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  • LadyOddDuck


    #32518800 - 5 years ago

    Attention all RTX 2014 attendees! This is the thread where we will keep track of all the information you need to know about our RT SideQuest Presents: The Angels RTX Kick-Off event!

    To RSVP to the festivities, click here and press the "I'm Attending!" button! We can't wait to meet you all!

    Kick off RTX with a splash!

    Cool off from the searing Austin heat by joining The Angels for a water war and meet-up. This event will be located at Palm Park, a short walk from RTX pre-registration. Swing by after you pick up your RTX badges and have a blast!

    This event is completely free and will not be ticketed, but we will be collecting donations to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 100% of the donations you make will go to help blood cancer patients live longer and better lives.

    Keep checking back for more announcements!