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Can't Create Shortcut Key to Folder

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  • realdeal_55


    #14519223 - 8 years ago

    Hey, guys,

    I love my shortcut keys; I use Ctrl+Alt+N to open Notepad, Ctrl+Alt+C to open Calculator, Ctrl+Alt+W to open Word. However, when I tried today to make a shortcut key to point to my Documents folder (Ctrl+Alt+D), I couldn't get it to work. I was able to assign the shortcut key to other folders, but just not the Documents folder.

    Anybody have any insight? Am I missing something?

    Oh, right, I'm running Vista Home Premium.

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  • Killericon


    #14519480 - 8 years ago

    In reply to realdeal_55, #1:

    I'm running Vista Home Premium.

    I've figured it out.

    In all seriousness, I found this on the googlez.

    Click on Start.
    Goto Programs , then Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer.
    In Windows Explorer, right-click on the folder to which you want instant access, click Send To, and then click Desktop.
    On your desktop, right-click the new shortcut, and then click Properties.
    On the Shortcut tab, click in the Shortcut key box. Now press the letter on your keyboard that you want to use to open the folder.(Microsoft Windows XP automatically adds CTRL+ALT before the key you press)
    Now click on OK.
    Now Hold down the CTRL and ALT keys, and then press the letter you chose.

  • realdeal_55


    #14519747 - 8 years ago

    OK, that's weird; that's basically what I was doing, except I wasn't placing the shortcut on the desktop. I'll just hide the icon (I like my desktop empty but usable), but is there any particular reason I can't move/create the shortcut, elsewhere?