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Cancelled shows: Regrets or Desire

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  • drunkyhippo


    #13454732 - 9 years ago

    Three Things:

    1. So basically there's so many shows that have been canceled that don't deserve to be murdered. I would like to know which shows you guys miss.
    ALSO I would like to know which shows you guys are happy to have cancelled or really want them to be canceled if there not already. Make sure have a description to why you chose them.

    2. Essentially there's three things that require you're input. The Only Catch is that i would like a person to pick 2 of the three topics. And one of each of the two. It's confusing but it'll allow everyone to have a unique say, and also repeats will be deleted. Your choices and comments are unlimited

    3. Also feel free to disagree or argue one. this might be against the rule but everyone is entitled to an opinion. BUT PLEASE stay on topic and never run into personal insults. I will dictate, if it comes to it, whether the comments are appropriate or not.

    I understand the some people might be confused so i shall put an example below. hope to see your comments.

    Topic---Show (Description)
    Topic---Show (Description)

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  • drunkyhippo


    #13455031 - 9 years ago

    So here's mine

    Show the shouldn't have been cancelled---Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (i know there's a million others but this one would get very rare notification. Which was why it was cancelled, because of very little viewers.

    Show that should be cancelled---Two and a Half Men (A funny and entertaining show no doubt. But so fucking stupid and annoying. After 6 or 7 seasons they should either finish it up or kill it)

    hope to here your comments guys

  • Caboozles


    #13455250 - 9 years ago

    Show that shouldn't have been canceled: Arrested Development. I know I'm not alone, but I used to actually watch it when it was on-air. Easily the funniest thing to have come from Fox.

    Show that should be canceled: How I met your mother. I just don't find it funny, simple as that.

  • KillaKiwi210


    #13455268 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't have been canceled: Firefly. Because it's Firefly.

    Should be canceled: Any "Reality" talent show. It pains me to think that enough of the nations population thinks this crap is entertainment enough to be given a show.

  • Bearengar


    #13455688 - 9 years ago

    Numb3rs. It may sound like a bad show but you can really get into it.
    They've got like 6 episodes left and there done.

  • Thorax101117


    #13455934 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't have been canceled: Titus. Why: This show was hysterical, probably one of the best things Ive seen on FOX in a long while.

    Should Be Canceled: Family and its spin offs. Why: Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland show are all terrible. I dont know how Seth Mcfarlane cloned Family Guy twice and got away with it but he has somehow and they all should be eradicated from television.

  • Chalmrah

    Chalmrah FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #13456035 - 9 years ago

    I liked Knight Rider '08. They had a bad start buut they weren't a government branch in the last few episodes, but they had such a bad start by the time they got it right they barely had a fan base. Plus I loved KITT.

  • PaddoK33N


    #13456107 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't of been cancelled King of the Hill - Because it's fucking king of the hill why would they cancel it and keep american dad

    Should be cancelled Secret Life of the America Teenager - Because its fucking retarded and the same old story that has been told 8 million times except this is a bit more retarded

  • pwolter0

    pwolter0 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Formerly Wolfbait1

    #13456247 - 9 years ago

    Shouldnt have been canceled: Junkyard Wars. Two teams working in a junkyard to build machines to accomplish a task. Absolutely awesome.

    Should be canceled: American Dad. Just not really that funny. I can appreciate family guy but not american dad.

  • drunkyhippo


    #13457724 - 9 years ago

    wow awesome i can't believe it rose this fast
    i want to comment on all of them

    In reply to Caboozles, #3:

    totally Arrested Development is such a great show they should put out an extra season before the movie

    HIMYM i kinda like. it has genius episode formats and the show is basically FRIENDS but for guys. But yeah it does seem to get stupid time to time

    In reply to KillaKiwi210, #4:

    THANK YOU someone said it. goddamn you FOX. they should've gone to SPACE or something. but if you're a nathan fillion fan watch CASTLE

    yeah reality shows are dying... but i kind off liked WIPEOUT while it lasted

    In reply to Bearengar, #5:

    WHAT!!! NUMB3RS IS DONE!!! FUCK! but i think that the show is not cancelled but took its natural course. am i right?

    In reply to Thorax101117, #6:

    never watched TItus how long did that go for: 1 season or more?

    I kinda like Family Guy and its spinoffs so i won't comment

    In reply to Chalmrah, #7:

    not a fan of remakes so i won't comment. i only would like it if there were an A-team show.

    In reply to PaddoK33N, #8:

    Yeah totally agree, despite what i said earlier i feel that only american dad is weak. also they shuldn't have cancelled it but have let it take its natural course. seing that it has been on air for almost 10 months.

    is that ficton or non-fiction. anyways they shouldn't advertise it alot. young kids might see it and never fuck till they're 80

    In reply to wolfbait1, #9:

    damn the premise sounds awesome.

    yeah i guess *sigh*

    Any ways hope to here more

  • Thorax101117


    #13458167 - 9 years ago

    In reply to drunkyhippo, #10:

    Titus went for 3 seasons. I know thats more than most but It only got cancelled because of Titus disagreeing with the FOX network.

  • PaddoK33N


    #13458775 - 9 years ago

    In reply to drunkyhippo, #10:

    Secret life of the american teenager is fiction it's one of those overly dramatic teen shows except more retarded this is the entire first season "virgin girl has boyfriend wants to wait for sex then older boy talks to her she has unprotected sex with him and gets pregnant boyfriend finds out and doesn't even get mad some slutty girl fucks guy who got that girl pregnant then another non slutty girl dates him then slutty girl gets mad at non slutty girl then preggers girl decides she is going to give it up then some retarded shit happens then preggers girl doesn't know whether she wants to keep it then preggers girl starts having the baby as she walks home from school then guy who got her pregnant and boyfriend have a talk at the hospital and then baby is born" thats the whole first season

  • drunkyhippo


    #13458797 - 9 years ago

    In reply to PaddoK33N, #12:

    ..... sigh now try to explain fringe

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  • PaddoK33N


    #13458915 - 9 years ago

    In reply to drunkyhippo, #13:

    I'm not a miracle worker

  • Bearengar


    #13459490 - 9 years ago

    In reply to drunkyhippo, #10:

    ill need to recheck maybe the outrage (and there was alot of that) made them reconsider. But this season is cut to 16 episodes only saying they were gonna cancel it.

  • drunkyhippo


    #13459818 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Bearengar, #15:

    DAMMIT SHIT sigh it aitte they had a good run

  • wingzero4760


    #13477526 - 9 years ago

    shouldn't have been canceled: The Dresden Flies, it was about a wizard who works as a detective in Chicago. I found it was a very entertaining show, and of a much better quality the some of the other things shown on the Sci-fi ( or syfy i guess) Chanel. It was based on a book series by Jim Butcher and was responsible for getting me to read his books, now he is one of my favorite authors

    the entire series is up on hulu here is a link if anyone is interested

  • jdionio


    #13478730 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't have been canceled: Carnivale. Reason: Simply put, it had the hands of God against each other in Depression Era America. One could manipulate peoples minds and the other could heal, but at the cost of a life. 2 seasons and it gets axed. WTF?

    Should be canceled: 99 percent of the Reality TV or Reality game shows saturating the market. Jersey Shore, Real World, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Reason: I just despise them. They could make actual shows with actors instead of dealing with reality. I thought we watched tv to escape reality or for the news.

  • drunkyhippo


    #13479352 - 9 years ago

    In reply to wingzero4760, #17:

    Im in canada so i can't watch it, for now though, looks interesting through the snapshots... if it has a couple (like 10 to 40) then i shall watch it too.

    In reply to jdionio, #18:

    firstly i agree 99% of reality shows should be cancelled...but i guess that's what people like stupid realism

    NOW for carnivale it was my top 5 expectations that would be on this thread (others being firefly and uhh....shit can't remember) christ i need to watch that.. it seems like such an interesting show... it's one of the unfortunate thing that HBO pulled but *sigh* what can we do....PETITION!!!

  • HoleyPuma


    #13483428 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't have been cancelled: Angel

    Angel was an amazing show with a great cast of characters. Some people were put off a bit from the 4th season after the Connor-Cordelia stuff, but season 5 was really great stuff and the show was in full stride again. That is until it gets cancelled despite being the networks number 1 show. It was said that if Whedon had waited instead of asking for renewal earlier than usual than Angel would have easily been renewed, but you can't blame Whedon for wanting to let the cast and crew of the show know about their future instead of being strung out like every season before. At least Whedon was able to give us a fantastic send off for the show with Not Fade Away (by far one of my favorite episodes of tv ever).

    Should be cancelled: The Hills

    The only parts of this show I have seen is what shows up on The Soup (and if you don't watch The Soup, a TON of clips show up from The Hills). It is a complete joke that they still claim this show isn't scripted. And the people are so unbelievably stupid sometimes. Maybe I am wrong because I have only seen the clips that show the really dumb stuff, but this show just needs to end.

  • Holden_Park


    #13495077 - 9 years ago

    When I saw all of Judd Apatow's films not too long ago I discovered that he made two TV series a year apart from each other: "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared". I thought both of his series were hilarious and well made shows in comparison to most shows now-a-days. Plus, both series' season finales left gaping holes of "what if". I wished some other networks picked up and continued off with the programs. I mean how can you not enjoy the awesome cameo appearances of actors/actresses in "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared"!

  • hydra38811


    #13499290 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't have been cancelled: My Own Worst Enemy

    I thought it was a show that had great potential. I really loved the complex characters. I was really disappointed that they ended the show on a cliffhanger.

    Should be Cancelled: Most reality shows. They were probably good for helping the networks survive the writers' strike several years ago, but they have run their course, IMO.

  • rekon59


    #13504776 - 9 years ago

    Shouldn't have been Cancelled: Life - Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, to me anyway, was one of the most interesting characters to come on TV in a long while.

    Should be cancelled: Heroes. They should have just made this a one season event, because that was the only season that was ever any good.

  • Oss14


    #13519365 - 9 years ago

    Invader Zim, Very Good Program, But The Stupid Boss Of Nickelodeon canceled it because the complains of a group of Christians Mothers, hope they Die.

  • drunkyhippo


    #13519672 - 9 years ago

    In reply to HoleyPuma, #20:

    i heard it still has a cult status i watched one of the episodes. didn't like it that much personally but then a again i represent 3 people so yea

    the hills is just fuckin retarded

    In reply to Holden_Park, #21:[/i

    that was SUCH A great show had one of the most nefarious characters ever

    In reply to hydra38811, #22:

    i heard the show had a two season contract

    yea i guess

    In reply to rekon59, #23:

    ]never watched it...the way you hype it up makes me want to though

    yea the lesbian kiss wasn't that great...furthermore i liked the 2nd season and the first half of the third season

    In reply to Oss14, #24:

    there's a shitload of re-runs for that show

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