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Impossible things to sell

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  • darksideyoda


    #4059877 - 13 years ago

    This thread is for posting 5 things that would be impossible to sell like "used condoms" , or "leg hair."
    something totally nasty, or something no one would ever want to buy in their right mind.

    I say:
    1. Used Condoms
    2. Leg Hair
    3. 100 year old egg
    4. 100 year old toast
    5. a fart

  • Chilly_willy


    #4059897 - 13 years ago

    pubic hair could be hard I guess.

  • OTI


    #4059988 - 13 years ago


    My mom. Dx

    It would be very very hard to sell a picture that you stole off of a website that everyone knows about for a very high amount of money.

    Trust me, I have tryed it. Dx

    P.S Don't check ebay for "Stolen art" its not mine.

  • sc8pes


    #4060068 - 13 years ago

    pet rock............ow wait they alredy did that

  • MrCrow


    #4060070 - 13 years ago

    In reply to darksideyoda, #1:

    the 100 yr egg and toast has actualy been sold on ebay

  • darksideyoda


    #4060220 - 13 years ago

    holy cow! I would've never guessed... I guess Ebay does sell almost everything

  • donut15


    #4060551 - 13 years ago

    In reply to darksideyoda, #1:

    Well that depends on whose fart it is.

  • NeutralMilk


    #4060855 - 13 years ago

    In this day in age?

    Legitimate Music CDs
    Non-Internet Porn
    Enron Stock

  • dyereve01


    #4062254 - 13 years ago

    my soul. i've tried

  • careless223


    #4062286 - 13 years ago

    -used gum.
    -invisible tape.
    -your happy rag, the one you use to clean up after you have pleasured yourself.
    -a Chuck Norris round house to the head.

  • Spc_Anderson


    #4062471 - 13 years ago

    A trip to Iraq
    negative mods
    Torture... wait... your SICK smiley7.gif

  • Fats_McClure


    #4064698 - 13 years ago

    I would be suprised if someone managed to sell,

    Anus juice.
    the nasty stuff that gets in the sink.
    a coat made out of human skin.

  • wonderlad


    #4064892 - 13 years ago

    i could sell them...the trick to say its famous anus juice nasty stuff from a famous sink and a coat of skin that first was made with famous skin and then an other famous person owned it. u need to lie just abit lol

  • SickTwisted


    #4065255 - 13 years ago

    A cockroach farm
    Head lice eggs
    Journey Quest game for Atari 2600
    Betty White’s book on how to give better blowjobs
    The “Golden Girls†to hot for tv porn collection
    O.J. Simpson’s “Frogman†series
    Jim Jones book on how to make kool aid
    Saddam Hussein’s book “ten easy steps to world dominationâ€Â
    David Koresh’s book “how to make your home safe from fireâ€Â
    Another movie based on Rambo
    Steven Hawkins’s “dance like me†instructional video
    Horseback riding lessons from Christopher Reeve
    George Bush Jr’s book “how to speak professionallyâ€Â
    Jeffery Dahmer’s Meat Sauce

  • KillGreys


    #4065336 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Fats_McClure, #12:

    I'd buy the coat...

  • just_jack


    #4065558 - 13 years ago

    I say the hardest thing to sell would be a severed penis....... but some perv would buy it. I know it.

  • Seedless


    #4065615 - 13 years ago

    In reply to just_jack, #16:

    Napoleons penis (one of the three in circulation) is worth quite a bit.

    I would say belly button lint, that would be tough to sell.

  • Sheldwyn


    #4065643 - 13 years ago

    used tampon?

  • krazykilla93


    #4068496 - 13 years ago

    my list is as follows.
    punctured woopie cushion
    that piece of carpet with the puke stain on it
    an empty bottle of lays stax
    and those tickets i won at the bowling alley 2 months ago.
    i actualy have all of these in my room.