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Funny quotes by teachers.

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  • Tiffany


    #609899 - 14 years ago

    "Your heads go down, so does the temperature. You won't wake up! Hypothermea sets in, you won't know what to do. I have ice tongs in my dest and I know how to use them!"
    - Mr. Hunt (History) starting up a movie. -10th Grade

    "You must get ready for the tauste!"
    - Mrs. Loethen (Chemistry) - 10th Grade.
    tauste- test

    "I may be an easy target, but I am NO A PEICE OF LITERATURE!"
    -Mr. Clark (English) - 8th Grade

    "No... no... you cannot sit Idle! Now get your stoff!"
    Mrs. Loethen (Chemistry) - 10th Grade
    stoff- stuff

    "Who are we gonna lose to? SUCKIN' STACEY'S MOM?!"
    -Mr. Higgins (Band) serious about a band competition - 10th Grade

    "the Boston tea party was uh... you know"
    *Hears something outside and walks out there still talking*
    Keith: Mr. Hunt, we're in here!
    -Mr Hunt (Government/History) - 10th Grade

  • Dublyner


    #609901 - 14 years ago

    "Remember I'm your teacher, not your friend. I already have friends, I don't need any more."
    -Mr. Naisbitt, AP European History, first day of class

  • Corpse


    #609902 - 14 years ago

    "Have you ever had a really wet blow job? -Mrs. Mathews" -8th Grade

  • ArmachamOwns


    #609903 - 14 years ago

    "Good enough for government work" -Mr. Marando

  • Namons


    #609905 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Tiffany, #1:

    What the fock are you babblin' about?

    "You don't want a Red Rider BB Rifle, you'll put your eye out..."
    - Miss Shields (Homeroom) "A Christmas Story"

  • 1nF3Rn0


    #609906 - 14 years ago

    "Im going to kill you ryan!" Dr. Klimble- Chemistry

  • Tiffany


    #609907 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Namons, #5:

    Reminds me of Mr Phillips. He was so funny. "Quiet you babblin' child"

    I remember him telling us this camping story. Him and his family all went out camping and tehre were these raccoons by their spot. Well his family all left to get ready for bed and he wanted to get rid of the raccoons before they got back, so they wouldn't get in their stuff. So he threw rocks in their direction, he was also the track/basketball coach and threw it a little too hard, he knocked it out and it fell down a cliff... all the raccoons jumped after it off the cliff...

    not pretty.

  • Halo53


    #609909 - 14 years ago

    Remember I go to an all boys private school where we wear jackets, ties etc

    "Alright, which one of you kids are gay? C'mon, this is an all boys school, I know you're out there."
    Teacher during orientation

    "Those are some homosexual ankle socks you have there."
    English teacher this year

    "I like guys"
    Same english teacher. Meant to say he likes teaching guys because when he fails us, it's more of a "Oh, you got kme" then a "My parents are going to kill me"

    "Just... shut up"
    SS teacher last year (He also did not know my name. I dont think I ever participated)

    "I know masturbation is all that's on your minds but we have to continue class"
    Religion teacher

    "You don't want to get attacked by a short polish guy with a bowling pin"
    My science teacher referring to himself

    "Yes, I have a daughter your age. I also have a gun collection."
    English teacher

    Thats all I can think of now...

  • CronoStrife


    #609911 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Tiffany, #7:

    "STUDY HAARRD!"-Mr. Hopper, a few years ago in US History Honors

  • Corey


    #609914 - 14 years ago

    "Your brother was the only person man enough to stand up and say IAM WOMAN!'' - Mr. Kilarski

  • Xast


    #609915 - 14 years ago

    "Don't come up to me and tell me your sick, YOU CAN DIE! Just remember this: you are going to leave a hole in MY show, and I will not be at your funeral." - Mr. Ewing, Band Director

  • owlalf


    #609917 - 14 years ago

    "Put it in more!" Mr. Doty, Band Director talking to clarinet player
    "You need to get rougher! RRRROUGH!" Mr. Callaway, Biolab Honors teacher

  • Becca

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    #609918 - 14 years ago

    Teacher: "My son told me a really horrible joke yesterday. I laughed, because I don't want him to know that he's an enormous dork."
    Me: "How old is he?"
    Teacher: "Three."

  • doomman50


    #609919 - 14 years ago

    "And if you don't study for the test, YOU... SHALL NOT... PASS!!!"
    -Mr. Ishimoto (Math) - 10th Grade

  • halomasta08


    #609921 - 14 years ago

    "quit being a smartass"
    Mr. Holliday, geography this year

  • GrySovCob


    #609923 - 14 years ago

    "I've seen your test, you will need a #2 pencil, a scantron and a jar of vaseline"

    Calculus 2 TA

  • Gobeler


    #609924 - 14 years ago

    "The World is made up of very tiny orgasms."
    Mrs. Riggio (8th grade science)

  • Corpse


    #609926 - 14 years ago

    "Karen, why are you always laughing in class, I feel like you're laughing at me." -Mrs Vinnish -English 10

  • Tinuvielle


    #609927 - 14 years ago

    "Do you drink beer? No? That's unforunate... I drink beer :D " ~one of my japanese teachers..

  • MaxWalrus


    #609928 - 14 years ago

    Look at Hitler in this picture. Isn't he cute? - Tibor, International Affairs

    I love black people, I think everybody should own one. - Also Tibor

  • GiantDoshin


    #609929 - 14 years ago

    "The damning of John Jay was pretty intense, and I'm not talking about boyscouts."

  • BigBen


    #609930 - 14 years ago

    Tenured Professors always have the best quotes for example

    "people might be poor, but as long as one is not fucking the other in the ass I'm happy" Dr. Jeffery "Dr. Jeff" Johnson Professor of Economics
    _ Same discussion
    "what?! (in response to our stares at what he had said)I hate all of you now, you will all fail"

    "this is clearly Vaginal imagry"
    Dr colins - English professor

    "Man having tenure is great, I could probably have sex with a goat in front of the library and they'd just tell me to take it elsewhere"
    Dr. Agnew (who is 55 and the chair of the Philosophy department)

    "you also have to take into account stockpiling of goods, for example I have 20 cases of Samuel Adams Autumn Lager in my garage because they only make it in the fall."
    Dr Scott - economics

  • ihk809


    #609933 - 14 years ago

    "It so eesay, why you not undastand?"-asian teacher my teacher told me about

  • MaxWalrus


    #609934 - 14 years ago

    In reply to ihk809, #23:

    My Chinese professor tells us that every day.

  • Milkrosoft


    #609935 - 14 years ago

    *I'm staring at a chick on the cross country team stretching*
    Teacher: Would you hit it?
    Me: Uh yeah?
    Teacher: Me too.