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Computer not booting up

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  • NuclearWintr


    #5509065 - 12 years ago

    After i was playing a game of battlefield 2 my computer froze, and when i restarted it the boot up sequence was distorted, parts of the letters were shifted so it was out of focus, and during some parts the entire screen was covered in aaaaaaaaaaaaa symbols. after it gets to the windows is starting up the computer crashes, so i cant log in to my computer.

    i have an Epox motherboard, Aopen Geoforce 6600 video card, Maxtor SATA 150 Hard Drive, and 4 sticks of 512 MB Corsair RAM. and my OS is windows XP X64 edition

    i have already taken all four sticks of RAM out and tested them indivudaully to see if that was the problem, but that didnt work, i took the Hard drive out but the screen still looked the same.

    so any ideas on the problem?

  • PrincessNybo


    #5509260 - 12 years ago

    In reply to NuclearWintr, #1:

    Well, more specifics about your system would be nice, like the type of processor, specific model of motherboard, AGP or PCI-e graphics, and power supply brand/specs. Also, did you build this system yourself, or is it an OEM?

    It sounds like a video card issue to me, though. Namely, that you might have fried your card! How long was this session of Battlefield 2? Are we talking minutes, hours, or days? smiley8.gif

    Do you, by any chance, have another video card you could swap in? Does your motherboard have integrated video you could switch to, just to see if it will boot?

  • John117_MC


    #5511130 - 12 years ago

    Just a shot in the wind, but have you tried booting in safe mode?

  • Strider165


    #5511291 - 12 years ago

    I'd make the same guess as PN and say it probably is the graphics card. Just to rule it out though, make sure your Power Supply voltage didn't accidentally get switched. It should be on 115.

  • NuclearWintr


    #5512963 - 12 years ago

    i have an Athlon 64 2.2 CPU
    Nvidia PCI X16
    500 watt PSU
    i built the computer myself, but its a yeard old and most of the stuff is a year old

    im not sure how it could be the video card. i think it might be the motherboard because parts on it have been dying on me.

    and about safe mode, i cant even get into the BIOS.

  • Strider165


    #5512978 - 12 years ago

    In reply to NuclearWintr, #5:

    after it gets to the windows is starting up the computer crashes

    If you can get to that point, you've already loaded the bios.

    It could very easily be the video card. Are you still hearing noises coming from the computer, as if it was starting up, even after the screen goes black? Are fans still spinning?

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  • rockfx01


    #5513778 - 12 years ago

    In reply to NuclearWintr, #5:

    and about safe mode, i cant even get into the BIOS.

    Safe mode is a windows thing. Don't worry about it, it would definitely appear the the operating system is not the issue.

    I personally think it's the motherboard, not the graphics card, particularly if you've already been having problems with it and can't get into the BIOS. You should of course still try another gfx card to rule out the possibility of it being an issue, but I'm going with the mobo as the problem.

    If the BIOS is fucked up there probably isn't anything you can do about it, but you can try either resetting the BIOS by unplugging the computer and removing the battery from the motherboard for 5 minutes, and/or flipping the BIOS reset jumper on the mobo if it has one. I can give you more detailed instructions if you supply the mobo model number. There may also be instructions in the mobo user manual. That very likely won't help, though, since all that really does is reset all the settings saved in the BIOS, and not the actual BIOS itself.

    You may also want to try flashing the BIOS with the newest version, but before doing that I would A) test another video card to make sure that's not the problem and then B) call the mobo manufacturer for support. They will walk you through troubleshooting the problem and if you've bought it within a year ago, you are probably still under warranty on the motherboard and could(potentially) get an RMA replacement for it. If you flash the BIOS without calling them they might blame the problem on you for flashing the BIOS wrong, or pull some other corporate bullshit so I recommend being on the phone w/ them before you do anything like that. If the BIOS or other hardware/firmware on the mobo is already corrupt, it is very possible that flashing the BIOS with a new version could render it completely dead if it doesn't handle the flashing procedure properly.

  • MCS117


    #5550916 - 12 years ago

    Or, he fried something.... Get mobo manufacturers to help you, then if all else fails, reflash your bios. If that doesn't work, got an extra 100-200 bux to spare? I think you can also check your CPU. If it works again, buy some thermal paste and clean the heatsink and then re-set the heatsink with fresh thermal compound.

  • saber7


    #5552705 - 12 years ago

    This sounds like video card possibly overheated if you are getting artifacts on the screen like letters that dont disappear and such. If this is the case your screwed and you will need to replace it. You could probably test this if you have an onboard video card or another videocard.

  • holy_ghost


    #5556592 - 12 years ago

    In reply to saber7, #9:

    What do you mean "your screwed." Heating problems arn't that hard to fix.

  • saber7


    #5556801 - 12 years ago

    While heat problems may be easy to fix catching them before they damage your computer is not so easy , when components overheat (which I may add sounds like what happend in your case)sometimes they are permenantly damaged beyond repair. Of course I would try repairing windows with the windows CD before i went and did something drastic like buy new hardware. Or try and troubleshoot it by pulling all of the components out and re-seating them possibly chaning out components with a spare computer just to see if you can find any ofending hardware, it may not be your video card it may be your motherboard that is fried. Overall From the info you have given it sounds like your video card is shot. I could be wrong but I have seen a few blown out Nvida cards mostly from overclocking them but not all the time, usually the symptoms you describe follow after the cards have overheated.

  • z0dE


    #5568431 - 12 years ago

    ECS boards are known to have overheating Northbridges, if you have been having components on the Mainboard fail on you chances are parts of the die on the Northbus have been getting damaged due to heat, next time it restarts touch the northbridge heatsink, and if its it hot to the touch it is overheating but if it is slightly warm then its not the mainboard and probably a pooched install