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"The Fucking Man" of the Month: May

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  • WARDOG01


    #31634671 - 7 years ago

    Alright ladies, I am back from my personal leave of absence. And since I'm back, that means our group is back, along with it's contests! Since I won the last one, I get to choose the new theme. In light of my brand new baby girl, I chose the theme of Manliest TV Dad! This should be an easy one to get us all back into the game. Rules are as follows:

    1. Must have a picture to be considered valid nomination.
    2. Must be a show from TV (no web shows) and must have completed at least one season.
    3. Can be any show from past to present.

    Sounds pretty simple right? So let's get to it!

  • DaKillaKing


    #31634672 - 7 years ago

    So this month I'm gonna go with my usual 'Nominate a Sci-fi char' strategy.
    I'm gonna nominate the SG1 Character Teal'c, cos not only is he fucking badass, but he's a fucking great father.

    As a character he's a fucking total badass.
    He carries a lazer gun taller than most people.
    He's still fighting wars at age 101
    He can beat the shit out of any human martial artist, and most Alien ones.
    He's been known to duel wield P90 SMG's in battle.
    He's killed 'Gods' becease they were dicks to him and his people.
    As for the father thing, he's fought armies to get to his son.
    And has trained his son to be as badass as he is.
    He also is a meme. Cos' he's that badass.

  • osiris32


    #31634673 - 7 years ago

    There is only one answer for this:



    Why? For fucks sake, do I ACTUALLY have to explain? He's Red Forman!! He INVENTED the term "dumbass." His favorite move is to plant his foot in your ass, which is not fatal, merely motivational. He loves his wife dearly, and tolerates his kids. Despite his gruff and cold exterior, he does his best to teach his twit/slut (new term!! A Twut!!) of a daughter and his idiot son. When Eric actually accomplishes things, Red is proud of him. When he fails, he calls him a dumbass. What better father is there (aside from Wardog?)


    Also, the actor, Kurtwood Smith (also a damn manly name) played one of the best bad guys in cinema history, Clarence Boddicker:


  • WARDOG01


    #31634674 - 7 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #3:

    I'll do you one better, my dear old friend. I'm bringing to the table the TV Dad who all these other fuckers are based upon. The ultimate man's-man: Al-Mutha-Fuckin'-Bundy!

    That's right, you pussies heard me! This man was my hero when I was younger! He's an ex-star athlete, a "faithful" and "loving" family man, he's held down the same job and taken care of the same car for decades, he's an unmatched bowler and the founding member of NO MA'AM. Al has broken every bone in his body at least twice, escaped certain execution, holds an unparalleled knowledge of sports fatcs, and isn't too damn shabby in a fight.. which he'd never be found backing down from. In fact, in real life, the actor (Ed O'Neill) has been a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu under the Gracie family for 20 years! As far as manly TV Dads are concerned, you just can't top this pimp smiley13.gif


  • osiris32


    #31634675 - 7 years ago

    In reply to WARDOG01, #4:

    Oooo, well played, good sir.