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Stupidest Things People Might Do!

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  • SirMuffinMan


    #206136 - 14 years ago

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  • Lixie


    #206140 - 14 years ago

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    I guess Mcdonalds customers are all lacking a part of their brain.

    Some fat guy once drove through the front door of our local mcdonalds because they were out of milkshake and he was beyond angered for not getting his milkshake.

    Funny thing was how there was another mcdonalds down the block.

  • kafeenaholic


    #206143 - 14 years ago

    Lighting firecrackers and letting them blow up in your hand. (Yes, I have done this, it fuckin' hurts!)

  • EmoTex


    #299835 - 14 years ago

    Use 'good' instead of 'well'.

    Use 'u' instead of 'you'.

    Use 'r' instead of 'are'.

    Oh, wait...

  • DiMono

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    #299838 - 14 years ago

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  • Chasity


    #302470 - 14 years ago

    When I was getting my permit at the ripe old age of fifteen, this chick, who took the test with about 6-8 of us, was talking to me and another girl and these were her exact words:

    "I'll probably fail the test again. I've failed it the last six times I've taken it, but I don't know why. I've copied off of someone every time and they always passed."

    Can anyone say Jackass with me? And FYI, just in case you don't know, they have about 6 different versions of the exam in Kentucky. So that's why she failed every time. You'd have thought she would have figured it out and studied---by the third time at least!

  • Paintmad32


    #304536 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Chasity, #31:

    sorry, my friends are the friggin kings of doing stupid shit. almost everyday at lunch we go off a jump in the road, blow stop signs, speed, pass over the double yellow line, burnout, do donuts, drive through leaf piles, swerve at people walking in the road. my friend drove his truck across the grass in the senior parking lot and left HUGE tire marks...twice. we stole a street sign, and decided to take the whole 7 foot pole with us. we go offroading in a farmers field, except we have to drive by the farmer;s house to get into and out of the field. we got drunk and started throwing rocks at glass bottles, then we began to throw the bottles. i have drank and then proceeded to drive. we've made several batches of napalm, a molotov cocktail, and have shot up cars/houses/animals with paintballs. treid to steal a stop sign, decided to go drinking in a park on a sunday night, cops decided to show up after my friends car got stuck in the mud yea thats all i can think of right now, theres alot more

  • Sergant


    #305033 - 14 years ago

    People who order a cheese burgar (-)the the cheese

  • Sergant


    #305061 - 14 years ago

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    41 Stupid Things to Do in a Men's Public Restroom

    by Jason Roth

    Introduce yourself to the guy at the next urinal.

    Turn the light off while stalls are occupied.

    Order a pizza. (This works great in bars that allow outside food deliveries. Call back the pizza parlor thirty minutes after you place your order, giving them plenty of time to start delivering the pizza, and tell them you can be found in the last stall in the men's bathroom. Refuse to leave until you get your pizza.)

    Stick your head over an occupied stall and ask for the time.

    Tell people that they're on TV. Point to some random spot on the far wall and ask them to "smile for the camera".

    Lie down across all the sinks and pretend to be passed out.

    Use a stopwatch to time people going to the bathroom. Cheer them on to encourage good performance.

    Hold your hand in front of a hand dryer while someone's using it.

    Pour a bucket of water over an occupied stall.

    Grab someone's ass really hard while they're using a urinal, and see how far you can get before they catch you.

    Guard the paper towel dispenser in the name of the Earth Liberation Front.

    Say to the guy at the next urinal: "This is the best part about being gay."

    Say, "Huh, that's funny. I don't remember eating asparagus."

    Turn off the faucet while someone's washing their hands. Repeat.

    Pee on someone's leg and tell them it's raining.

    Offer to blow-dry other people's hands with your mouth to save energy.

    Point at someone's crotch while they're using a urinal and yell, "Ha ha, your fly is down!"

    Put on a hand puppet show underneath the stall next to you.

    Complain about the size of your penis.

    While inside the bathroom, ask where the nearest bathroom is. After you've received a puzzled look or response, reply, "I'm not looking for a toilet, you moron, I'm looking for a bathroom. Haven't you ever taken a bath? Apparently not. No wonder it smells like shit in here."

    Demand to know where the glory holes are.

    Walk up behind someone who's using a urinal and wrap his head in toilet paper.

    Ask a friend to help you stage a live audio performance of a violent mugging for your unwitting audience inside the stalls. Make sure the final line of dialogue is, "You come out of there and I'll blow your fucking head off."

    Inside a stall, pretend to be talking to a young child, "That's right Johnny, remember what I told you about unzipping your fly? Oh, now look what you did!" Then slap your hands twice and make crying noises.

    Hang a realistic dummy from a noose inside one of the stalls as a wacky surprise for the next visitor.

    Knock on the stall next to you and say, "Do you have enough toilet paper in there? I got plenty if you need some."

    Put up a sign above the sink that says "Did you remember to wipe?"

    Put up a sign that says, "This is the legally required 'Employees must wash hands' sign which we disregard on a daily basis."

    Put up a sign that says "Caution: please do not use toilets."

    Fill the liquid soap containers with motor oil.

    Have (mobile) phone sex while standing at a urinal.

    Smear peanut butter on a piece of toilet paper, drop it between stalls, and curse yourself for being clumsy.

    Flash people standing just outside the bathroom door. Tell them that you've finally "found the loophole".

    Pump soap for people, give out paper towels, and demand tips.

    Wear a camera around your neck and offer to take people's photos for money.

    When the bathroom is empty, get down on your hands and knees and hold your face over one of the urinals. Wait in that position until someone enters the bathroom. Act as if you're embarrassed to be caught.

    See how long you can do a raspberry inside one of the stalls before someone asks you if you're alright.

    Whisper, "Now spread your legs, honey. Oh yeah, that's it."

    Drop a small, unclothed, plastic baby doll in a toilet, along with an ample supply of red f

  • rhino1045


    #305067 - 14 years ago

    I once presented a free ice-cream card at McDonalds even though I was as Hungry Jacks(Burger King in the rest of the world). It was late so they just gave me the ice-cream and told me to leave.

  • geekchick


    #306439 - 14 years ago

    took the wrong freeway home and ened up in mexico. now hat was a surprise

  • montopolis


    #306456 - 14 years ago

    Walked into an Air Force recruiters office once, sure you get to pick where to go, sure you get to pick your job, sure the pay is good, LIES ALL LIES!!!!!!!!! (but hella fun though!)

  • montopolis


    #306457 - 14 years ago

    Walked into an Air Force recruiters office once, sure you get to pick where to go, sure you get to pick your job, sure the pay is good, LIES ALL LIES!!!!!!!!! (but hella fun though!)