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  • Gwendolen


    #32693106 - 4 years ago

    Hey there!

    So, I have no idea if this would have any success, but I figured, since we're a group in which people like to do things together and I saw some people on Twitter like to write, why not start a topic here? To my knowledge, even though it is not checked often, this is the most "non-instant" place we have.

    I'm no great writer (especially since English is not my native language) so I'm hoping not to run this topic by myself. If it dies, it dies, I'm not going to try and revive it by all means.

    Anyway, personally, I have some issues coming up with starting ideas (my imagination works better with some constraints, rather than complete freedom), so I was thinking maybe having monthly prompts here (maybe less often, maybe more, who knows?) and whoever wants to write a short story based on those prompts would (and by short stories, it's whatever you call a short story, any kind of length is fine, although I do like to give myself maximum word counts so as not to ramble too much, but that's just me).

    Prompts come in different forms (a line of dialogue, a theme, a selection of words to use, a first and last sentence, a title...) and I'm hoping we'll have occasions to use several of these, but for this first, and hopefully not last month, I was thinking of using a form I quite like, which is the two genre lists.

    You choose a genre from list A and a genre from list B, and you have to make them work together in your story.

    List A
    Space Opera

    List B
    Fairy Tale
    High Fantasy
    Pirates! (yes, pirates deserve a !)

    This forum is not the best for presentation or editing, so if you'd rather post a link to your story rather than pasting the text here, that works. As far as date mmm. Let's say this prompt will be replaced by another on January 1st? (because if it was exactly a month, you'd have to deal with essays and end of the semester stuff...).

  • Kris_to_the_fer


    #32693107 - 4 years ago

    this looks really fun i'm in ( probably gonna be late though School has been really hammering me down with work)

  • BasketOfMuffins

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    #32693108 - 4 years ago

    I also think this looks like fun. Ill try to participate but I may not be able to write anything good.

  • missbreebot


    #32693109 - 4 years ago

    Idea: Some people do have some sort of mythical, or super, power but society tells us its fake to a point where we think that we are crazy and suppress our power.

    Not sure what topic this falls under, but I can't seem to get this idea out of my head. I just don't know where or how to start writing on it.