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Stupidest Things People Might Do!

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  • unknspartans


    #81612 - 14 years ago

    Can you think up something that's the most stupidest thing that a person would ever do? Did it already occure in your house? Street? Buildings? Trashcans?

    Here's mine:

    Someone taking a wrong turn in a drive-thru
    Okay this really happened in McDonalds. I was walking toward the main entrance when all of a sudden, some idiot started honking at another driver. But the idiot realizes that he made a wrong turn. It's one of those days that you WISHED you had a camera with you.

  • 0perator


    #81623 - 14 years ago

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  • Houze


    #81629 - 14 years ago

    People coming into a bank/credit union and asking if we have an atm, when there is one clearly right next to the door they came in.

    this really happens, i work at a credit union and it's unbelievable how many people do that!

  • unknspartans


    #81640 - 14 years ago

    Has anyone seen a guy trying to get his money from the ATM but didn't work so he started complaining to the bank that they provide horrible ATMs. So when they asked him what card he used, he pulled out a library card.

  • unknspartans


    #81673 - 14 years ago

    In reply to unknspartans, #4:

    What I really want to see is a kid trading his Xbox for a PS2 lol

  • crazedkiller


    #81694 - 14 years ago

    In reply to unknspartans, #5:

    what the hells wrong with ps2. i have a ps2 and no xbox...... i hate bill gates.

    my sister worked at mcdonalds and she says she has people come in all the time and order a burger with no bread lettuce pickel onoin tomato or anything else beside the meat. they also order burgers with out anything besides the bun. Theres also a bunch of people that come in and ask for a whoper. its funny.

  • unknspartans


    #81709 - 14 years ago

    My friend once ordered a double cheese burger.
    Well, that's not what he got. He was given 4 Big Macs, 3 large sodas, and 3 large fries.
    He wanted to be nice and say to the cash register guy that he didn't get his correct order. But my friend was like screw that and he walked out. While he was walking to his car, he heard a yelling inside the restaurant, I DIDN'T ORDER TWO DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS, YOU FAT BASTARD. My friend quickly drove away.

  • unknspartans


    #81716 - 14 years ago

    In reply to crazedkiller, #6:

    All I can tell you is that trading Xbox for a PS2 is a really dumb idea.

  • ygrof


    #81792 - 14 years ago

    My boy scout troop directs traffic at the anual county fair, and there's a list of questions that has been compiled over the years:
    Where's the fair?
    Where's the exit?
    Where's the parking?
    Where's the admission booth?
    Can you park me any closer?
    Can I park in the handicapped lot?
    Can I park over there?
    One guy asked if I was a real boy scout, and another said to me, "I don't want to exit, I want to park," when I was directing him into the parking lot(the exit is at the other end).

  • unknspartans


    #81804 - 14 years ago

    When there's a fire in someone's house and a person uses a gas tank to try to extinguish it.

  • wllabee


    #81934 - 14 years ago

    In reply to unknspartans, #1:

    I love when people call my store phone and the first question they ask is "Are you open?"
    I also had a kid yanking on the door trying to get out, only to realize he had to push it instead.
    While working during a heavy rainstorm with poor visibilty, I saw a man sprint from his car to the covered awning, only to smack face first into the front window, you could hear the sqeak as his face slid down the glass.
    While paintballing in the woods, a guy hiding behind a log started to run to the side without looking, only to hit the tree next to him mask first.(he had a nice shiner)

  • crazedkiller


    #81970 - 14 years ago

    In reply to wllabee, #11:

    i got an awsomeone. i was refin a paintball game i just got there at the beging of the session and set up the guns. it was the first game and right at the beging a 13 year old kid calls for a ref saying his gun wouldnt fire. I go over and he gose "why isnt it fireing?" i take a glance at it and the thing dosnt have a co2 tank in it. i just stared at him for a minute staright then started laughing, the kid started going what? what? i just told him to go site out..... everyone started laughing at him in the stageing area and he still didnt know why untile the chick at the rental counter told him.

  • g3rm


    #83120 - 14 years ago

    here is prolly the most stupidest thing that anyone could ever do and yes it did happen...

    in 7th grade my friend hot glued his forhead to a table....

    now if thats not funny i dont know what is...

  • RDM


    #83513 - 14 years ago

    this one time last year, I was up really late on my computer, and I made some jack ass thread, I guess it was alot like this one. Man, I felt so stupid afterwards, I could hardly stand it.

  • lochagent


    #83525 - 14 years ago

    Have you ever taken a 3/8" reversible drill, put a wire brush in it, shoved it up your left nostril and then turned the drill on? It stings. I hate it when that happens.

  • Chain


    #83528 - 14 years ago

    Lol...The stupidest and funniest thing I have ever seen was watching my friend go through a drive-thru backwards because his throat was sore, and he didn't want to order. So I had to.

  • pinkranger


    #83654 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Chain, #16:

    My friend has this small sports car and we were all really high and drunk and so my friend decided to drift. We were on a small mountain road and a car was coming through the tunnel in front of us. He made a 180 degree turn in front of the car and continued driving like normal. The dude in front of us slammed on the brakes and thankfully didnt call the cops on some stupid teenage kids.

  • theREAMER


    #83685 - 14 years ago

    One of my friends notorious for jumping out of moving vehicles at 20mph and under decided to try it one night after when a few vehicles were coming home from a concert they played at. Well he had had a few drinks before they left and he ended up jumping out of a truck going about 60mph. That was not the only stupid part about it however, the stupidest part was he was driving the truck.

    Fortunately the passenger slid over and drove the truck to the side of the road, otherwise it could have been really bad.

  • poleman16ft


    #84041 - 14 years ago

    In reply to theREAMER, #18:

    i once took out a really big van with my face..... i did about 900 dollars of damage to it

  • BeamDrinker


    #84062 - 14 years ago

    VOMIT STORY (you have been warned)

    One of my favorite stories. Some friends were driving on the interstate and everyone but the driver was drunk as hell, and all were underage. The driver had just gotten his car, and was really particular about it. The guy sitting in the middle of the back seat started getting sick and was going to puke, but they didn't want to stop in fear of a cop driving by, seeing someone sick and coming to make sure they were ok.

    The guy on the drivers side in the back tells the guy in the middle "PUKE IN MY HANDS MAN!!!!" and cups his hands in front of the kid, who starts barfing like mad. The guy catching tries to toss it out the window as it comes out, but the rear windows in this car were the child safety kind. The ones that only go down about half way. So in addition to him missing half the puke he was trying to catch, he was also only getting about half of what he caught out the window.

    Needless to say, puke all over both kids, almost the entire back seat area, and what actually made it out the window had smeared all down the side of the car.

  • lopez_ht


    #93819 - 14 years ago

    In reply to BeamDrinker, #20:

    - i saw some dude throw his drink away at arby's , than he looked around really suspiscious and took it back out.
    - some stupid girl was goin to parallel park and she pulled in to do it in like a 90* degree angle, haha, it was funny as hell cuz she was like blocking the whole street
    -some dude was copying of off me and he copied my name down too, haha, so we got in trouble, lol

  • blueboy


    #148945 - 14 years ago

    In reply to unknspartans, #1:

    say im going on the web to ur grand parents and they say u like spiders

  • toprooster


    #152500 - 14 years ago

    well there is some thing out there called the darwin awards. when some one dose some thing to take there gines out of the gine pool.

    i could not find it but i like the one where this guy like tried to stop the chain on his chain saw with his growing part.

    (1998, London) A £200,000 fine was levied against a construction firm for the deaths of two workers. The two 28-year-old men, reportedly experienced in their work, fell 100 feet after drilling a hole through thick concrete without realizing they were standing in the center of the circle. Neither was wearing a safety harness to arrest his 8-story plunge.

    Robert, 37, shot himself while explaining gun safety to his wife in Glendale, California, when he placed a .45-caliber pistol he thought was unloaded under his chin and pulled the trigger. Shovestall's wife told police that the incident occurred after her complaints about her husband's 70 guns prompted him to demonstrate their safety.

    A 23-year-old bar-brawler who had been escorted out of the Turtle Club in Florida by a bouncer, sneaked back in and leaped off a staircase, aiming a kick at another man, but was killed when he landed on his head.

    Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet, didn't put enough postage on a letter bomb, and it came back marked "return to sender." He opened the package and was blown away.

    Two animal rights activists were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn by freeing a captive herd. Suddenly all two thousand of pigs stampeded through the gate they were opening, and trampled the hapless protesters to death.

    News of the Weird reports that in September 1996 a man was crushed to death on a stairway at the Sammis Real Estate and Insurance office in Huntington, N.Y., while he was stealing the office's 600-pound safe. He apparently violated that cardinal rule of hauling massive objects: Never stand on a step lower than the one the safe is on. The safe was empty at the time of the incident.

    In San Jose, California, Herman, an avid hunter, used the butt of his shotgun to bash his girlfriend's windshield during an argument. But his loaded gun accidentally discharged into his stomach, killing him and ending the argument.

    (28 February 2000, Texas) A Houston man earned a succinct lesson in gun safety when he played Russian roulette with a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol. Rashaad, nineteen, was visiting friends when he announced his intention to play the deadly game. He apparently did not realize that a semiautomatic pistol, unlike a revolver, automatically inserts a cartridge into the firing chamber when the gun is cocked. His chance of winning a round of Russian roulette was zero, as he quickly discovered.

  • robvasey


    #152918 - 14 years ago

    This guy was robbing a small store so he first pretended to buy something like a candy bar. He put down a $20 bill and grabbed the money from inside the cash register when he was about to get change. He left the $20 bill on the counter. The funny part is that there was less than $20 in the register, so the theif ended up loosing money. I read that in "The book of Lists"

  • MattZombie


    #206130 - 14 years ago

    my brother worked at jack in the box for a while and he was working at the drive up window, this lady mistaked her break peddal for the gas and ended up driving into the side of the building. and then drove off.