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Stereo Mix recording, Vista vs. Win7

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  • realdeal_55


    #14893596 - 7 years ago

    Hey, all; I posted about this on the Geeks2Go forum, but I'm having hell of a time getting help there, so I'm posting here to see if any of you can help me out:

    Hopefully this is a quick question. My system is set up to dual-boot between Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional. When I'm in Vista I'm able to use Audacity to record "Stereo Mix," that is, I can record exactly what comes out of my computer's speakers. When I'm in Windows 7, however, I'm not able to select that option in Audacity; furthermore, "Stereo Mix" isn't an option when disabled and disconnected devices are showing in my system's sound settings. Does anybody have any idea why this is, and if there's a fix or a workaround for it?

    Here are my system specs:


    Thank you all for your help! smiley0.gif

    - Brennan