer, boot from that drive and then connect the two computer together using Ethernet and a hub or switch and transfer the files.

  • comrade693


    #1126975 - 14 years ago

    In reply to pilotelite, #8:

    it shouldn't be a problem if the older drive is a slave. It won't check it to boot. The files will be there, but it won't run from that hard drive.

  • pilotelite


    #1127222 - 14 years ago

    I think I'm gonna go ahead, and install the new harddrive, and install windows on it, and make it a master, and the other a slave.

    Then I'll put in the slave, and see what I can do. If I can't do anything, then nothings messed up. Cause I need Windows on the new drive anyway.

  • Artmageddon


    #1127710 - 14 years ago

    In reply to pilotelite, #11:

    That's the course of action I'd take. You'll boot the version of windows from the new drive, and with the old drive attached, you can just copy all the files back. Of course, you're probably doing that already :-p

  • p3ngu1n


    #1127723 - 14 years ago

    In reply to pilotelite, #11:

    I've done this with my computer.
    You shouldn't have any problems.

    My new drive had XP home, the old had 98SE...
    The only problem was the old drive had some viruses, but my NAV stopped them from going anywhere.

  • Wortik


    #1129261 - 14 years ago

    Ok well hey man I just did the same thing you did. I got the maxtor SATA 120gig and I also have an 80 gig. There is a CD that comes with the HDD. Called max blast. What that does is transfer anything and everything from your old hard drive to your new. So run the cd and transfer it all. Then after u get that all done u now have 2 hard drives that have the exact same data on them. Now you can go into your BIOS and Im not to certian wich one its under but ur able to make your 120 the primary hard drive. not nessacarily the master but the primary one to start up your computer. Once that is did and done u can delete all the files on ur other hard drive.(not sure about deleteing the windows folder tho...i didnt). So now you can use that 80 gig using right click explore as a storage drive. I but all my music and movies and downloaded stuff on mine. To keep my 120 clear and able to move fast for my games. Ill post in a bit after I restart my computer and look for the correct BIOS location for you. Hope this helps. If you need anything else just post it. Good luck

  • Wortik


    #1129417 - 14 years ago

    Ok well after rebooting 3 damn times because I forgot to enter BIOS Its Advanced BIOS then Hard Drive Boot Priority. once u enter that itll list the 2 hard drive and you use the num pab to move it up or down in the list. And ummm I guess if for some reason u didnt get the max blast CD u should surf the web to find it. Sharware's have almost anything.

  • dewknight


    #1134448 - 14 years ago

    Damn people it's not that hard. Just put the old one on the middle connector of the IDE cable (if it is IDE), then ake sure the jumper is at least on cable select, change it to slave if you want, then put the new one on the end of the IDE cable, check the jumper and make sure it's on cable select or master, install windows on the drive, and copy the files over

    and just in case some of the files don't copy over, I just open up the command prompt and type this to copy all the files over to the new drive: get to the old drive and type: xcopy *.* c:\z-backup /s/c

    it will copy all files and sub directories to that folder on the new drive, and it will skip any errors it encounters

  • Spikey206


    #1134940 - 14 years ago

    Or if you like your settings, and can obtain a copy of Norton Ghost, just ghost the drive. That way your settings all remain the same, on the new drive.

  • Daxo


    #1141291 - 14 years ago

    Why are you getting rid of the 80gb? You can have 240 gb if you keep them both.

  • Deshman


    #1143153 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Daxo, #18:

    Yeah i kept both when i got my new drive, i use the old 80GB for windows and critical boot files and use the second 120GB harddrive for any programs i install or any music/video files, this way when you want to open a music file, windows does its searching on one harddisk for the programs or drivers and the second harddisk does its searching for the music file itself. This way its not one harddisk doing all the work, it's improved my performance during intensive UT'04 gaming anyway. Just set it up like was just said, primary windows hardrive on the top of the IDE cable and the second harddrive on the middle of the IDE cable and set the little jumpers on the back of the harddrive to the master and slave positions, if you don't know what they are they're usually printed on a sticker on the bottom of the harddrive. This way you get more, extra storage space without a redundant harddrive just lying around the place.

    Or at least thats how i work it, less crap lying around is probably a better thing, enough as it is.