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Favorite South Park Quote Game

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    #183820 - 14 years ago

    oh yeah forgot...

    - Chris

  • Hexagram


    #183861 - 14 years ago

    "No kitty its MAH POT PIE!, MOOOM! Kittys being a dildo!"
    (the mom) Well i know a certain kitty thats sleeping with me tonight!"

  • Knives_Kill


    #183944 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Show, #25:

    You really missed the point of my post. You did do what I told you though, I'll credit you there.

    Its clutter? What, if any, of this site REALLY matters? Is ANY of this vital to you in the 'hunter-gatherer' sense? No. You need none of this. Then its ALL clutter isn't it? All of it is just distracting you from what really matters in your life. Sure it's entertaining but, by no means is any of this vital to your survival.

    This is all such bullshit. I thought forums were ment to entertain people, give them a place to interact with others that have the same interests, and talk about those things. However, talking about what interests us seems to be the one thing we can't do around here. I read all four of the FAQs, the main website ones and the ones for this message board. And most of the rules seem pretty reasonable. The only thing that doesn't seem reasonable around here are you self-righteous assholes. I mean congratulations. Really, you've been here for a year? That's a real accomplishment. You should put it on your next job application.


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    #183991 - 14 years ago

    This site has 50,000+ members. If people just start posting new topics all the time, it does clutter up the forums and make it hard to do this interacting you think so highly of. Because all it will do is push worthwhile topics further and further down. Then what happens? Someone makes another and another. These would need to be locked by the overworked mods, and someone would have to go fishing for the originals. It's fine to talk about interests, but there are places to do such things. This thread, is not one of those places. So don't You go getting self righteous becaue you want to spatter about remembering quotes from a tv show.

    This place is recreation for a lot of us here, and has been for a while. If people shit in this place with useless threads, it bugs us. We try to keep it half way intelligent and hang onto some bit of sense. It's hard to do that when someone makes a new thread for every bright idea they happen to get. So we do our best to keep it clean. It's assholes like You who don't want to learn/understand how the place works and play along. Thus making things difficult, and starting arguments such as this. You aren't the first person to have argued this, and you won't be the last. But the fact remains that in this situation, I know better than you do. So you are out of place, and really should just stop.

    Do not mistake this for hostility, I give you credit for showing intelligence and common sense. It's rare here. That's why we're so quick to snap. Either way, it doesn't save this topic.

  • aenurtwiligh


    #184027 - 14 years ago

    In reply to BigWillieLL6, #19:

    Dude, stop bitchin at people and do something about it. If this needs to be in the movie section, then make a new thread there and leave the rest of us alone.

    "You will respect my authoritha!"
    "Dude, this is pretty f***** up right here."
    "Remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid people"

  • Knives_Kill


    #184108 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Show, #29:

    No, you're right about the useless topic crap. I really do agree with you. I just didn't feel like it was whatever his name's place to be telling us what to post and not post about, or at least not in the way he did. He came in here very hostile, guns blazing, and acting like an asshole - how did he expect to get treated?

    There are always going to be new people comming here who don't know nearly as much as you, but hell. If I were you I'd appreciate the enthusiasm they bring to the community and the shared interests I'm sure that they have with me.

    I mean, if you think this place gets flooded with useless crap... you haven't seen the half of it. As RvB and Rooster Teeth get more and more popular it will only get worse and worse. Eventually, you'll have to resort to creating or finding a private site where some facism can be practiced to make sure only the people you want there can join.

    Anyway, don't be so quick to snap. Try to think for a second what the true purpose of this site is. It's, for all puposes, a cartoon and as such; it will draw a lot of immature people. But, be a bit more compassionate. What were the first 5 posts you ever made? Hey, maybe you absorbed the atmosphere very quickly and it was easy for you to get right into how things work here. But, in the general scope, these forums are not the norm at all. So, most people who come here are just going to assume the usual and get to it. I know I did.


  • Odanielbob


    #184122 - 14 years ago

    In reply to aenurtwiligh, #30:

    "Wow Cartmen! Where did you get all of that?"
    "There was this guy in the alley. He gave it to me for free. All I had to do was shut my eyes and suck it from a hose."

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    #184129 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Knives_Kill, #31:

    You make valid and well thought out points. I applaud you. The basic point I have is that there is a place for everything here. We just try to tell people where to and where not to put it.

    But doing that nicely usually doesn't warrant a positive response. So we snap first, and discuss later if the other party happens to have sense. Such as yourself. And now, just like every other time, the other party is now that much more informed. The cycle continues.... =D

  • BigWillieLL6


    #184162 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Show, #33:

    Well thanks for the help, and the put down!
    Now if TheDudeman and KnivesKill would look in the movie section and actually look I mean, they would see that TV shows and books get discussed there as well. Not in the basement.

  • Knives_Kill


    #184189 - 14 years ago

    In reply to BigWillieLL6, #34:

    Maybe they do, but i've yet to find anywhere that tells me that openly. Is there somewhere that desribes what should be discussed in each area?

    And, yes I am much more informed. Thank you.


  • aenurtwiligh


    #184199 - 14 years ago

    In reply to BigWillieLL6, #34:
    Tell a mod. Then the mod will take care of it, and you can post some south park quotes in the movies section. The creator of the thread can't move the thread (correct me if I'm wrong, I've never created a thread), so let the mods do it. Also, we dont have to discuss wether or not this should be here, as the almighty mods will descend from the heavens and unleash their mighty justice on us, deciding for themselves what should be done.

    in reply to Odanielbob, #31:
    "I guess war is the natural order of society (im not entirely sure what it was exatly, but thats pretty close.
    Why cant just humanity live in peace" /Cuts to credits.
    "=Oh my god .... bastards (im gonna skip that if you dont mind).
    -Someone did this? Who? Who killed kenny?
    -You know. They.
    -Theire bastards."

  • ilvedulwldng


    #301393 - 14 years ago

    I made you eat your parents, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha--- cartman