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Anyone In To Comic Books?

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  • Chupathingie


    #446930 - 14 years ago

    things thaat go BUMP in the night...

  • scarlettpoop


    #448655 - 14 years ago

    i'm a huge comic book fan. and i work in a comic book store as well [which is sweet].
    my favorite reads right now are fables, strangers in paradise, some of the batman family line, and basically the whole ultimates line in marvel.

    i have the sin city tp and it is excellent, though very ....let's say unusual. according to my boss [who knows all], the rain in the movie looks exactly like rain in the book. i cannot wait to see that.

  • Sgt_Tuesday


    #449105 - 14 years ago

    Some really cool webcomics are:
    VG Cats
    Penny Arcade
    Life in December. This one is mine and a friends. We still have some major work to do.

  • Donutrox


    #450660 - 14 years ago

    In reply to EccentricNed, #268:

    In reply to Neila08, #1:

    I'm majorly into Marvel:

    All of the Ultimate Universe.
    Cable & Deadpool.

    Ditch the Ultimate, and that's close to my favorite. My favorites are the Avengers. Used to rock at the SNES game.

  • SpikeMage


    #450679 - 14 years ago

    I haven't read any in years and I was only ever into one...
    I lost intrest after the whole crew went off to do a new book. =/
    That was a sad day.

  • Qwirtle


    #452770 - 14 years ago

    In reply to SpikeMage, #285:

    I read:
    The Authority
    Cable vs Deadpool
    and yes, sin city is being made into a movie, in fact the movie site is here[link=http://]

  • FlotingAxhed


    #452804 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Qwirtle, #286:

    Here's your link, actually working.

  • Qwirtle


    #452809 - 14 years ago

    In reply to FlotingAxhed, #287:

    How do you do a shamefaced smiley? hehe cheers dude.
    In related news, if any of you want the cool music on the trailer (kick ass I know) its "Cells" by the Servant. Get the song at (yes theyre a Brit band...anyone who can sing about manky cats just gotta be!!)

  • ninjajj


    #11943605 - 10 years ago

    Has anyone been reading the new Deadpool Series?

  • Rookie28


    #15891777 - 6 years ago

    In reply to ninjajj, #286:

    I haven't checked out his new one yet aside from some panels which looked pretty good. I did however check out the deadpool vs literary characters, or whatever its called, which was pretty good.

  • SiBiMR3


    #15934560 - 6 years ago

    I read comics not avidly but I like too stay in the know od what's going on in the DC and the Marvel Universe, more so for Marvel than DC. I can say that I'm pretty stoked for Batman Black & White coming out soon. If you have the DC comics app you can get the first 5 issues for free, pretty great read IMO.