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Rules Regarding Game Nights

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  • thenamesashli


    #32559442 - 5 years ago

    Hey guys! It has come to my attention lately that some rules need to be outlined and/or kept in mind for Game Nights.

    Game Nights are an AS related activity, unless stated otherwise. All rules stated previously for chats and Afterstreams DO apply, and will be enforced and appropriate action will be taken if needed. These previous rules can be reviewed HERE and HERE.

    Be respectful. Look, it is fine to be salty. Hell, aren’t we all at some point? If somebody wishes for you to stop doing something, whatever it may be, please respect their wishes. Example: Deciding to make a human barricade to disrupt other racers in a race, who actually wish to continue racing. It would be fine if nobody would have an issue with that, but obviously, a few would. Use common sense, at the very least.

    -This post is not addressing trash-talking or insults, as long as the trash-talk or insults don’t break any of the rules.

    -These also apply to Game Nights on every platform, and can/will be modified at any future point in time.

    -Remember you are allowed to talk about any issues with any of your Game Night Coordinators, or admins in general.

    Thank You for your time, and can’t wait to see you guys during more Game Nights!