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What did you get?

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    #3212499 - 13 years ago

    Post what you got for Christmas and make others feel bad about their life.

    I got:
    Sirius Radio w/ year subscription. (My big gift)
    Various gift cards
    Seinfeld Season 5
    Giant metal stein with Captain Morgon's Rum
    Preorder of Red Dwarf Seaons 7-8(I think, need to confrim)

  • Frazzer


    #3212523 - 13 years ago

    I got this nice digital camera

    I also was given this really nice Poker Set & Chips

    I was given cologne from my grandma........OH NOES!

    And for some odd reason, my cousin gave me a slingshot!
    Who knows what he has in mind.

  • r0xx0rz


    #3212627 - 13 years ago

    Battlefield 2: MC
    New Xbox pad (My 3rd party one sucked)
    New XBL Communicator (Broke my old one)
    System of a Down: Hypnotize
    Scrubs season 1 smiley0.gif
    Lots of moneys

  • kakiller


    #3212744 - 13 years ago

    UTG M324 sniper
    sig sauser p226
    .2g bio degradable bb's
    need for speed most wanted
    hotshots golf: open tee
    need for speed most wanted: black edition, BUT THE RONG GAME WAS IN THE BOX!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! and its the computer game!!!!! not even the xbox game in the xbox box!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS RONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!
    some jeens (i needed them)
    and the asorted money and little things

  • NinjaDragon


    #3212801 - 13 years ago


    bout $200

    wipeout pure

  • Starburst


    #3212820 - 13 years ago

    Da loot-

    1) BAT BOY LIVES! A Weekly World Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and the Mutant Freaks That Shape Our World (Coffee Table Book)

    2) A new copy of the Shrek 2 soundtrack to replace the one my daughter lost.

    3) Dinner and Show for the 5th Ave. Musical Theatre Company's production of "Wonderful Town" (Center Aisle 3 in the Orchestra Section).

    4) Book: Holy Fire- The Battle for Christ's Tomb (Novel, based on factual material.)

    5) Hand-crocheted blanket from my daughter.

    6) DVD/VCR Recorder (share with hubby).

    7) The One Thing I Asked For and Made Clear That If I Didn't Get, Things Would Get Ugly Fast: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

    All in all, just fine. smiley0.gif

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • Spartan911


    #3212891 - 13 years ago



  • Geo_X


    #3212894 - 13 years ago

    1GB MP3 Player


    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (X-box)

    Cool clothes.

  • gruntsniper7


    #3212952 - 13 years ago


    quake 4

    age of empires 3
    a blanket ( from grandma) smiley8.gif
    a shitload of giftcards smiley4.gif
    70 candy canes! w00t lol

    100 cash

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  • biosword

    biosword FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #3212993 - 13 years ago

    Time Splitters 2
    Zelda: Master Quest
    LG Cell Phone
    Poker Set

  • DeeMonstar


    #3213024 - 13 years ago

    DVD Burner, and I am getting a PSP today.


  • crazypotato


    #3213051 - 13 years ago

    Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
    Frisbee Golf Set (No idea why I got that, I don't even play Frisbee golf...)
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Which I ironically rented last night. Oops.)
    Garage Door remote (My dad stole the one from my car)
    $40 cash
    $25 Best Buy gift card
    And not really a Christmas gift, but the reason I didn't get quite as many presents as I normally do: a trip to Germany this summer.

  • Jetfuel


    #3213055 - 13 years ago

    512 MB PC3200 RAM bringing my total to 1GB =)
    A second HDD - 80Gb
    Lost: Season 1
    War of the Worlds DVD
    A fake Xbox 360 (my brother's not going to wake up tomorrow!)

    plus a few other small things.

    Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to you

  • SpiFFy4JiFFy


    #3213118 - 13 years ago

    where do i start:
    20GIG IPOD
    war of the worlds dvd
    the longest yard dvd
    IHOME docking station
    Candy pink DS
    a easil
    ........ and sum more cool stuff oh ya Fable

  • Irishgirl15


    #3213133 - 13 years ago

    I got this awsome Cuisinart coffee maker that grinds coffee beans, keeps the coffee at the temp. you like it, has an alarm, self cleaning and plays music. Haha, just kidding about the music.

    An Elvis book, 'cause I love the King.
    Green Day's International Superhits CD.
    Bath and Body works smelly good stuff.
    Elivs Checkers.
    Lots of snowman stuff from my parents.
    And lots of gift cards.

  • SickTwisted


    #3213205 - 13 years ago

    You want to know what I got.
    Farther into debt and a shit load of plastic toys for the kids that I will step on and cuss for the next two weeks!

  • thesimpster


    #3213808 - 13 years ago

    I got FEAR, so we'll see how I like that when I get back to my dorm so I can use a computer powerful enough to play it.

  • no_good_name


    #3213811 - 13 years ago

    A big bag of pot :D
    i have strange parents.

  • Cheddarbek


    #3213835 - 13 years ago

    iPod Mini
    $50 Gift card to Wal-Mart
    LOTS of candy!
    RvB Seasons 1,2,&3
    New Sweater
    10 Bottles of MDX
    1lb of Gum
    Holder for iPod
    One of those powered Mach3 Razors
    Bottle of Axe

    w00t for X-Mas smiley0.gif

  • monopoly_j


    #3213990 - 13 years ago


  • jeff

    jeff Shorts Forum Mod

    #3214011 - 13 years ago

    -Gameboy Micro
    -Rescue Me season 1
    -Circuit City giftcard
    -McDonalds giftcard smiley7.gif
    -nice swade jacket

  • SpiFFy4JiFFy


    #3214145 - 13 years ago

    In reply to SickTwisted, #16:

    OUCH! thats deep!!!!

  • ScaryThing


    #3214281 - 13 years ago

    i got a bunch of crap i didn't want. the only cool things i got were 2 Sony xploid 5 1/4th in speakers for my car, an ipod dock with speakers and an alarm clock n shit, and like 105 bucks

  • FerrariMaste


    #3214314 - 13 years ago

    512 mb of RAM
    x700 ATI video card
    Call of Duty
    a new shower head
    Thelonious monk quartet with John Coltrane CD
    PD:Z for 360
    Some Georgio Armani Colonge and aftershave gel
    Shawn of the Dead
    That is it, what a fucking good haul.

  • dark54555

    dark54555 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #3214597 - 13 years ago

    let's see...

    Antec P-180 case
    Neopower HE 430
    King of the Hill Seasons 4 and 5
    Sin City
    Broken Saints
    Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 2
    South Park Season 6
    Simpsons Season 7
    Mario Kart DS
    Quake 4
    Office Space SE
    Some Cash

    'twas a good year