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Infection story, could use some help!

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    #15242560 - 7 years ago

    I hope everyone takes the time to read this, for I'm looking for advice and ideas for a story.

    So, after many days of thinking, going deeper and deeper into thought of whats to come in this Story Blog I'm going to be making..i have decided to start working on it today, and try and spend a day or so to work on chapter one, and possibly two. I need as many ideas as possible so if you'd like to help, just let me know.

    Starting off in an alternate reality of the Miami Cannibal attack in 2014, where that is the start of an infection that has spread far among the United States as 4 Military driven "Brothers" (really good friends) just finished moving into their new apartment in New York City, an hour or so drive from one of the soldiers living in Long Island. After weeks of staying clear of signs of the infection, The Government has decided to use fire bombs in every major city and boarding areas where the infection has hit to try and permanently kill the infection. The Brothers survive, and they are what seems to be alone, but they are not. The infection is still out there, turning people into fast, agile, and flesh hungry monsters. They don't have an unlimited supply of guns, or ammo...but they are smart, Military trained, and can make blunt force weapons if and when they need it.

    Character ideas i have include-

    A craftsmen, who was fascinated by the traditional idea of Zombies, so blueprints around his workshop help them build and think of new ideas for weapons. Also self and military trained in CQC and Melee weapons

    The Sniper, who can use any long range weapon, to kill, Such as bow and arrows, slingshots, handguns, and of course a sniper.

    The Nerd, Smart, Witty, and knows what is what when it comes to technology, and useless facts about pretty much anything.

    The Leader, Knows his way around the city, and the suburbs around the city. Grew up across the street from the Craftsmen and joined the Marines with him.

    -They are all trusted between each other, although disagreements may happen often-

    I Could use help with Names, Ideas of characters, military ranks, weapons, events, drawings or pictures to show weapons and characters, and possibly even use guest writers for a paragraph or two, assuming this story gets big enough for fans. I will be making a blogspot or a tumblr for this story, and will post updates on how far a chapter is from being released...if enough people are into it, i will make a group for the story, and will ride it out until everyone is either dead, or i run out of ideas..if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.
    Desquatro - Twitter

    Or on here.

    Thanks everyone,