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The Fucking man of the month March

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  • jegsimmons1


    #31146899 - 8 years ago

    Ok cunt nuggets, the category is Motor sports racer. this includes everything from NASCAR to Formula one. As long as its a racing car it applies.

    same rules apply, break them and i will pull your tongue out through your dick and use it as toilet paper.

    Gentlemen! Start Your Engines!!!

    wow this intro is short...needs more man

    WELL GET TO IT!!! I dont have all fucking month here! Do i have to run your asses over with my man car of manly manliness?!
    (there we go)

  • Ashryka


    #31146900 - 8 years ago

    My vote was going to be for someone like Schumacher, Senna, Loeb or someone who's famous and wellknown, however I'm going to pick this guy, because of what's he done.
    That's right, Alessandro Zanardi, a mamly man above all manly men.
    This is an Italian who dared to drive in many forms of motor Racing. He won two CART champioships in the 90's, and raced in Formula 1. In Champ car 2001, he suffered an accident, which can only be described by viewing it.
    That accident removes both his legs,and in the security footage in the clip you can see him moving the remains of his limbs. He had to be reanimated several times, each time with a 10-20 percent chance of success. So what did he have to say after that crash?
    "They (the doctors) pumped me so full of German blood I should have a German Passport!" And then, he went and finished the remaining thirteen laps as soon as he was declared fit again, at a speed that would have put him fifth in the race.

    That's right. This manly man then spent SEVEN years racing in the WTCC with artificial limbs, with moderate success, AND he placed highly in the New York Marathon. For sheer grit and determination, battling through the unthinkable and coming through with flying colours. I give you Alex Zanardi.

  • jegsimmons1


    #31146901 - 8 years ago

    ok this is ridiculous.



    This is the MAN of all racecar drivers, specifically, Nascar !! maby some of you non USA guys dont know, but NASCAR is the biiggest spectater sport in America, and this man Dominated it till the day he died on the track at Daytona.

    Hell even his son is the most popular racer right now (even though he hasn't won in a while but i digress)
    so this man not only drives a car real good, he drive his offspring real good into badasses!

    "what? but nascar is just a circle!"
    Shut your butt licking mouths! Yeah it's a 200 mile per hour with 43 other drivers literally touching your rear bumber (which make them go faster because of aerodynamics and stuff) and the tracks they turn on have to be up to a 50 degree slant so they can make the turn!
    thats badass.

    Dale also had another name....THE INTIMIDATOR!!! where do you think camero got the name?

    yeah, you heard fucking right.

    Dale, the only man who could handle the number 3 car at the number 1 spot!

  • Ashryka


    #31146902 - 8 years ago

    In reply to jegsimmons1, #3:

    Well, about time that SOMEBODY voted someone, I thought that Zanardi was going to win by default for a second. While I respect Dale, Zanardi's ability to survive after having his legs blown off and then go back to the sport of racing and race competitively while on a set of pins impresses me more. Zanardi's other advantage is that he raced in all sorts of vehicles, F3, F3000, Champ/Cart cars, F1 itself, Cart AGAIN, and while he could have raced in Cart after the accident, he chose the WTCC. His skills in multiple classes shows he was just so epic behind the wheel of ANY vehicle.

  • osiris32


    #31146903 - 8 years ago

    It's hard to compete against Zanardi. I watched that crash on TV, it was pretty horrific. But I'll throw out my own entry, a legend of motor sports:

    Phil Hill:


    Phil Hill was a badass driver in the late 50s and 60s. He won his very first race, and his very last race. He won the 24 Hours of Le Mans 3 times, the 12 Hours of Sebring three times, the Italian Grand Prix twice, the Belgian Grand Prix once, and a whole host of other races. And this was in the days of open-cockpit-death-trap cars like this:


    Can you imagine driving that for 24 hours at 120 mph? Holy shit.

    After he stopped racing he collected and restored vintage cars, was an auto sports commentator for ABC, and judged car shows (most notably the Pebble Beache Concours d'Elegance, which is probably the best known car show ever) until he died of Parkinsons in 2008 at the age of 81.

  • jegsimmons1


    #31146904 - 8 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #5:


  • Slaktare


    #31146905 - 8 years ago

    How the Fuck do you compete with the no legged racer? He wins!

  • jegsimmons1


    #31146906 - 8 years ago

    In reply to Slaktare, #7:


  • Ashryka


    #31146907 - 8 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #5:

    Great Choice, although I personally liked Clark, who was killed in that horrific Hockenheim crash from that era. The Hills, Graham, Damon and Phil have always been pretty good racers. And I will admit that completely by accident I may have chosen the most manly driver, I seriously was going to say Schumacher before I found Zanardi on Youtube.

  • DaKillaKing


    #31146908 - 8 years ago

    Alright, cos I don't watch much motor sports I don't know many of them. I do, however, know about this man.

    Peter Raymond George "Possum" Bourne

    He was a rally driver who died in a crash while testing out a course for an up-comming race.


    He won the asia-pacific rally championships three times and the Australia Champitonships seven times consecutivley.

    So here's a tribute to a man who died doing the sport he loved. And now has a memorial rally named after him.