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YEPP Episode 100 Live Stream!!!

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  • team_killer

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    #16521505 - 5 years ago

    Hey Everyone!

    So I have had this little podcast called the YouTube Editor's Perspective Podcast going on now for 99 episodes now. Tonight is going to make 100. And to celebrate were are going to be doing a live stream of watching some classic AMV's (That's anime music videos for those who don't know) And seeing if they stand the test of time. Probably not.

    It would be awesome if anyone wanted to join in the fun here in the RT Community. The more the merrier!

    Here is the link to the announcement video for a few more details.

    We will be starting the stream around 10:30 Eastern time, and you can find the stream here

    Thanks! And hope to see you there!!!

  • RagArk


    #16534390 - 5 years ago

    I must commend you for your efforts in making a podcast. I'm surprised not a lot of people are interested in such a podcast as this, especially since this is the 100th episode. Congratulations on your hard work.