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  • Chasity


    #289139 - 14 years ago

    In reply to spam, #25:

    yeah that movie sounds cool but the actual web site didn't really do much for me. :) Lets see...of course there are other life forms on planets besides Earth. No bigfoot, no Lochness monster, nothing like that unless it's an undiscovered species living in the Amazon or Congo. Meh....I guess it's always possible...hell. vampires and werewolves: no but would like to. Especially if they were like the ones in my romance books. tee hee. Ghosts: it's possible but have not really experienced it myself.

  • GuySmiley


    #289173 - 14 years ago

    In reply to UrBrainDead, #1:

    I don't know if it was real or in my head but I lthink one of the houses I used to live in as a child was haunted. On some nights I felt something bumping repeatedly against against my bed. Sometimes when I woke up I felt something putting pressure on my body and even breathing on me. When I opened my eyes and try to shake it of, there would be nothing there.

  • sammo


    #289199 - 14 years ago

    Aliens could have easily visited the planet millions of years ago, and left, or maybe they have mastered light speed travel and stopped by, but that's if they are sophisticated. Maybe they are extremely small, and we can't see them, but they are intelligent, and they are studying our who knows.

    As for ghost

    Once when I was a small child I saw a man who claimed to be my uncle, do this thing with a garden hose that still haunts me to this day...

    Nah, I don't have any reason to believe in ghost, and I don't have any reason to not believe in ghost

  • UrBrainDead


    #289200 - 14 years ago

    When I was a kid, we used to live in this townhouse. Every night since we moved in I had a dream that a monster would come into my bedroom, pick me up out of bed, and throw my ass down the stairs. Right before I hit the ground I woke up laying on the floor. We moved out after like 2 years. The night we stayed at our new house I didn't have that dream, and haven't had it since.

  • EmoTex


    #293436 - 14 years ago

    I woke up one night and saw a figure of a man standing in my doorway. I always close my door before I go to bed so that my cat won't come in and bother me while I'm sleeping. Anyway, I thought maybe it was my dad or something just standing there, but then the figure turned and walked away. Through the wall. Creeped me out.

    My biggest fears are ghosts and dead things, so yeah, I was permanently damaged.

    I also woke up one morning, hearing whispers behind me and feeling like someone was laying on my bed right behind me. I didn't move for a little bit, then I finally turned over and nothing was there, but my blankets were pulled back as if someone did lay down then get up.

    >< Scaaary.

    That's it for me, but I totally believe in ghosts. I don't know why they're here, but I do believe that they are.