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When you hear of someone being a man...

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  • osiris32


    #31143352 - 8 years ago

    ...this should be the thread to post it in. Not all men can fit into the various competitions that we host here, but when someone does something fucking manly, it should be known. Like, say, this guy

    This is why you never fuck with a Gurkha

    The TL;DR is a guy on his way home has his train robbed. He then proceeds to take on 40 armed thugs with a knife and kick ass all over the place, then be humble about it.

    So, if you have a manliness story, or a link to something fucking badass, post it here. Rules:

    1. Links are good, just don't abuse the idea
    2. Don't brag about the bar fight you were just in, it's all bullshit and we all know it
    3. Pics associated with links are best
    4. Subject must be manly or badass. Manly AND badass means you win the internet
    5. Obligatory Rule #5
    6. Pictures of Beards are good as well

    Have at it.