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Mourning the death of a Man

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  • osiris32


    #31127682 - 8 years ago

    Major Richard Winters, the man who lead Easy Company, 507th PIR, winner of a DSC, and general Man, died of Parkinsons at 92 last week. I nominated him as a Man in one of the contests, so I figured people should know. Humble to the end, he did not want the announcement of his death to be released until after his funeral, so that his friends would not be besieged by thousands of fans of the book and TV show while they gathered to remember him.

    Rest In Peace, Major. Your service and dedication will be remembered.

  • jegsimmons1


    #31127683 - 8 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #1:

    ....oh....uuuuu......i am sad to here one of the worlds greatest heros has pass.