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    #33638200 - 1 year ago

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    It is going far, I say, in a nice way. There's a lot of inter-woven stuff nowadays and we even had nice inception-esque alternate realities!

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    #33643933 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 36—A Small Ripple

    Suminati stood waving at her friend Peach as she swam away into a frozen lake. The girl had previously used her powers to thaw across the surface of the ice that covered the lake. Peach had asked for this assistance in order to reach the water. Without the water, the mermaid princess would not have been able to complete the assignment tasked to her.

    “I want you to find the remaining Lesson Worlds and destroy them,” said In8Space. “If we keep defeating the worlds created by Profile’s spell, then we will be able to get to him faster. Not to mention Dark Profile.”

    “Lesson Worlds. That is quite a fitting name,” thought Peach. “I’ll be certain to bring our allies back with me and destroy the fake worlds trapping them. I won’t fail. I won’t be corrupted again!”

    With that renewed determination flourishing in her mind, Peach moved her pink and orange mermaid tail in a dolphin like motion to reach a portal on the farthest end of the lake. The orange scales on the frill part of Peach’s tailfin gave off the illusion of a setting sun in the water. Since the orange coloring from her tail fin traveled up her tail to her waist while mixing in with the pink coloring, the illusion of a setting sun was amplified. When the color disappeared, Suminati knew her friend when through the portal.

    “Good luck, Momo,” said the girl. “You’re strong enough to make a portal leading anywhere in the universe. You just have to flex that power in a few new places to win. I’ll believe in you! So…so you believe in you too.”

    “Swim a la swirl,” said Peach, while taking her transformation badge into her hand. “Mermaid metamorpho!”

    Inside of a large water droplet, a small dew drops swirled around Peach’s right hand to create a pink glove with orange frilly fabric around her wrist. More dew drops then swirled around the mermaid’s left hand to create an orange glove with pink frills. The dewdrop soon spread to Peach’s mermaid tail. When she swam around for a few seconds, the dewdrops shot onto her orange tailfin. This caused the fin to enlarge and travel upward to transforming magical girl’s waist. Once it got there, the tailfin enlarged and turned into an open frilled, orange dress bottom. The sides and back of the dress bottom covered the entirety of the Peach’s tail. Shortly after the bottom of the dress formed, Peach’s tail turned into a pair of two legs. The final bit of dewdrops left then swirled around the girl’s feet to create a pair of pink stiletto heels.

    Once the bottom half of Peach was taken care of, a pink sludge like substance wrapped around her waist. It created a pink mini skirt with orange wave designs traveling upward from the bottom of the skirt. On her upper body, the sludge substance created an orange halter dress top that connected to the open frilled dress bottom.

    “The prodigy who surpassed the weakness of the dark,” said the teenager, as a water droplet turned her heterochromia eyes dark orange. “Mermaid Momo.”

    When the transformation finished, Mermaid Momo was placed onto a rocky landscape. The large water droplet she was in burst open to reveal a frightening scene on the broken landscape. On every side of her, the only thing in Mermaid Momo’s eyesight was a horde of sleeping dragons. If she made one wrong move, a flurry of fire was sure to grill her!

    “Crap,” said Momo. “I didn’t know I was going to end up in a place like this.”

    “Have no fear,” whispered a man, who had magically appeared behind the magical girl, “I am here. Follow me to win the day. Reverse the curse in our humble play.”

    “What?” asked Momo, as she turned around.

    As a result of her turn, the magical girl was stunned immobile. She couldn’t believe the sight she saw. FettucCR stood in front of her wearing a kaleidoscope necklace, a yellow songster outfit with red flames, and a pair of red flats. Not only did the costume make Mermaid Momo question her sanity, but also on what she needed to do to fix the abstruse image sprawled out in front of her.

    “Why are you lying down all of a sudden?” asked Momo.

    “I feel like it,” said FettucCR. “Why are you Sparkly Miss Princess Parade?”

    “You’re broken,” said Mermaid Momo. “You are completely broken. All right, I can fix this. First, can you get us out of here without either of us dying?”

    “That’s a lot to ask for,” said FettucCR. “All right. On one condition, Sparkly Miss Princess Parade.”

    “What is it?” asked the magical girl.

    “Save my leader, Admiral TripleTaco,” said the jester, as Mermaid Momo gasped in surprise.

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    #33643937 - 1 year ago

    I wonder what FettucCR wants to do too me now that I wrote him as a cooky clown with worries. When he reads the next chapter, he'll probably want to murder me...

    *Goes and hides somewhere.*

    (Lol, but seriously, I thought it would provide humor where humor has been lacking lately.)

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    #33643983 - 1 year ago

    Dragon world? Admiral in danger?

    Makes sense, as I don't think ships do very well against hordes of fire-breathing dragons.

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    #33695439 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 37--Death

    "Tidal shower," screamed Mermaid Momo.

    Suddenly, a wave of water crashed into a giant dragon. The rock hard body of the creature slammed up against an unforgiving cliff. Without hesitation, the dragon retaliated with a swipe from its heavily plated sword like tail. The tail, a 6 foot long plated monstrosity, swiped threw the air to knock Admiral TripleTaco against a pillar.

    "Crap," exclaimed the admiral, before grabbing onto the cliff. "If your going to be a pain and damage us this way, then I'll return the favor."

    Watching his admiral climb up the cliff, FettucCR came up with a game plan to stop the beast from hurting his leader. Calling out to Momo, he asked if she could remove the beasts tail if she manifested enough magic into one attack.

    "Well, yes," replied the magical girl. "However, it would completely drain me and leave me vulnerable to any retaliation attack. Furthermore, I would be knocked out of my magical power up form."

    "That's fine. I only need on shot," said FettucCR.

    "What are you--"

    "Momo, one more thing," said FettucCR. "I need one of its scales."

    "But that's...What are you planning?" asked Mermaid Momo.

    "Momo, please!" screamed FettucCR. "I've lost one friend already. I won't loose another."

    "Understood," said Momo. "Here I go."

    The magical girl quickly teleported to the creatures side and slashed at it with a sword made up of water from the oxygen in the air. Upon removing a large scale from its thoat, Mermaid Momo returned to FettucCR's side. After giving him the scale, she teleported through a water ring to a pillar right beside the dragon's tail. Once she summoned up all the power she could muster, her dark orange eyes began to lighten in color.

    "Samurai current," said Mermaid Momo, as she drew a ring in the air, "hurricane!"

    Thousands of sword shaped water droplets poured forth from the magical ring to begin cutting at the beasts tail. When she started to see chips in its armor, she changed her attack to a flooding stream of larger sword droplets. To help keep it in place, Admiral TripleTaco began shooting her laser guns at the creature from the top of the cliff she had been thrown up against.

    "You're going down, monster," said the admiral.

    "This is it," said FettucCR.

    "Samurai tsunami!" yelled Mermaid Momo, before the dragon's tail was completely ripped off.

    With blood pulsating from the little stub left on its back end, the huge black dragon turned to face a weakened Momo (who was just barely keeping her transformation together). Thankfully, TripleTaco prevented the beast from having a fishy lunch by shooting its eyes out. Finally, FettucCR drove the scale into the dragon's underbelly and started running.

    "Goodbye, beast," said FettucCR.