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Beard Awareness

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  • osiris32


    #31214259 - 8 years ago

    Beards are one of the most amazing things men have ever invented. A way to show your manliness, keep yourself warm as you are out killing bears and wolves with your bare hands, and a shield against attacks to the face.

    But, CAUTION, beard wearers. For there is a price to be paid for the wearing of the whiskers:

    Beer Wastage

    That's right, beer can be wasted if someone with a true beard (which includes the mustache) isn't careful. So drink your beer with caution, lest you spill some of that wonderful brew.

  • natemac82


    #31214260 - 8 years ago

    This is a very serious matter, that too few people are aware of. I can remember the first time I was away from the Army enough to grow a full beard... My lack of experiance with this fine statement of manhood cost dearly in the price of beer. There are many tricks to learning to consume you're favorite fermented beverage(s) while wearing your beard with pride. Most have to be learned through practice. I suggest starting with soda, until you become proficiant.