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  • duncan_stive


    #2445057 - 13 years ago

    Not sure if theres a thread like this already but I wasnt sure what to search for so sorry if there was.
    My current system:
    P4 2.8Ghz
    512 ddr400 ram
    80Gb ide Hdd (7200 rpm)
    256Mb Radeon 9550 (8x AGP)

    My dream/currently under construction system:
    P4 (yes there is a good reason for this vs AMD) 3.2Ghz daul core socket 775
    dual PCI-e BFG 7800 GTX .oc graphics card in SLI
    2Gb ddr2 pc 8000 ram at 1000Mhz (this is the reason for the p4... I cant find any motherboards for AMB that have all the features I want plus 240 pin dimm ram slots... maybe someone knows of one?)
    8 channel audio (integrated in to motherboard... im still choosin between about 3)
    dual 10,000 rpm raptors in raid 0
    and the 800w ps i will sadsly probably need.. lol
    so far i have the case one of the hdds and my pride and joy (but nopt yet able to be used) a brand new shiny marvel of engineering prowess (sorry... i have had trouble building a digital circuit runnign at 14Mhz you'll excuse me if im impressed with something with a throughput of 36Gbs) one of the 7800s.... It will almost be a let down to put it in the pc where i wont be able to admire it so easly... wait... i actually have a nice large case window! woot! all is well

  • Mav3481


    #2445065 - 13 years ago

    In reply to duncan_stive, #1:


  • duncan_stive


    #2445108 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Mav3481, #2:

    Um.. I am assuming you are saying this should go IN my journal?
    If so i guess I wasnt as clear as I should have been. The thread is for everyone to post there system spec (so people can compare) and dream specs so people (myself included) can get ideas.
    I was just starting it off