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  • KistyNocturn

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    #32268228 - 6 years ago

    Interested in making Community Hunter Video guides, but not really wanting to work with the community hunter group for various reasons. Have no fear your female Community Hunter comrade is here to help out. After having a long conversation with a few ladies here in the group on the introduction thread, I figured I should share my knowledge and offer advice and allow others to pitch in too when it comes to making video content for the community or your own YouTube Channel as well.

    Capturing: What do you use, sadly this is mostly geared towards PC users as I don't own a Capture card for my XBOX yet that is something I might get in a few months.

    Ok, first off you need a capturing program of some type, most capture cards do come with some sort of software, and sadly I don't know a lot about capture units. However, what I do know is capturing games on a PC, and though I do have a slightly powerful rig, I might add it's about 3 years old, 4 in about 8 months. There is a lovely program called FRAPS, and Xsplit which is used for Streaming but can capture footage locally. Fraps is great to use but only if you have the full version, if you have the trial sadly, you are only going to get about 15 second of footage before clicking it to start up recording again, Full version is like $37 and it's unlimited use with updates. Xsplit though it does say it costs money for the "Full" version you can use it for free to record footage to your computer and it's fairly decent I just had game audio issues with it when I have used it as a back up Both can create large video files. Make sure you have a large hard drive an average hour of recording is almost 50 GB for me but I am also running an older version of FRAPS that hasn't been updated in years so they sizes may have gotten smaller lately, but still bigger the drive the better, you can get a USB 1TB for about $65 at Walmart but if you can't afford it just do what you can with what you have.

    Achievements: What systems are accepted and what guides should I do?

    All systems are accepted XBOX, PC, PS3

    XBOX has achievements, PS3 has Trophies, and PC, has 2 sources Origins and Steam. (I use Steam just feels more natural and bigger game selection)

    Most games have the same achievement /trophy lists, and the strategies are usually the same on the systems weather you push a different set of buttons on your controller, the method for the achievement can vary but usually same outcome.

    Only 3 versions of the same achievement can be submitted after that they will be rejected, and the versions are suppose to show different strategies, so keep that in mind when you see there is a version 1.

    I recommend having the rules handy when looking for guides to film. I recommend keeping in mind numbers 6 and 7 about story line based Achievements and X,Y,Z a number of times there are some execptions to the X,Y and Z ones. Community Hunter Guide Video Rules .

    Editing What can I use

    Editing programs can be difficult there is Windows Movie maker, and there is Windows Movie Maker, I recommend Windows Movie maker for Windows XP even if you are using Vista, 7 or 8. There is more control and sadly I don't have a link because Microsoft changed their site.

    Personally I use Adobe CS Premiere. Though if you try to buy it, you are looking at a hefty price tag unless you subscribe to the creative cloud.

    For any editing software I recommend looking up tutorials on how to use it but the basics are Time line where your video footage and commentary goes and the cut or razor blade tool so that you can cut out unnecessary footage, speed up by 2x is also a good one to keep in mind so your video is shorter in time.

    Commentary duel is required for Community Hunter Videos guides, Things to do, and series.

    Easiest program to record in Audacity the price free, it picks up your mic, records your audio and allows you to export it in WAV (Default) or Mp3 (If you get the right Lame.dll file)

    Most PC and Mac computers do come with a recording program of some type but they can be a bit, troublesome Audacity does have quirks but they are easier to fix and you can adjust your mic volume before recording so you aren't blowing out the speakers.

    I do plan to eventually make a video to help with this, but if you would like you can look up the programs on YouTube for some tutorials and see how edit and add commentary into your video. The Community Hunter Panel at RTX 2013 demonstrated how you do commentary and add it to the video, however that video has yet to surface and I am sure it's located on YouTube somewhere.

    If you don't have someone that is close by you can use to help you with commentary, Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, any type of messenger comes with a voice chat setting, use that to your advantage and it's Free!

    When making commentary with someone over Skype or a voice call, simply have the other person recording their audio separate from yours, in case you talk over each other a little quick edit should allow you both to be heard during the video or if one of you said something you shouldn't have then you can remove that bit and continue forward.

    There is Call Graph another free program that uses Skype and records the call, so you get the other person's voice however it records both of you at the same time, and one is in the left speaker while the other is in the right. so avoid talking over each other and editing does get difficult.

    After recording, editing, and commentating, the last part is just putting it all together in your editor and exporting it to video and if it's under the max video size, then upload the video AHuploads and wait.

    Feel free to discuss or ask questions, I don't mind messages either, but I figured it should be openly discussed.

  • KistyNocturn

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    #32268229 - 5 years ago

    I would like to up date the capture part of this long forum post that there is Open Broadcaster which is fantastic and completely free to use in order to capture your game play of your computer, it does work for both PC and Mac machines. It does record both audio and video, so make sure if you are recording for Achievement Guides you turn OFF the mic before recording or just don't have it plugged in. The system Specs that are recommended you have at least a QUAD core processor and 8GB of RAM, if you are unsure if you have it check your system properties and try to find RAM or CPU it should tell you. Here is a tutorial video on the basics of setting it up. Note it is an older version of Open Broadcaster and he is setting it up for Streaming, however, it works when you set it for LOCAL Boardcasting, but if the gentleman who made the tutorial video, doesn't adjust it in the video then don't touch it in the actual program unless you really want to fiddle with it after setting it all up. It does work wonderfully with recording Lets Plays, Community Achievement Videos, and unlike FREE Xsplit, it will do FULL screen games, along with streaming but you will have to do some work and math to figure out those broadcast settings.

    Something I forgot to add, if you upload a video to the Community Hunters with a guide, Things to do, and/or any allowed video, and want to post it on your own personal Youtube Channel you can do two things. First you can upload the community video to your channel, however, you MUST remove the Community Hunter Intro and Outro slates, and replace them with your own. The other option you have is you can make a playlist of your submitted videos and link them to your personal channel, by favoring or simply add to play list like I did for mine which is apply labeled Community Hunter Playlist.

    Any more questions feel free to message or ask me. Happy Hunting, and gaming.

  • LadyOddDuck


    #32268230 - 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the info, Kisty! Can't wait to see more of our ladies getting out there and making videos!

  • Jillers


    #32268231 - 5 years ago

    I'd like to add a down-the-line-if-you-enjoy-doing-this-editing-thing tip:
    Remember that these files can get big, so you should eventually invest in an external hard drive.
    If you find you like editing, then I'd recommend making sure said external hard drive has at least 7200 RPM. It'll make video editing a lot smoother and easier for your system.

  • KistyNocturn

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    #32268232 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Jillers, #4:

    Make sure you have a large hard drive an average hour of recording is almost 50 GB for me

    Got it covered, but yes at least 100GB of free space on a drive for 20 Minutes of recording. Try if possible to avoid recording on the same drive as your game is installed, however if not able to have 3 drives, then at least 2 drives. I run a 3 hard drive set up, 1st drive for Operating system (PC or MAC) 200GB 2nd drive for install of game 1TB, 3rd capture footage (1TB). I have 3 drives with this set up, and recording has been nothing but smooth since I started this. My capture drive is almost full with only 200GB left and that's because I haven't been editing footage in a while.

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