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The Afterstreamers RPG (Update 0)

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    #32715267 - 4 years ago

    So while in the twitch bunker yesterday, I mentioned that I have RPG Maker (Thanks and I am going to attempt to make a RPG that features the Afterstreamers in it. Here is a breakdown of what ideas I have right now:

    Basic Plot

    Our favorite streamers have been taken over by the games they love, and it is up to you to save the day. You will need to form a party of Afterstreamer admins, rescued streamers, and some other characters you will meet along the way in order to save Streamtopia. (name in progress)

    I will be streaming this process whenever I can on my Twitch channel, but I might not be able to start right away, as school is my main priority right now. I will hopefully learn how to use RPG Maker effectively in the next month or two, and then begin work on it. During the streams that I will be working on it, I may have a Skype call going to help give me ideas for the game. I may need some people who are good at creative writing to help out with the dialogue and stuff, but I want suggestions from all of you in the group to see what you want in the game. After I start work on the game, I will be making update journals either on this page or my personal RT page to talk about the progress the game has made. Hopefully I will not disappoint you guys and I will be able to make a fun game that we can enjoy. smiley0.gif

    - Caleb Ragan

    (P.S. - Admins, send me a message about what type of character you want to be portrayed as. i.e: Mage, Knight, etc.)