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Update on AS Charity Events for 2015

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    #32750586 - 4 years ago

    In a recent poll I took concerning the next charity we’d be donating to, many of you responded that you’d like to see us donate to all of them. For the immediate future I do not see us being able to do all three. I don’t doubt your kindness and willingness to donate, as you thoroughly displayed that for our 2014 EL. However, three different charities within a short period of time is just difficult, not only to plan, but be able to donate to. The big day for 8-bit is May 16. To try and make it so that we can still have two charity events in the immediate future, we’ll be having our big day for 8-bit Salute on the weekend of April 11 starting at 8:00 AM CST and concluding at 8:00 AM CST the following day, April 12. The big day for Longest Day is on the longest day, June 21. This makes it hard to do an event for since it’s just a couple months after 8-bit Salute, and the minimum goal for Longest Day is $1600, which is doable, but it makes the day more stressful about reaching that goal than it is fun, which is something we want the day to be about. Also, as I previously stated, it’s just a couple months after 8-bit Salute so people may not be able to donate as much as they have before, if they are able to donate at all. However, we will create something for Charity: Water since there isn’t a certain big day for it and we get to create our own campaign for it. We’ll have something for this in late summer or early fall. And of course, we’ll have our Extra Life event again the in fall, so be looking forward to that, too. If these events go better than expected (which is quite possible since you guys never cease to amaze us) we may add a couple more events scattered throughout the year so possibly be on the lookout for more information on that in the future. Anyway, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this update, and be sure to lookout for more information coming out about each of these events as they approach. We love you all.
    With the upmost sincerity,