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WNR934b Router Help

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  • ArbiterzArkn


    #11647313 - 10 years ago

    Netgear is infamous for selling complete bullshit products.

    I try to connect several different laptops to the wireless on the router, and it does not connect.

    HP Connection Wizard says that the router is not communicating. Someone please fucking tell me what the hell to do about this bitch.

  • Fhajad

    Fhajad Forum Games Moderator

    #11647469 - 10 years ago

    Could you give us more information?

    Did you enable encryption or not?

  • papercup


    #11647615 - 10 years ago

    Are you 100% sure that's the model number? I'm having a hard time finding a reference to it (could it be a WNR834B?)

    It has so/so reviews on sites like newegg, most complaints were about range and the units themselves going completely dead.

    Check out the label on the bottom of the device, see what model number is there (there is a 'V2' version of the 834b). There are firmware updates for both versions that may be worth trying, but I'd wager there's some settings that need to be corrected.
    In the router config, what do you have set in your wireless settings (Its in the 'Setup', 'Wireless Settings' section) ? What about under the advanced wireless settings, does it show the radio turned on?

    Can you see your SSID from the wireless setup? Did you change it from the default? What OS are you using on the client machines? What wireless card (or laptop model number if its integrated) would help here.

    As for the bitch, slap her and tell her to go out and earn your money?

  • ArbiterzArkn


    #11648265 - 10 years ago

    That is the above link to the router, Im using windows XP professional on the computer that its hardwired too. It is not encrypted, and its broadcasting in B/G.

  • papercup


    #11648387 - 10 years ago

    Ok, that's what I figured (your post title has '934b' which was confusing). What about the SSID? When you go into the web interface on the router, what SSID is it using (if it's 'netgear' you might want to change it). Do you see that SSID in your wireless setup on the computers when you try to connect? What network cards are you using (I'm guessing an HP laptop since you mentioned the HP connection wizard? Which laptop do you have?)

    Also just to be sure, this is router isn't what you were using for wireless before and it just now stopped working, right? I just want to be sure this is an initial setup type problem, not an issue where it worked and it out of the blue just stopped.

  • ArbiterzArkn


    #11651016 - 10 years ago

    yeah the SSID is not the default. I changed it and it appears on the list of possible networks