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    1. "I know from personal experience"
    2. "They were all on me"
    3. "I got someone in the bush"
    4. "I fell right on top of him"
    5. "I'm in a bush"
    6. "No one will expect me coming from this direction"
    7. "I'm an expert stunner"
    8. "I got someone in the bush"
    9. "Oh! There're so many of them!"
    10. "That was just a mess"
    11. "Oh, we are so close"
    12. "Always rubbing your baked goods in my face"
    13. "Yep, rub it in"
    14. "No, we're full"
    15. "It's like an orgy in the corner"
    16. "I'm standing behind a guy who's bending over"
    17. "I thought you were just diving into the bush for fun"
    18. "There was nothing in that bush, but I admire your efforts"
    19. "Spicy Rectum"
    20. "Are you in here?"
    21. "They're all in my thing again"
    22. "There's someone in here. Thanks for coming"
    23. "Mouth full of dog"
    24. "He double-teamed me"
    25. "Ooooh that was close. That was SO close"
    26. "Why is everyone diving into bushes?"
    27. "I like the bush" Sherlock_strikes
    28. "Eat my bean." nealmcneal
    29. "I can never get my bean to work"
    30. "Thanks Neil. Now you're turning on me"
    31. "Get some estrogen back in here"
    32. "I like rocket launchers because they're more powerful"
    33. "Bean-on-bean action"
    34. "Come spontaneously"
    35. "My controller is vibrating, like, ridiculously hard"
    36. "Oh, that was a buttcrack"
    37. "Enter them here"
    38. "We will get all squishy." nealmcneal
    39. "Just wait until I pop in there" -Kariann
    40. "I got gooped. No, he ate me!"
    41. "Don't you goop me"
    42. "Your bean might be cute, but it's not enough for me to walk into it"
    43. "He's trying to tongue me from behind and I will not have it"
    44. "Nothing wrong with a little explosion in the behind Duck" -Kariann
    45. "Quick and dirty math"
    46. "Nothing like being pricked to death" -Kariann
    47. "You never know when it coming…." -Kariann
    48. "Both of our little guys came and humped this pole"
    49. "Probably came after the pole humping"
    50. "Kariann's choking her chicken, guys"
    51. "I'll take you both on! Two-on-one!"
    52. "Work that bean"
    53. "Is that a Kariann in your pocket or are you just happy?" -Kariann
    54. "Roasting my pea pods"
    55. "I knock those balls everywhere"
    56. "Get in the hole, ball"
    57. "We are so going to do that"
    58. "They're gonna eat my bean"
    59. "Can't avoid my butt" -Kariann
    60. "I don't think I can walk around with a stem coming out of my butt" -Kariann
    61. "You have that fetish too?"
    62. "Everyboby pile into my party"
    63. "Three-way lady tweets"
    64. "Look at my chestpiece"
    65. "Let's put it inside of our body"
    66. "Neal just went down"
    67. "Doesn't feel like it's that long"
    68. "Oh, I can sqeeze"
    69. "I can't come in that way, can I?"
    70. "I didn't come down this way, did I?"
    71. "Get your naked, brown butts away from me"
    72. "Touch myself is totally different to Believe in Myself"
    73. "You wanna do doughnuts?"
    74. "He grabbed my butt"
    75. "Get into my mouth"
    76. "It was the wrong hole, guys"
    77. "It was all wet"
    78. "Wet, bad touch"
    79. "Why did I just walk up to you and hump your leg"
    80. "I'm just orgasming over doughnuts"
    81. "It's my favorite hole"
    82. "Get away from my unclean spot"
    83. "You would wax your balls?"

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