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South Asia relief fund

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  • SlartiMartFa


    #465296 - 14 years ago

    You Know what i think? I think that what they need after this great tradgedy more than ever is a good joke. we should send them cans that, when opened, have snakes fly out and stuff like that. maybe some wax fruit. that would cheer them up.

  • Chris1337


    #466550 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Grimson, #1:

    Hmmm...I helped my school raise over 20,000 $ for the relief fund, and my family and I dontted $5000 to help the cause.

  • 04Maverick


    #466556 - 14 years ago

    Its strange to think....There are people in richer countries wondering if they should get another car, when there are people in Africa wondering if they will survive the night. Looking in that perspective, it really brings a lot of things into focus. Things that are most important in life, and not little green cash slips or metal coins.....

    Sorry, a bit downhearted there. I apologise.

  • Grimson


    #873250 - 14 years ago

    I figured this thread could use a little update.

    Tsunami 5 Months on