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    #32716097 - 4 years ago

    Hey everyone! This forum is for those interested in AS shirts. Yes shirts, with a s, as in plural. I posted two different versions of potential shirts on the AS twitter (which you can view here. Some of you liked one, some liked the other, some liked both. So to keep everyone happy, we’ll be posting both of them! And, as time passes on, more jokes get made, and I (or whoever is in charge of shirt creation) get more creative/better with designs for shirts, we'll start posting more shirts. If you got a shirt with our old logo on, you'll know the process about how to get this shirt. If you didn't get the old shirt, not to worry, I'll guide you through the process of how to get one. The reason for this whole process is because we, the admins, aren't doing this to make a profit, and since shirts are already expensive as is, we want to make sure that all the money you spend on the shirt is spent on just that, and that we're not getting anything (monetarily) from it. So please make sure you follow the instructions carefully as we don't want you to potentially ruin the design for others.
    If you have any questions or suggestions for new shirts, please post them in the comments.
    As of now, the site we are using does NOT ship to the UK, we are working on this problem so that we could still get the shirt to those who live in the UK that want one.

    And now for the process:

    1) Click here to go to the Custom Ink page that has the gray shirt or here for the blue shirt.

    2) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Just below the shirt you will see a button that says “save/send" CLICK THAT BUTTON. You will get a prompt to save the design. If it gives you the option to replace the design or enter a new name for the design, make sure that you click “Enter a new name for this designâ€. This will then give you two spaces to fill in info. Name it whatever you wish (ten character limit) and make sure you enter YOUR email address. Then click save design.

    3) Exit out of the current page and pull up the page that was emailed to you.

    *To change the size, click the "your items" button in the top left of the menu. Next to the "Quantity" button click "change." From there you can change the quantity of each size of shirt you want. Then click update. Alternatively you can click the "Get price" button towards the bottom left of the menu and change the size there. *

    4) After that, it’s up to you! Feel free to put something on the back of your shirt (at an extra cost), make sure you select your shirt size (and all other shirt sizes and extra shirts are not selected, unless you so desire).

    5) Finally, hit that buy now button, fill in your info, then bingo-bango-bongo you got yourself a baby elephant! I mean shirt. Yeah. It’s a shirt. But not just any shirt. A shirt that represents our wonderful group. And it’s sexy.

    If you have a problem with needing permission to use the logo, show them this official statement from the admins that gives everyone permission to use the logo.

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