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Vista problems.

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  • Riadect


    #12904805 - 10 years ago

    For some reason or another, my copy of Vista Home Premium is 'invalid,' even though I've used this copy for roughly 2 years now.
    My question to you is, is there any way to renew my copy without buying a totally new one?

  • KWierso


    #12904835 - 10 years ago

    In reply to MindEater, #1:

    Try reactivating Vista?

  • pal_sch


    #12904838 - 10 years ago

    In reply to MindEater, #1:

    Do you still have the install disk and registration code? Even if it came pre-installed you should have gotten these with the computer.

  • Breckenridge

    Breckenridge Well you know.

    #12904877 - 10 years ago

    I had the same problem. So the nice people at Microsoft said I'd have to repurchase it to fix the problem. I kindly told them to fuck off and went to XP :D

  • F1uffyLizard


    #12904906 - 10 years ago

    In reply to MindEater, #1:

    Why do you have Vista? Windows 7 beta you whore!

  • papercup


    #12906344 - 10 years ago

    In reply to cabooseisbl9, #4:

    I'm either calling bullshit or I think you called the wrong place then. I've called Microsoft more than a dozen times regarding activation when a system needed to be reactivated again unexpectedly. After only 4-5 questions, they either set the key to allow re-activation or they issues a new over the phone key to change the system to.

    The activation and licensing support is one of the most no-nonsense straight forward call groups I ever deal with; the calls are answered immediately, they fix it in a couple minutes, and I'm off and running; whether it is 4pm or 3 in the morning... Typically the call goes like this: "I am having an issue activating my license. I had to install to a new hard drive / I had to replace the motherboard / It seems to have deactivated unexpectedly." The tech asks for your key, may ask if it is OEM (shipped with the computer), and then either directs you to the phone activation screen and gives you a key after taking yours down, or says it has been reset and you are good to go.

    If you can't activate like described in the article KWierso linked, you should get a screen where it gives the phone number to call. If you have a legit key and media, the people on the phone are very accommodating. The way the original issue was described: "my copy of Vista Home Premium is 'invalid,' even though I've used this copy for roughly 2 years " makes me wonder if you are asking about something legitimately purchased. Assuming you did, don't call it a 'copy' when talking with them; that sorta thing will make a licensing person wonder where you got this 'copy'. Tell them whether it came with your computer or whether you purchased it retail.

  • Riadect


    #12906818 - 10 years ago

    In reply to KWierso, #2: