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Rock Band Game Disk Issue

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  • GodxSpeed


    #9102185 - 11 years ago

    After some somewhat extensive research I have been unable to find help on this particular issue: While playing Rock Band, after so long the whole game will freeze or all audio/video feed terminates.

    I have tried various things including:
    smiley9.gif Cleaning the disk
    smiley9.gif Restarting the Xbox 360
    smiley9.gif Powering off the system for at least one hour.

    I'm sure it is the game disk because after some trials of playing other games for somewhat extensive periods of time (1 1/2 hours, 2 hours), Rock Band was the only one showing this problem. Is there a way for me to fix this? And if I can't, what do I do?

  • Strider165


    #9102489 - 11 years ago

    In reply to GodxSpeed, #1:

    How are you cleaning the disc? I'd suggest a microfiber cloth, and I've also heard windex works really well.

  • Fhajad

    Fhajad Forum Games Moderator

    #9102741 - 11 years ago

    Try playing it on a friends 360. Odds are it's the disk anyways.

    And when you powered off your system, did you just hit the button off or did you unplug it?

  • GodxSpeed


    #9106186 - 11 years ago

    We powered down the system using the button, because it was froze.
    Also I've recently discovered that it is not the disk, but the Xbox itself. I'm thinking it's just suffering from too much use over too short a period of time. I'm going to have to have the thread locked... x.o

    (We played the thing for an entire day, like 12 hours straight pretty much. Maybe more xD)