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April Fools Pranks

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  • darksideyoda


    #4143807 - 13 years ago

    This thread is about what you consider the funniest pranks you can do to your friends, family, and whoever else.
    Give prank Ideas in this thread! Go Crazy!
    Remember, this is a basement topic so I don't care what the hell you put.

    I think for a prank I would cut off my friends left eyebrow and cut his hair right down the middle sharpie marker a mustash on him and put, I LOVE MY MOM on his back.

  • MrCrow


    #4143831 - 13 years ago

    filling my friends toilet with clear jello powder and wait till it solidifys and sit back as he trys to pee and it bounces off the jello and onto his leg.

  • PsychoAngel


    #4145021 - 13 years ago

    In reply to MrCrow, #2:

    isn't that from that Mtv show Home Wrecker?

  • ACDCrocksall

    ACDCrocksall FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 0844

    #4145600 - 13 years ago

    Hydrate yourself very well to where when you piss the urine is clear. Then take an empty Sierra Mist bottle piss in it and top it off and put in in the refrigerator for some unsuspecting person to chug down.

  • Chi_Mangetsu


    #4145897 - 13 years ago

    Take your friend's box of condoms, take a tiny needle and poke lots of holes in every one of them.


  • matt20


    #4146010 - 13 years ago

    put clear wrap over the toilet seat.

  • RoadBlock

    RoadBlock FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold DONGS

    #4146059 - 13 years ago

    Fuck your wife's best friend, then after getting caught yell "JUST KIDDING!!!"

  • X_Void


    #4146126 - 13 years ago

    One year in the dorms we set a battery-powered alarm clock for 4am and screwed it INSIDE the air vent of our buddy's room.

    Even once he figured out where the noise was coming from he needed a screwdriver to get it to stop! LOL

  • MrCrow


    #4146180 - 13 years ago

    In reply to PsychoAngel, #3:


  • poison_x


    #4146317 - 13 years ago

    it wasnt aprl fools but we put glad wrap on all the girls toilet seats in school last year...

    and waited for the screams

  • Mr_Mischif


    #4149641 - 13 years ago

    Giving a friend an ambien so he gets knocked out, then filling his room up with styrofoam peanuts

  • XxBoBxX


    #4150600 - 13 years ago

    Pee in a large flat container, freeze it, and push it under an unsuspecting persons door. Then wait til morning.

  • Matt0wnz


    #4153006 - 13 years ago

    i pranked my boss 2day at work... i said "did u hear?! the terrorists fucked us up again! this time they got the golden gate bridge and the tower thing in d.c." then he was like "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!?!?!?!?! WHAT CHANNEL?!?!?!?!!?" then i kinda look at him he turns looks at the calender then tells me to get back to work................ every1 could not stop laughing

  • Matt0wnz


    #4153020 - 13 years ago

    forgot to say something a prank i did last year is me and a friend from down the street took like 50 stink bombs and started going to random houses and throwing stink bombs in the chimneys oooooh that was a funny morning cause when we went outside all our neighbers were standing outside with all there windows and doors open.... =P

  • emo_sucks


    #4153335 - 13 years ago

    pee in a cup and give it to a friend and say it;s apple juice.

  • emo_sucks


    #4153342 - 13 years ago

    scream FIRE in a movie theater then run like hell.

    Actually, if you attempt this, the odds are you'll be caught, and given some time to yourself to reflect, in a small room with bars, and a gay biker dude for a cellmate.

    The police generally frown on things that put the public in danger, even if it's a prank. -Spam

  • mbaker540


    #4153598 - 13 years ago

    In reply to darksideyoda, #1:

    already made this thread a couple of days ago.

  • VScommoman


    #4154574 - 13 years ago

    i already done this but i thought it was funny, i got a few mates and picked up a friend of mines car and moved it around the corner and put it on someones driveway. it was great it took him ages to find it

  • chaos2007


    #4154924 - 13 years ago

    put a rubber band around the hose on a sink, and point it out towards the counter. when a person turns on the water, they get soaked.

  • flames97


    #4155085 - 13 years ago

    put hot sause in french toast.

  • FutureGod


    #4155305 - 13 years ago

    I don't care how many people disagree, murder is the best joke of all.

    "Ha ha! I'm still alive!"

  • VScommoman


    #4155315 - 13 years ago

    run the bath for someone and coat the sides in something very slippery, once the person is in add a bucket of frogs and enjoy

  • Zita


    #4156148 - 13 years ago

    Hrmm, for April Fool's Day I did something positively evil. My friends on this one RPG I frequent inadvertently stole the joke I was going to play, the false "I have to leave here permanently" joke. So I made an evil plan, a VERY evil plan.
    I created a new account, gave it a random common name (Jimmy) and created the worst, most cliche character bio I could with the shortest descriptions, worst spelling, and most chatspeak I could. I proceeded to make Jimmy a horribly whiney noob that refused to follow any of the rules and wreaked general noobish havoc. (I warned the admins and mods beforehand.)
    Then, I created a thread after "Jimmy" had been sufficiently yelled at called "IM LEEVING U PEEPUL R SO MEEN!!!" And had a big banner that said "You've Been Jok'd, Yo!" for it, and then proceeded to run while everyone tried to kill me. ;)
    The best part was "Jimmy"s signature, which was the most eye-hurting graphic I have ever created. XD

  • Mondays


    #4156289 - 13 years ago

    Set their clocks 3 hours ahead, and make everything, comp, watch, etc April 2nd, it really helps if they drank the night before that way they believe for a lot longer.

  • Matt0wnz


    #4160409 - 13 years ago

    hehehe my cousin did this to my brother a few years back

    WARNING - requires a few months of preperation get a couple habenraro (hottest pepper in the world(dont know how to spell i know))

    alright first u squeeze the juices out of a bunch of habenraro's and put that juices in a jar... add some pepper to the juices in the jar and some red food coloring so it doesnt look like pepper juices then... put a cucomber in it and let it turn in to a pickle while its in the juices... or just put a pickle in the juice and let it marinate for like a week or 2... =P pepper pickles any1?!