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  • SirSailorStar


    #33485969 - 2 years ago


    "It is so gosh darn late," thought ProfileForRWBY. "I can't believe FettucCR had me run laps! What the heck! 'I want us to spend time together. We're friends.' Freaking. He made me run all day though! I'm sore. I guess I am happy though."

    Upon walking into his bedroom located in the dessert fortress, ProfileForRWBY took out the badge he was given upon entering into the Delicious Dessert Fleet's army. With happy thoughts collected in his mind, the man held the cupcake badge in his hands. Looking to refresh himself in order to provide a perfect, yet small dessert to the warriors under the Breakfast/Dessert Alliance; ProfileForRWBY used a mysterious power he found awake in him since joining In8Space's forces.

    "Dessert power make up!" yelled ProfileForRWBY.

    Suddenly, the man thrust the badge up into the air. Then, a stream of lavender frosting with multicolored sprinkles poured forth from around the badge. The frosting circled around ProfileForRWBY's arms to create shoulder length lavender gloves with small rainbow colored ribbons on the part of the gloves where his wrists were. Next, ProfileForRWBY took the gem into his hands and placed it on his chest. Afterward, multiple streams of frosting surrounded his upper body. Then, the frosting solidified into a dark pink vest. Underneath the vest was a lavender dress shirt. Around ProfileForRWBY's legs, dark pink frosting solidified into a pair of dark pink jeans. The next clothing item to magically spawn into creation was a pair of lavender dress boots with rainbow ribbons on the top part of the boots below ProfileForRWBY's knees. Finally, ProfileForRWBY's short brown hair grew medium length and had a lavender lavender highlight down the right bang near his cheek.

    "The magical knight who brings dessert's blessings to all," said ProfileForRWBY, in a calm voice. "Knight Cupcake."

    "What the flipping flip did I just watch?" asked In8Space, who had for some reason walked into Profile's room.

    "Uh-uh," stuttered ProfileForRWBY. "I belong to a genre called magical boy. It's like magical girls, but with male people instead of female ones. And we are not all boys like how magical girls can be older in some cases."

    "What the flip," said In8Space.

    "I know you might be freaked out a little," said Profile. "However--"

    "What kind of knight dresses like that?" asked In8Space. "Are you trying to disgrace me?"

    "No, your majesty-sir-majesty," said Profile. "No, your Majesty Sir In8Space!"

    "Whatever," said In8Space. "Go cook enough dessert to give everyone in the army something! Now!"

    "Knight Cupcake is on it!" yelled Profile, before running out of the room.

    "He calls himself Knight Cupcake," thought In8Space. "Mother of Pancake Waffles. This army is going to get interesting very soon."

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    #33486488 - 2 years ago

    Going to be very interesting, indeed. Especially if our other members have powers like this, too!

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    #33486577 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Toptoast

    The fun has just begun!  benson

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    Chapter 1: The Dessert Monster

    "ProfileForRWBY," said Toptoast, "I have heard from In8Space that you became a magical boy from joining our army. Is this true?"

    "Yes," responded Profile. "It is true, Lord Toptoast."

    "You know, In8Space called you a Sailor Moon reject last night," said Toptoast. "Are you okay with that?"

    "I imagine he was a bit flustered with the discovery," said Profile. "I am positive In8Space will come around though."

    "Yes, yes," said Toptoast. "I have to ask this. Is anyone else from In8Space's forces like you? Do they have powers?"

    "I'm not sure," said Profile. "I think it is something we'll have discover."

    "Yes, knowing how many of you I can add to training would be helpful," said Toptoast. "I have several magical people on my side in training now."

    "What?" exclaimed Profile, who had just dropped an arrow he was carrying.

    Unfortunately, before Toptoast could respond, a dangerous creature appeared. Walking out of the shadow's of a forest tree near the alliance camp, a black monster made out of dark chocolate with claws as sharp as a knife stomped toward Toptoast and Profile. The creature had red licorice eyes and sharp fangs of white chocolate coming out of it's mouth. The monster had a shape resembling that of a large dog.

    "It-its as large as a house!" yelled Profile.

    "Its a minion of the Dreaded Cookie Monster," said Toptoast. "This minion is called Chocolat."

    "Who gave it that French name?" asked Profile, before firing an arrow from his steel bow.

    "Me," said Toptoast, before Profile's arrow broke in half.

    "Impossible!" yelled Profile.

    "Profile, you have to transform in order to attack it," said Toptoast. "Hurry, before it charges!"

    "Dessert power," said the bow knight, "make up!"


    Chapter 2 Preview

    Toptoast: "Transform faster!"

    Profile: "I'm trying!"

    *Profile's lavender gloves solidify*

    Toptoast: "I forgot to mention, we need more than just one magical person to beat this creature."

    *Profile's dark pink vest and lavender dress shirt solidified*

    Toptoast: "I'm going to go find someone to help you!"

    *Profile's dark pink jeans and lavender boots solidified*

    Toptoast: "Don't get eaten before then!"

    *Profile's hair changed to his magical boy hair*

    Knight Cupcake: "The magical knight who brings dessert's blessings to all. Read the next chapter for a fight! Will an experienced magical hero come to my rescue? Find out soon!"

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    In reply to ProfileForRWBY

    XD. This. I love this. It's a good thing this "Chocolat" is not one of Cookie Monster's neo-nazi minions, he's just a lowly chocolate minion.

  • SirSailorStar


    #33486974 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 2: The General of Chaotic Heroism

    "Sprinkle shot!" yelled Knight Cupcake.

    Before the heroic knight's fired his attack, his cupcake badge let out a bright shine. The shine of light bathed over his steel hand bow to turn it into a special weapon. The new bow was bright pink with dark purple stripes. It also had multiple colors of sprinkles on each end of the hand bow. Not only did the magical shine of light change Knight Cupcake's firing weapon, but also the weapon's arrows. As the light bathed over the arrows, they changed into frosting and syrup arrows.

    Once Knight Cupcake took one of the frosting arrows and put it in the bow, a stream of sprinkles surrounded the tip. The sprinkles circled around the sharp syrup triangular tip of the arrow. Aiming for Chocolat's licorice eye, Knight Cupcake fired his weapon. Upon hitting it's target, the bow caused liquid white chocolate to pour out of the eye.

    "Yes!" yelled the heroic knight, while the dark chocolate monster growled in anger.

    Unfortunately, Knight Cupcake only succeeded in angering the giant beast. Staring with his one red licorice eye, Chocolat rared his head back. Then, he let out a gush of liquid white chocolate. This caused our heroic knight to fall down and hit his head on a rock. A little dazed, Knight Cupcake bravely stood back up. However, Chocolat took away that triumph with one swipe from his left paw.

    "Ah!" cried the knight, as he hit the ground with a bang. "The general wasn't kidding. I can't fight this on my own."

    "Grrrr!" growled Chocolat, before preparing his jaws for sharp bite.

    "Someone, help me," pleaded Knight Cupcake.

    "General," said a familiar voice, "Butter Slicer!"

    Saving Knight Cupcake from a deadly bite was the man who had previously ran to get help. Wearing a green cape that flowed in the wind, Toptoast held a steel sword that was filled with power. The attack he had just sent from it cut off Chocolat's nose. Even though he saved Knight Cupcake, Toptoast now had to deal with his own threatened life as the dark chocolate monster charged at him.

    "I, Sir Toast, general of the Toast army will not let you harm a fellow warrior," said the man. "I pick a sweet and slay! Prepare to die!"

    "Look out!" yelled Knight Cupcake, as Chocolat jumped into the air.

    "Chaotic," said Sir Toast, after raising his steel sword in the air, "End!"


    Chapter 3 Preview

    Sir Toast: That my fellow friend is how you slay a beast.

    Knight Cupcake: Cool. You cut him in half and made white chocolate explode everywhere!

    Sir Toast: I pick a sweet and slay!

    Knight Cupcake: Oh, make me a cool catchphrase! Please?

    Sir Toast: Alright. Alright. Your catchphrase will be, "Sprinkles and Syrup, take forth my heroic shine!"

    Knight Cupcake: Awesome!

    Sir Toast: Would you like to hear my transformation ending phrase?

    Knight Cupcake: Yes! Mine is, "The magical knight who brings dessert's blessings to all, Knight Cupcake."

    Sir Toast: "The chaotic hero who slices and slays, Sir Toast. I'll save the day!"

    *Knight Cupcake dances from the extreme amount of excitement he feels in his heart.*

    Sir Toast: Everyone, our first fight went off well between the Dreaded Cookie Monster's Minions. However, it almost cost the life of brave knight. Hurry and submit your character to fight this fiend and all our foes! Click here, if you have not submitted yet.

    Knight Cupcake: Also, read Chapter 3 titled "The School for Magical Heroes" coming soon! I hope you like our little preview! Although it could be called advertisement instead.

    Sir Toast: Its more anime if you leave it as preview.

    Knight Cupcake: Yeah, I'll do that. By the way, thanks for being my chaotic hero!

    Sir Toast: What's chaotic about what I did?

    Knight Cupcake: Uh-uh, maybe you'll be chaotic next time.

    Sir Toast: No, right now! I have three seconds left!

    *Sir Toast slices a tree in half.*

    Knight Cupcake: I have ten seconds left.

    *Knight Cupcake de-transforms and walks away smiling while Sir Toast gives out a crazed glare.*

    Sir Toast: I'm higher up than you! I deserve more time!

    ProfileForRWBY: I just bumped you up to get 13 seconds on our next preview.

    *Sir Toast cuts a rock in half with his General Butter Slicer attack.*

    ProfileForRWBY: And now we are overtime. Thanks for reading this long! I apologize if something is misspelled or a word is left out here and there. I'll do my best!

    Sir Toast: Yeah! Thirteen seconds more than Knight Cupcake!

    ProfileForRWBY: Little does he know ProfileForRWBY gets fifteen seconds. Hehehe.

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    #33487010 - 2 years ago

    OOOOO, we're getting on the anime preview level of meta-ness!

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    #33487015 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Toptoast

    Lol. Yeah, I thought it would make people smile to have an anime like preview to read through.

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    Chapter 3: A Spy Spots a Fly(er) from the Wall

    Once General Toptoast made his way back to his division of the Breakfast/Dessert Alliance army located in the Kingdom of Feinschmecker [pronounced Fine-sh-mecker], he decided to help ProfileForRWBY lighten his load for baking dessert for everyone in army. In8Space still had a punishment to be fulfilled. In order to frost everything Profile made, the general of the Toast Army had to take his mind of Air Force Taco. They had just crowned a new king in there division. The king of that land loved food. However, no one knew if he liked breakfast or dessert.

    "I'll do this for General Toptoast," said a man garbed in red clothing. "I don't care for the newbie just yet. I've been in training as a magical boy for far longer."

    The man shook his head in shame as he thought about the statement he just made. If the general had heard, he probably would scolded him. Izayer, I believe you can be the most valuable player on my team. Remembering those words from his general brought a smile the Izayer's face. However, at this point in time, he was someone else.

    "Roman," said the red garbed man, before jumping through a castle window, "the spy with a soul both black and white. I'll fulfill my general's wishes with all my might. Though, something else pulls a string from my shadowed backside."

    Inside the castle, Roman climbed a long red curtain on the side of the wall. Then, he put on a red mask he only used when discretion was needed. Normally, he wanted his enemy to see his face before crying out a final tear of despair. Thankfully, the general of the kingdom he was spying was not that kind of enemy. Before anyone noticed him, the spy put his face to the wall. This caused him to perfectly blend in with the curtain on the wall.

    "General TripleTaco," said the king, as the duo walked in the room, "do you think I should reach out to the king of Breakfast Mountain. His kingdom is to the left of the Dessert Islands."

    "Yes, King Salsa," replied TripleTaco. "I believe peace between the kingdoms would be for the best. After all, our armies are all under an alliance together. The Delicious Dessert Fleet, the Toast Army, and Air Force Taco--we must all must protect the kingdoms from the Dreaded Cookie Monster."

    "You are correct," said King Salsa, before a bright orange dragon flew up to the castle window. "I guess you'll be leaving then."

    "Yes, I'll be sure to bring back General Toptoast," said TripleTaco, before climbing onto his dragon. "Sun and I will not fail you. After all, I want you and Toptoast to be as good of friends as Sun and I are."

    "I believe in you," responded the king, as the general flew away on his dragon. "The plains of Sky Fields depends on you for its peace."

    "Oh," thought Roman, "how I could so easily take that peace away, you barf-able fool."

    "Don't," said a demonic voice, as Roman felt a pull at his backside. "I need that king alive."

    "I understand," said Roman, as he was transported away by a mysterious force. "I will do as you will, my Dreaded Lord."


    Chapter 4 Preview

    ProfileForRWBY: Can we stop now? I'm tired.

    Toptoast: I thought you were the cupcake knight? Why stop until everything is baked?

    ProfileForRWBY: You are ONLY frosting things. How does that compare to me?

    Toptoast: Fine let's take a break and talk about the name of our kingdom. Do you remember from your college classes why it was name Feinschmecker?

    ProfileForRWBY: Every year, in the center island Gourmet, a festival is held cleanse a great evil from the world.

    Toptoast: Correct! But honestly, why Feinschmecker? I can't even say it right!

    ProfileForRWBY: It is pronounced Fine-sch-meck-er. Feinschmecker means gourmet in German.

    *A tremendously loud roar bellows through the kitchen our duo is crafting in.*

    TripleTaco: Hello, is anyone here?

    ProfileForRWBY: Who are you?

    Toptoast: Taco! My main meal man! How are you?

    TripleTaco: Great. I got some quality time with the air and could honestly go for a snack.

    ProfileForRWBY: Oh, eat one of my cupcakes. The magic in them will keep you full until dinner tonight!

    TripleTaco: Okay.

    Toptoast; Hey! We have only ten seconds until our preview time is up.

    *TripleTaco eats an entire miniature cupcake in one bite.*

    TripleTaco: Everyone, read all about my meeting with Sun in Chapter 4 titled "The Dragon Flyers are Born" Thursday evening on February 9, 2017.

    ProfileForRWBY: Good thing I made those cupcakes extra small today.

    Toptoast: See you in a week!

    ProfileForRWBY: Stay safe!

    TripleTaco: See you Thursday. Fly safely until then!

    ProfileForRWBY: Oh, wait! EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT! "The School for Magical Heroes" chapter has been delayed until more characters are made. Please understand. I apologize for any inconvenience this announcement has brought you.  sweat

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    #33487350 - 2 years ago

    Preview 4

    Toptoast: Sir Toast here! I just wanted to announce my new buddy is sorry for getting your hopes up about a magical school and then not writing about it. He promises to make it worth your while when the time is right. In the meantime, you can enjoy the nice amount of world building made in Chapter 3 "A Spy Spots a Fly(er) from the Wall".

    TripleTaco: And don't forget to catch me in "The Dragon Flyers are Born" coming February 9, 2017. It will be released in the evening so you can relax and have your favorite snacks while your read. It will be nice and long. I recommend tacos.

    Toptoast: I recommend toast with butter, sausage, and grits.

    TripleTaco: A snack. Not a full coarse meal, General Genius.

    Toptoast: It's Sir Toast and I think that can be a snack. Especially when you burn so many calories staying in fit for slaying monsters.

    TripleTaco: Sigh.

    Toptoast: Sir Toast away!

    *Toptoast rides away on Sun.*

    TripleTaco: Since when can soldiers fly on dragons? That's class specific.

    Toptoast: I'm not flying. He's walking and I'm riding. This, also, is not a horse.

    TripleTaco: General Genius, everyone. General Genius.

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    #33487359 - 2 years ago

    Preview 5

    ProfileForRWBY: Good evening or good morning, everyone! From where ever you are in the world, I bring this preview to tie you over with a ton to read. Have you had a good day? Have you slept well? I hop so! I wanted to say college needs to take the commands of my life this Sunday so I can prepare for the week. I also want to watch the new episode of RWBY that came out. The finale of Volume 4 is almost half an hour (I'm excited!  smiley). I wanted to give a fun fact about chapter 3. I randomly found the word Feinschmecker when I went on the home page to I figured something was telling me "This is special". I decided to listen.

    Roman: What are you doing?

    ProfileForRWBY: Talking to our readers.

    Roman: You're gonna make the universe explode with that fourth wall breaking.

    ProfilleForRWBY: That's what anime previews do.

    Roman: How is this a preview, if nothing is  PREVIEWED?

    "Sun," said TripleTaco, before taking out a wet sponge. "Stay still and I'll tell you your favorite story while I bathe you."

    Roman: Clever little--

    ProfileForRWBY: Keep it PG!

    Roman: Cupcake.

    ProfileForRWBY: Tsundere.

    Roman:  innocent

    ProfileForRWBY:  expressionless unamused

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    #33487780 - 2 years ago

    Preview 6

    FettucCR: Hello, every reader! I'm FettucCR! Also known as...

    *Transforms into a red magical hero*

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Captain Fettuc Ini! Tacos who step out of line and sweets that need to be slain! I, Fettuc Ini, will devour you! In the name of the sky, I'll win over you.

    ProfileForRWBY: Now we have Sailor Moon reject number 2.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Gah! What are you doing here?

    ProfileForRWBY: I'm looking for FettucCR. Have you seen him?

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Uh, he went...west. He went west. He went to find you a burrito...filled with ice cream.

    ProfileForRWBY: Ah, it's so nice how supportive he is that I'm in the Delicious Dessert Fleet.   relieved

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Yes, well he IS supportive of his friends...and now, he even has to go find a gift for one of them. A gift he is not sure exists.

    ProfileForRWBY: I'm going to get him a friendship gift in return of his kindness. I'll bring him a taco with his favorite toppings. Then, we can have lunch together!

    *ProfileForRWBY runs off as Captain Fettuc Ini starts to slightly blush underneath his red dragon wing shaped mask.*

    Captain Fettuc Ini: That idiot. Whatever. Readers, I'll be revealed in Chapter 4 with the story of TripleTaco and Sun. Maybe I'll show you my dragon in that chapter! He is the fastest flyer and has lasers attached to his horns! Stay friendly.  blush sunglasses

  • Izayer

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    #33489444 - 2 years ago

    I just read everything and I laughed from beginning to end. This is a really cool story!

  • SirSailorStar


    #33490252 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Izayer

    Thanks! I can't wait to write more! Thursday will be here before you know it. I hope you continue to enjoy.

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    #33491772 - 2 years ago

    Preview 7

    TripleTaco: Transform!

    *Nothing happens.*

    TripleTaco: Taco transform!

    *Nothing happens...again.*

    TripleTaco: Taco Master Transformation!

    *Absolutely nothing happens.*

    TripleTaco: Why can't I transform?

    *Sun rubs his nose up against TripleTaco.*

    TripleTaco: You're right. I should not be so worried about transforming. I just think Profile and Toptoast are more useful than me in battle. Even FettucCR has a transformation! Albeit secret.

    *Sun stares into TripleTaco's eyes with his deep blue eyes.*

    TripleTaco: I just want to defend you. I never want you to be threatened like you were on that day. Never ever.

    *Sun licks TripleTaco.*

    ProfileForRWBY: Everyone, Triple seems to be bothered by his inability to transform. But, if only he would realize his heart is ready. Sigh. Chapter 4 will be bumpy for our new hero. However, I think TripleTaco could teach me more than I could ever dream of knowing. Let's believe in him!

    TripleTaco: Geez. He sure puts faith in his superiors. Got it! I'll just have to succeed then.

    *Sun let's out a huge roar.*

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    #33492455 - 2 years ago

    Preview 8

    FettucCR: There have been a lot of previews lately.

    In8Space: Profile, has to type something to keep us entertained until Thursday.

    FettucCR:  scream

    In8Space: What is wrong with you?

    FettucCR: Its the cookie devil!

    In8Space: I am not!

    FettucCR: You poison people!

    In8Space: I do not!

    FettucCR: I'm getting Profile right now!

    In8Space: You won't find him.

    FettucCR: WHAT?!

    In8Space: busy at the moment.

    FettucCR: What did you?

    In8Space: Nothing.

    FettucCR: You poisoner! What did you do to him?

    In8Space: I gave him a cookie. It was magic and he is currently under the supervision of Toptoast until he learns how to fully use his powers.

    *FettucCR leaves to find ProfileForRWBY.*

    In8Space: Honestly, all my magic cookie did was make him bark for a couple hours. I don't know why Toptoast had to take him under his wing just for that. Its almost as if I'm not trusted.

    TripleTaco: Gee. I wonder why?

    In8Space: Where did you come from?

    TripleTaco: Look up.

    In8Space: I want a dragon.

    TripleTaco: Too bad. They are for my elite force of dragon flyers instead. Anyway, because of what happened with the cookie and your behavior as of late, you are not going to be introduced into the story until chapter 7.

    In8Space: NO FAIR! This story wouldn't exist if Profile wasn't my friend! He would have never learned of this group! He would have never learned of the alliance! I could war with you all!

    TripleTaco: Its this behavior that has made you be delayed! That, and Profile said the magical girl genre has a famous beach theme for their 7th episode. He wants to mimic that for his magical boy chapters. Don't you feel special?

    In8Space: Shut up. He likes me more than all of you. Go away.  confounded

    TripleTaco: Sigh. For crying out...If you don't poison people for one day, I'll bring it up to Profile to let you have full authority over Chapter 5's preview.

    In8Space:  smiley

    *In8Space hugs TripleTaco.*

    In8Space: Now I don't have to give everyone nuclear cookies.

    TripleTaco: You said what?

    In8Space: Uh...I said...uh...I...won'

    TripleTaco: What?  flushed

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    #33493175 - 2 years ago

    In reply to ProfileForRWBY

    Nuclear cookies. If you eat too much you'll end up like the dreaded Cookie Monster. 

  • SirSailorStar


    #33493529 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Izayer

    Lol. I'm glad he didn't use them!

  • In8space


    #33493552 - 2 years ago

    In reply to ProfileForRWBY

    I had to eject them into deep space so I wouldn't be affected by the radiation. So they are gone forever... #RIPNUCLEARCOOKIE

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    #33497007 - 2 years ago

    Chapter 4: The Dragon Flyers Are Born

    "Sun," said TripleTaco, before taking out a wet sponge. "Stay still and I'll tell you your favorite story while I bathe you."

    Responding to his master's calm voice, the bright orange dragon flopped over on his side to await TripleTaco's gentle touch. Unfortunately, Taco's black hoodie got splashed with water due to Sun's tail causing a water bucket to fall over.

    "Great," said TripleTaco. "Now I only have two full ones left. Its fine. I guess. Just lay still. Once upon a short time ago...."

    On a beach with the setting sun decorating the tan sand, a large dragon laid sleeping. As he walked forward along the warm sand, TripleTaco thought about a way to protect Breakfast Mountain from the onslaught of Chocolat. A terrible monster who ate all recruits in the Toast Army before they could go against the Dreaded Cookie Monster. Suddenly, TripTaco found himself standing on a dragon's tail.

    In short, the dragon was highly agitated. The long version, however, goes like this. The large orange dragon bit at Triple as he tried to transform. Despite never having transformed before, the man did not die. He had a cinnamon waffle in the pocket of his hoodie. Once Triple pulled it out, the dragon intensified the stare in his eyes and fell over on his side.

    "What the cinnamon sauce?" said TripleTaco. "You were about to kill me!"

    The dragon responded with a whiny roar with his eyes still fixated onto the waffle. Deciding he would not mind a pet, TripleTaco fed the creature his desire. After his taste was satisfied, the dragon allowed Triple to climb onto his back. Soaring through the clouds with a fluttering heart, TripleTaco thought of all the things he could see. The forest at the top of Breakfast Mountain, the sun that shined so brightly brilliantly as it set, and the ocean that shimmered with an orange hue. All of the amazing sights that could be taken in was breathtaking.

    "There," said TripleTaco, who had just finished bathing Sun. "All done. I guess you can go now."

    Sun laid staring at his master awaiting for his favorite part of story. Every bath time had to end with a reminiscent felling of hope that the orange dragon had come to know by staying with his partner. The favorite part, of course, being the creation of the Dragon Flyers.

    "We'll fly father than anyone every could," said Triple, as he laid his head on the flying dragon's backside. "Into the sunset we go. The first member's of the Dragon Flyer Force. Let's stay together forever, Sun."


    Preview 9

    *In8Space sheds a tear.*

    In8Space: That's so, mushy. I love it! Though our hero did not transform, he'll soon find a power born of love and happiness. Maybe a cookie could help, perhaps?

    ProfileForRWBY: Stick to the script! You only have thirty seconds!

    *In8Space sits on top of Profile.*

    ProfileForRWBY: Hey!

    In8Space: Chapter 5 seems to have a mysterious masked man who takes an interest in the training of Knight Cupcake. Who could that masked noodle lover be? And will our first Dragon Flyer ever transform? Find out in "The Second Reject"--

    ProfileForRWBY: That's not the title!

    *In8Space flops backward onto Profile.*

    In8Space: Find out in "The New Monster Appears--Chocominion, the Flying Pterodactyl!" Geez. That title is infused with anime.

    ProfileForRWBY: This whole preview is an over timed anime blob. I could not even fit in FettucCR's dragon because of it. Come on!

    In8Space: Hey, I'm not the idiot who delayed his commander's reveal by three chapters! I deserve better.

    ProfileForRWBY: Oh, you'll get much better treatment in that chapter. I assure you. It will be just you and I on special adventure with cupcakes and cookies and all things bright and happy!  smile

    In8Space:  sweat Great. It sounds so epic. I just have to bake something special for you then. Also, I'm naming it. Catch Chapter 7 "The Shadow that Holds His Subordinate in a Cave--Soulwatcher, the Midnight Warrior".  Available in three chapters. I hope you'll enjoy.

    ProfileForRWBY: Sigh. I'm going to get an alarm for these previews. They never end on time.

    In8Space: The minute long promo over and done. Read and enjoy! And don't forget! If you belong to our group and want to be in the story, head on over to the character submission topic. Hurry~hurry! Fly off into the sun.

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    #33497022 - 2 years ago

    Preview 10

    TripleTaco: I hope you all enjoyed my chapter! Did you like how it jumped back and forth from the present and into the past? I know the chapter was promised to be long, but it unfortunately was shorter than Chapter 3. Profile wishes to be better in the future as he tries to prepare more. Remember, we're just getting started on this magical adventure. Maybe soon I can contribute when he needs me most.

    *Sun drops a basketball in front of Triple.*

    TripleTaco: Well, I have to go everyone! Chapter 5 "The New Monster Appears--Chocominion, the Flying Pterodactyl!" will be released sometime this weekend. As vague as that may be, I hope you will not give up on our groups story just yet. Profile really wants to please you all. I do too! I'll keep trying my hardest.  star2

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    #33500102 - 2 years ago

    Preview 11

    Toptoast: The general of chaos is here with an announcement! Chapter 5 will be released tomorrow February 12, 2017. The chapter will focus on TripleTaco and FettucCR. Also, I can tell you about chapter 6! Chapter 6 will focus on Izayer and ProfileForRWBY. Chapter 7, as you know, will be primarily about In8Space.

    In8Space: Now the best part.

    Toptoast: No, I get all the best parts!

    *Toptoast grabs In8Space's cookies.*

    Toptoast: I get to eat them as well.

    In8Space: Fine. They are strawberry with a hint of night night potion.

    Toptoast: But...I crammed five in my mouth.

    In8Space: Night. Night. See you in chapter 8. Have sweet dreams.  innocent

    Toptoast:  sleeping

    In8Space: Wow. He is sleeping standing up! Heh.  smiling_imp

    *In8Space pushes him with a pinky finger.*

    ProfileForRWBY: I'm telling him you did that.

    In8Space: W-well he fell on a water bed. It did not hurt. How did you get here anyway?

    ProfileForRWBY: I'm typing this.

    In8Space:  astonished

    ProfileForRWBY: Space, are you okay?

    In8Space: I felt a pull from the universe just then. I think you made a planet explode with that fourth wall break.

    ProfileForRWBY: I'm sorry.  pensive

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    #33500163 - 2 years ago

    Sleeping standing up. Ha. 

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    In reply to Izayer

    Glad you liked. In8Space's cookies are special, aren't they?

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    Chapter 5: The New Monster Appears—Chocominion, the Flying Pterodactyl

    The sun cast its bright glow down upon Breakfast Mountain as TripleTaco flew around on Sun. Triple’s morning routine included exercising his beloved dragon for thirty minutes in order to keep both of their muscles in prime condition. Later, the duo found themselves hiking down a deserted mountain path to burn off the toasted almond buns Toptoast had made for the two of them. Once the hike was over, TripleTaco sat down on a stump while Sun flopped onto his belly.

    Meanwhile, in a brick castle at the top of Breakfast Mountain, ProfileForRWBY walked toward the throne room. He had been previously assigned to train with FettucCR. However, a meeting with the king had come up before then. As the only member of the Delicious Dessert Fleet presently in Toptoast’s jurisdiction, Profile had to represent his kingdom’s army. The Dessert Islands was the smallest kingdom in all of Feinschmecker. This is because it is a group of islands run by In8Space’s best friend, Queen Cookie. In place of In8Space, ProfileForRWBY was to meet with the king of Breakfast Mountain called Syrup.

    “No, pressure,” said Profile, who stood in front of a golden throne with white cushions. “There is no pressure. In8Space trusts you to this. Therefore, you will do it. You will also stop referring to yourself in the third person right this moment.”

    “Ahem,” scoffed a masked man. “Are you okay?”

    “Ah, I’m fine!” yelled Profile, while quickly turning. “I mean. I am fine. Thank you for worrying about me.”

    “No need to be so formal,” said the masked man. “We’re friends.”

    “We are?” replied Profile. “I don’t remember meeting you.”

    “I forgot!” thought the man. “I’m transformed right now. He doesn’t know I’m FettucCR.”

    “Are you okay?” asked Profile.

    Biting his fingernails in panic, the masked hero known as Captain Fettuc Ini tried thinking of a plan to distract Profile for long enough so that he could detransform. Unfortunately, King Syrup walked right in at the time moment Fettuc Ini was about to distract Profile. Even worse, the king knew who was under the mask.

    “Hello there, Fett—“

    “Captain Fettuc Ini,” said the masked hero. “I’m Captain Fettuc Ini. The masked hero who will win over all of the Dreaded Cookie Monster's evil in the name of the sky!”

    “Why are you posing?” asked the king. “And why are you acting so weird?”

    In response, the masked hero pointed at the back of ProfileForRWBY’s head. At this point, King Syrup was beginning to understand the situation. Before he could do anything though, Profile turned back around to face Captain Fettuc Ini in order to observe his style. The masked hero was wearing a red dragon wing shaped mask that covered half of his face, including the top of his nose. On the hero’s upper body was a red leather jacket with navy blue stripes on the sides. His lower body had matching red leather pants with the same navy blue stripe pattern. Profile also noticed the navy blue leather gloves Captain Fettuc Ini was wearing matched the highlights in his medium length black hair.

    “Wh-why are you staring?” asked the hero.

    “I’m sorry,” replied ProfileForRWBY. “I like noticing the fashion of others. I also wanted to know how you look so I could remember you from now on.”

    “O-oh,” said Fettuc Ini, while slightly blushing. “You want to remember me?”

    “Of course,” said Profile. “I’m going to consider you a friend and comrade from now on. Let’s get along!”

    “Excuse me, Captain,” said King Syrup. “I have another meeting at twelve. May I please borrow Profile for a war meeting?”

    “Sure,” replied Fettuc Ini, who shook Profile’s hand before leaving.

    Back at the stump TripleTaco was resting on, a roar could be heard coming from the direction of Sky Fields. Without hesitation, Sun rushed to feet and started growling. The claws of the dragon were scraping across the ground as he clinched his muscles.

    “Great,” said Triple, before taking out his laser gun. “One of the Dreaded Cookie Monster’s creatures is coming.”

    Suddenly, a white chocolate Pterodactyl crushed the trees in front of TripleTaco. The giant bird was angrily staring down Triple with its red licorice eyes. In a rush of protective instincts, Sun leaped forward and tackled the creature onto its back. However, the Pterodactyl responded by kicking the dragon up against the side of the cliff the three of them were near.

    “No,” said TripleTaco, as a terrifying memory flashed into his mind. “Leave Sun alone.”

    Roaring in pain, the dragon flew back in front of his master to prevent the chocolate monster from attacking. Clawing at the creature’s beak every time it pecked, Sun began to feel tired from both his wounds and his earlier training. Despite this, the loyal dragon was not going to let his master be hurt.

    “Sun!” screamed Triple, as the Pterodactyl wacked the dragon with his claw. “Leave him alone!”

    “Fiend!” yelled Captain Fettuc Ini. “Leave my general alone!”

    The masked hero used the long noodle whip he kept on his back to snap the Pterodactyl’s mouth shut. On the bright side, the chocolate minion was now distracted from hurting Sun any further. On the downside, it was now focused on pulling Fettuc Ini to ground. The hard dirt ground that did not give way when our masked hero was thrown onto it.

    “Fettuc Ini!” screamed Triple, before firing his weapon. “Why are you hurting my friends?”

    “Stop,” said Fettuc Ini. “You can’t beat that thing. I’ll take care of it.”

    “How?” asked Triple. “Only a general or admiral has the power to destroy these monsters and I can’t. I’m a weak general whose friends are being beaten and I can’t do anything! If Profile were here he would transform and…Transform. He can transform! Fettuc, call him!”

    “I can’t,” replied the masked hero. “He doesn’t know who I am and—“

    “Who cares!” yelled Triple. “Were about to die!”

    “Ah!” yelled Captain Fettuc Ini, as the chocolate beast broke his noodle whip. “Run. Run, Triple! Run!”

    “Ha aaaaah!” screamed Triple, before Sun flew in front of his master.

    This time, the dragon suffered from the hard whack he received with the loudest roar Triple had ever heard him make. The sound brought tears to man’s eyes. His beloved friend was suffering to protect a master that could not do anything in return to help. It frustrated him.

    “Stop it!” yelled Triple, while pounding the ground. “Leave Sun alone!”

    “Triple, you’re…you’re glowing,” said Captain Fettuc Ini.

    “Leaver my friend alone!” screamed TripleTaco. “Magical master, charge up!”

    With the magic words that had spontaneously came about in Triple’s mind having just been spoken at the high of Triple’s magical power pouring outward, a special event finally occurred for the hero. Inside a swirling orb made out of TripleTaco’s power, a magical transformation was taking place. Around his tan hands, an orange stream of light turned into wrist length leather gloves of matching color. His upper body was then surrounded with orange and black steams of light. They solidified into a leather jacket as black light on Triple’s feet solidified into leather boots. On his lower body, orange light solidified into leather pants of matching color. Next, the man’s long brown hair was bundled up as an orange light turned into a hair tie to hold together the ponytail that had been made. Then, a pair of orange goggles was formed on TripleTaco’s face. Finally, all of the magical power surrounding Triple minimized into a taco shaped badge on the right side of his chest.

    “The general who protects and gives the sun’s warmth to all,” said the man. “Chief Master Sergeant Taco. Chocominion, I’ll destroy you!”


    Preview  12

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Oh, it’s on now! Chief Master Sergeant Taco is going to wreck that chocolate freak.

    Roman: In other news, I will be giving a lesson to Knight Cupcake in the next chapter. Please read.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Way to interrupt me.

    Roman: We already know Taco is going to kick that creatures a…butt.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Listen, tsundere spy. I don’t want to hear about a single misfortune that may or may not befall Knight Cupcake. Got it?

    Roman: Oh, sure. Not a single misfortune will come of my meeting with Knight Cupcake. You, on the other hand, may have a falling out with him. After all, you have met him twice now. Right, FettucCR?

    *The masked hero clinched his fist.*

    Roman: Let’s not forgot all the people in the army who could just blurt out your name while Profile is bonding with his “new” friend.

    *The masked hero tries to punch Roman.*

    Roman: Nice try. I jump quicker than that, Masky Wasky.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Call me that again and I’ll knock the—

    *A wild costar appears riding a fat red and navy blue dragon.*

    Toptoast: Oi! Keep It PG you two. Why are you fighting anyway?

    Roman: No reason. How are you on that dragon?

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Are you blind? He rode it instead of flying it. Moron!

    Roman: Hey! Watch your mouth, masquerader! I’m not the one who lied to his friend.

    Toptoast: Boys, boys. What’s with all the tension? You’re taking the fun out of the preview! Don’t you think the chapter was intense enough?

    Roman and Captain Fettuc Ini: Hmph!

    *The duo cross their arms and turn away from each other.*

    Toptoast: Oi, oi. You two need to cool it. You have never fought like this before. How would ProfileForRWBY feel, if he were here?

    Captain Fettuc Ini: He’d hate that we were fighting.

    Roman: He’d hate FettucCR was fighting. How do you know Captain Fettuc Ini matters to him.

    Toptoast: Roman!

    Roman: Sorry. I apologize for bickering with you, Captain Fettuc Ini. I’m sure Profile cares about you already. That guy freaked when he accidentally bumped into me even though he did not know who I was. He cares both about new and old friends, whether they know they are his friends or not.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: You’re right. Hah! I remember when he gave me a taco as a gift even though I had nothing to gift back.

    Roman: Wait. He told some people that you…I mean; FettucCR gave him a laser arrow as a gift.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Yeah. After I freaked and spontaneously thought off that gift in about ten seconds.

    Toptoast: There see. You two are already friendly with each other again. Now how about an announcement for the title of the next chapter? We’re already way over time.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: The next chapter is titled “Fight for a Friend”. I look forward to seeing you all again. Please forgive my foolishness here today. I’ll…I’ll figure out how to keep Profile from getting by my stupid secret. For some reason, I just wanted him to think of a masked hero who could come to his defense at any time he needed. Even though…I…haven’t really…proven I can save him yet.

    Roman: I’m sure you will. He’s your best. Geez! He ran an entire day just so he could spend it the way you wanted. You will find a way to tell him your secret.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: Thanks.

    Roman: Don’t mention it, Masky Wasky.

    Captain Fettuc Ini: TSUNDERE!

    *Toptoast rides off on the fat red and navy blue dragon.*