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Funny quotes by teachers.

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  • Joshel131


    #15026244 - 7 years ago

    Was joking to my science teacher about how tortoises found their way to the galapogas.

    Me: On the backs of turtles
    Dr H: Do you have visual proof?

    I proceded to google for it but came up empty handed. However I did find a picture of a tortoise on the head of a crocodile so I amended my argument.

    Me: Sir, how about on the backs of crocodiles.
    Dr H: [beat] I will accept this. They certainly have the range capability. Well done.

    That picture was my wallpaper on my laptop for the rest of term.

  • Koratics


    #33350988 - 2 years ago

    Me: If the number 666 is evil, is 25.8069 the root of all evil?

    Mr. Muther: No, it's herpes.

    Mr. Muther: What's your favorite drug? Mine's carbohydrates.

  • dumping-chaos

    dumping-chaos your local noob

    #33354537 - 2 years ago

    "Calculus is not my strengh" - Ms Rose, math teacher

    "Well, I can't help you with that anymore, we'll move on to the next topic anyways." - same math teacher after not a single student understood what we did in class

    Now onto a best off by the teacher students lovingly call "Lord of the Underworld" (and no I'm not making this shit up)

    - "And now illustrate your christmas wishlist using correct technical terminology"

    - "[to one student arguing with him] Do you know what failure feels like? [points at others student] Ask Pascal."

    - "Kim go to the bathroom already and stop annoying me!"

    - "HA! Wrong."

    - [Student]: "You wanna look at Steve's penis-diashow on Lisa's phone?"  [Teacher]: "That'll be a short one."